Snopes Exposed Dont use snopes Do not use snopes! : Dr. Leonard
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Snopes Exposed Dont use snopes Do not use snopes!

Snopes Exposed Don’t use snopes – Do not use snopes!

I might add they have reported to the Justice Department with regard to not telling the truth about aspartame, even after information was given that confirmed they were wrong.


Snopes receives funding from an undisclosed source. The source is undisclosed because Snopes refuses to disclose that source. The Democratic Alliance, a funding channel for uber-Leftist (Marxist) Billionaires (George Soros etc.), direct funds to an “Internet Propaganda Arm” pushing these views. The Democratic Alliance has been reported to instruct Fundees to not disclose their funding source.

For the past few years <> has positioned itself, or others have labeled it, as the ‘tell-all final word’ on any comment, claim and email. But for several years people tried to find out who exactly was behind <> It is run by a husband and wife team – that’s right, no big office of investigators and researchers, no team of lawyers. It’s just a mom-and-pop operation that began as a hobby. David and Barbara Mikkelson in the San Fernando Valley of California started the website about 13 years ago and they have no formal background or experience in investigative research.
The reason for the questions – or skepticisms – is a result of <> claiming to have the bottom line facts to certain questions or issue when in fact they have been proven wrong. Also, there were criticisms the Mikkelsons were not really investigating and getting to the ‘true’ bottom of various issues.

A few months ago, when my State Farm agent Bud Gregg in Mandeville hoisted a political sign referencing Barack Obama and made a big splash across the Internet, ‘supposedly’ the Mikkelson’s claim to have researched this issue before posting their findings on <> In their statement they claimed the corporate office of State Farm pressured Gregg into taking down the sign, when in fact nothing of the sort ‘ever’ took place. I personally contacted David Mikkelson (and he replied back to me) thinking he would want to get to the bottom of this and I gave him Bud Gregg’s contact phone numbers – and Bud was going to give him phone numbers to the big exec’s at State Farm in Illinois who would have been willing to speak with him about it. He never called Bud. In fact, I learned from Bud Gregg that no one from <> ever contacted anyone with State Farm.

Yet, <> issued a statement as the ‘final factual word’ on the issue as if they did all their homework and got to the bottom of things – not!

Then it has been learned the Mikkelson’s are very Democratic (party) and extremely liberal. As we all now know from this presidential election, liberals have a purpose agenda to discredit anything that appears to be conservative. There has been much criticism lately over the Internet with people pointing out the Mikkelson’s liberalism revealing itself in their website findings. Gee, what a shock?

So, I say this now to everyone who goes to <> to get what they think to be the bottom line fact ‘proceed with caution.’ Take what it says at face value and nothing more. Use it only to lead you to their references where you can link to and read the sources for yourself. Plus,you can always search a subject and do the research yourself.

I have found this to be true also! Many videos of Obama I tried to verify on Snopes and they said they were False. Then they gave their liberal slant! I have suspected some problems with snopes for some time now, but I have only caught them in half-truths. If there is any subjectivity they do an immediate full left rudder.

I have recently discovered that <> is owned by a flaming liberal and this man is in the tank for Obama. There are many things they have listed on their site as a hoax and yet you can go to You tube yourself and find the video of Obama actually saying these things. So you see, you cannot and should not trust <>, ever for anything that remotely resembles truth! I don’t even trust them to tell me if email chains are hoaxes anymore.

A few conservative speakers on MySpace told me <> A few months ago and I took it upon myself to do a little research to find out if it was true. Well, I found out for myself that it is true. Anyway just FYI please don’t use <> anymore for fact checking and make your friends aware of their political leanings as well. Many people still <> is neutral and they can be trusted as factual. We need to make sure everyone is aware that that is a hoax in itself.

Thank you,
Alan Strong
Alan Strong CEO/Chairman
Commercial Programming Systems, Inc.
4400 Coldwater Canyon Ave. Suite
200 Studio City, CA. 91604-5039

Read more: <>

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  1. Steve says:

    You mean Snopes isn’t run by a right wing “think tank” or any large affiliate of the Chamber of Commerce, and they keep exposing right wing propaganda claims? That proves it. They must be commies.

  2. Lol says:

    Lol, what a dumbass.

  3. Louie K says:

    I checked snopes.. this is totally fake.

