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  • blue green algae cyanotoxin


    Are you unexplainably feeling terrible in Southwest, Florida? According to the news, everything is fine and the red tide is dissipating but residents here are sick and tired – literally.  WANT TO TEST YOURSELF FOR TOXINS? I found the test to see if you are holding toxins from the water
  • lung cleanse

    Lung Cleanse: 10 Ways to Detox Your Lungs

    If your lungs are overworked or damaged by smoking, illness, allergies, or just being around air pollution in the environment, you can take specific steps to cleanse your lungs. Keeping your lungs clean, clear, and healthy will give you a greater connection to your vital life force. What is a Lung
  • BPA-Free

    Even BPA-Free Plastics May Disrupt Your Fertility

    Many plastic bottles are sold as “BPA-free” — meaning they don’t contain bisphenol A, an ingredient known to disrupt reproduction in mice. But now it seems that the additives used in place of BPA are potentially just as harmful. The discovery could mean that the replacements, such as bisphenol S
  • red tide florida


    I have personally been having health issues for the past 10 months. It only occurred to me the other day when I saw in Newsweek that the red tide had been a problem not just recently, but as it turned out, for exactly the same past 10 months. I have
  • hurricane florence

    As Hurricane Florence approaches the East Coast, these should be the top preparation priorities for residents

    Once again, Mother Nature is about to teach a large segment of the country how important advanced planning and preparation is when it comes to dealing with disaster and emergency situations. Hurricane Florence is on a path to strike North and South Carolina, with the latest weather forecasts claiming that
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps patients with multiple sclerosis maintain their cognitive function

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps patients with multiple sclerosis maintain their cognitive function

    Rehmannia (Radix rehmanniae) is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine. This medicinal herb contains many beneficial compounds such as catalpol, which can protect against brain diseases. A recent study showed that the catalpol extract from Rehmannia could preserve the cognitive capabilities of people afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis inflames cerebral tissue, breaks
  • Creepy Google now tracking your credit card statements and retail purchases

    Creepy Google now tracking your credit card statements and retail purchases

    Your son comes home moaning that his tennis sneakers are too tight, and he needs new ones. You go online, look at various options with him and decide which pair you’re going to buy. The two of you hop in the car, head to the mall, pick out the sneakers
  • The mental health benefits of vitamin B12

    The mental health benefits of vitamin B12

    As it controls virtually all aspects of your life, the brain is one of the most vital organs of your body. It is also one of the most nutritionally demanding. Keeping the brain healthy requires a wide variety of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, one of the most notable of which is vitamin
  • blueberries

    Research: Radiotherapy Causes Cancer, Blueberry Kills It

    By Sayer Ji Research confirms radiotherapy drives invasiveness within cancer, as well as the power of natural substances to strike to the heart of cancer malignancy.  An important study reveals both the abject failure of conventional radiation treatment for cancer, and the very real possibility that blueberries contain a curative compound
  • cancer

    Adrenal Fatigue and Cancer: Is There a Connection?

    The worldwide low thyroid function epidemic is getting more and more press these days. But adrenal fatigue and its connection to major disease like cancer? Not so much.  Research says there is definitely a link. What are the Adrenals?    The adrenals are glands that rest just above the kidneys.
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  • Monsanto

    “Explosive” documents detail Monsanto’s crimes against humanity across European countries

    Do a Google search on the world’s most evil corporations, and agri giant Monsanto is guaranteed to appear all over the first page. Despite the billions the company has spent over the years in lobbying Washington, “fixing” scientific studies proving the danger of its products, and basically doing whatever it takes
  • Glyphosate: The nightmare of all nightmares

    Glyphosate: The nightmare of all nightmares

    On July 23, 2015, Dr. Stephanie Seneff gave a free public lecture in Honolulu about the health detriments in consuming glyphosate. Before getting into that, let me tell you a bit about Dr. Seneff. Dr. Seneff has a degree in Biology and is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT
  • gmo salmon

    GMO Salmon Maker Refuses To Disclose Who They Selling To

    By April McCarthy Prepared sashimi products are where you’re likely to find genetically modified salmon, the CEO of AquaBounty Technologies, a Massachusetts-based biotechnology company that produces the fish, told investors, but they won’t say who they’re selling to. Aquaculture, once a fledgling industry, now accounts for 50 percent of the fish
  • glyphosate