  4. citogal says:

    First, I’d like to say that from what I’ve read, Alan Strong is a very interesting individual. He is a legitimate CEO of an IT Staffing company – a son of immigrants, self-made, a good handle on 3rd party consultants/contractors and the needs of businesses for IT personnel. As someone who works for a high-tech company that uses the services of 3rd parties to the tune of over $100 million per year, his insights in other articles/interviews are cogent and on-the-mark.

    Actually, this article makes me wonder if he wrote it, or if someone else is using his persona. The writer is relying too heavily on 2 anecdotal examples, and then degenerating language about how Snopes did not corroborate his Intel on videos of the POTUS. He makes a plea for Snopes readers to research things ourselves, and then he goes on to say that he found that conservative speakers don’t like Snopes, so that assures him that Snopes is “hard left.” This article started out well-written and then degenerated. It did not really read like the Alan Strong who uses eloquent dialogue when interviewed – the syntax and writing construction is off.

    In fact, I would say that the writers comments do have a highly conservative slant. For example, using the term “flaming liberal” is pejorative and not worthy of someone of his stature. Also, an extreme right-wing tactic is refusing to acknowledge that President Obama is, in fact, the POTUS by never using the term President. This seems to me to put him firmly in the conservative camp – at the very least, we need to respect the office of the POTUS.

    Perhaps this article would be more convincing if took out references to liberalism and the Democratic Alliance – which he cannot prove here – and just deal with the facts of the Snopes articles he finds incorrect. What are his arguments:

    1. Snopes said that Aspartame and Splenda/sucralose are safe. That doesn’t sound like a liberal agenda item – liberals are against artificial sweeteners and the big businesses that are shoving them in our faces or in our foods in the fine print. Snopes quotes USDA and independent research/white papers. Of course, those could be forged, how would we know?

    2. Snopes did not fact-check directly with State Farm. State Farm is not obligated to tell the truth about anything. I can’t imagine they would ever admit publicly to censorship. It’s better to get corroborating information from reliable 3rd parties, not the corporation that has a media machine and a vested interest to make themselves look good.

    3. When I have researched things myself, I generally find that Snopes is on-target. Just because an answer seems liberal doesn’t make it false. And just because an answer doesn’t please me, I don’t immediately assume it is a political conspiracy.

    My personal feeling here is that the writer – and I’m not convinced it is Mr. Strong – has an axe to grind, or someone is using his persona. Snopes is a resource at no cost. If people choose to use or not use, that is up to the individual.

    Perhaps Snopes can verify that this article was, in fact, written by Alan Strong?

  5. David Ponzi says:

    Er, no. I know you really want to sell your books and CDs, and I know that Snopes basically discredits the misinformation you propagate to sell your wares, but Snopes are reliable. As previous posters have pointed out. So let us know when you want to get aboard the Logic Train and we’ll buy you a ticket.

  6. admin says:

    David, —–>



  7. Tommygunn says: Get out your tinfoil hats everyone.

  8. admin says:

    <— puts on her tin foil hat… Ok, now what Tommy!? :)

  9. Jerry says:

    You guys are morons if you believe everything snopes says. They are liberals. So am I and I don’t believe the stuff they spoon feed to people on that crap website. And you people thinking snopes is the best and totally legit are not very bright. You don’t think the makers of aspartame aren’t giving millions in lobby money to democrats? Wow you are dumb. No arguing with stupid. Enjoy your lame spoonfed bs propaganda website

  10. Joe the Plumber says:

    When you put on the tinfoil, remember shiny side out or they will still be able to control your thoughts.

  11. admin says:

    Thank for the fashion advice Joe! ;)

  12. David says:

    Snopes claim that aspartame does not trigger seizures in some people with epilepsy. Well I discovered it did with my own epilepsy. As I found this was the case with many more people, I emailed the FSA (Food Standards Agency – for UK.). They assured me nobody had ever been affected by triggered seizures. After several enails, I offered to be tested. They simply ignored my email from that point on. They DON’T want evidence of adverse effects. Snopes is like using Wikipedia yet the Snopes fans will decry anyone who uses Wiki. Both have incorrect information, only Snopes has much more of it.

  13. john says:

    soooooooo, we should disregard snopes. but I’m somehow sure you would tell us that fox news is the bible. yet, they are admittedly totally right wing and predisposed to telling a “tale”. not very hard to see the forest here.

  14. admin says:

    Pretty sure no one said Fox News was particularly credible either John… ;)

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