    This Is Why Glyphosate Is Sprayed On Crops Right Before Harvest

    Most people do not realize how much pesticide is actually sprayed on the food they ingest before it makes its way to their plate. While you might not realize that pesticides are sprayed all over many crops just before harvest, it is something you need to make yourself aware of.
  • monsanto

    Monsanto-Bayer: Eliminating The Name Will Not Erase The History

    By Ruchi Shroff Cancelling out Monsanto’s name and keeping only that of Bayer, does not mean forgetting the wrongoings of a company which, according to the verdict of the Monsanto Tribunal of The Hague, is stained with crimes of ecocide. With Bayer’s official takeover of  Monsanto, the giant multinational also inherits its liabilities. On the eve of the
  • drinking water

    12 Toxins in Your Drinking Water

    Water quality is a subject that’s been big news lately. Unfortunately, water quality issues are not a recent development. Industrial dumping, pesticide runoff, leaky storage tanks, and government mandates have created big problems. Let’s take a look at some of the nastiest water contaminants that may be pouring out of
  • Glyphosate Set For Legal Battle In Sri Lanka Over Kidney Disease Deaths

    Glyphosate Set For Legal Battle In Sri Lanka Over Kidney Disease Deaths

    Professor Channa Sudath Jayasumana from Rajarata University announced earlier this week that a group of farmer organizations, researchers, patients and the families of deceased farmers are set to take Bayer/Monsanto and other glyphosate herbicide manufacturers to the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka over the link between glyphosate-based herbicides and fatal chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu),
  • glyphosate

    Glyphosate and Autism – A New Link

    The damning evidence against glyphosate continues to pile up, coming closer and closer to achieving a critical mass that might finally see the end of the toxic chemical. In an article on Green Med Info, exposure to the active ingredient of the Roundup herbicide was linked to gut dysbiosis in the digestive
  • crispr

    Crispr gene “edited” food crops the new wave of GMOs… are they safer or just as dangerous?

    A growing segment of the public has made it clear that they do not want to consume GMOs, and you only need to look at the labels touting the non-GMO status of a growing number of foods in the grocery store to see evidence of just how much the masses
  • Jury Ruled Monsanto Liable In Case Of Man Dying Of Cancer After Using Weedkiller

    Jury Ruled Monsanto Liable In Case Of Man Dying Of Cancer After Using Weedkiller

    by Heather Callaghan, Editor BREAKING NEWS! It is with great relief that we announce the following: Monsanto corporation – now a part of Bayer – lost the trial of the century against a man dying of cancer, his cancer alleged to be caused by Roundup herbicide. The corporation was found by a jury
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  • Big Pharma drug pushers infiltrate local public schools under the guise of “mandatory mental health screenings” for children

    Big Pharma drug pushers infiltrate local public schools under the guise of “mandatory mental health screenings” for children

    According to the World Health Organization, the United States is one of the most depressed countries in the world, with one in five adults experiencing some form of mental health issue each year. While some of the millions of people diagnosed with these conditions seek therapy to cope with their problems,
  • goji berries

    Goji berry extract found to be an effective treatment for two deadly tropical diseases

    Goji berries, which are full of nutrients, are a popular remedy. According to a study, the brightly colored berries could also be used to treat two fatal tropical diseases. The research was published in the European Journal of Medical Chemistry. Can goji berries fight the parasites that cause fascioliasis and schistosomiasis? The research
  • colon cancer

    Nip it in the bud: Natural remedies that prevent colon cancer

    The number of people diagnosed with colon cancer in the U.S. is increasing, and more than 50,000 people die from it. It is also the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. and the third most common cancer in men and women. Despite these alarming numbers, colon cancer
  • Anthocyanins, abundantly found in berries, treat insulin resistance while managing cholesterol levels

    Anthocyanins, abundantly found in berries, treat insulin resistance while managing cholesterol levels

    Two of the biggest, most common health problems people face as they age are diabetes and heart disease. Although their mechanisms are different, scientists have discovered that one natural compound found in food can be helpful in both conditions. Anthocyanins are a type of antioxidant that have been linked to
  • Resveratrol treatments can slow lung disease, study shows

    Resveratrol treatments can slow lung disease, study shows

    As you age, your lungs start to deteriorate naturally. The amount of time it takes for them to age to a point that significantly reduces your quality of life depends on various environmental and genetic factors, but once it happens, it is nearly impossible to reverse. It also brings with
  • tonsils

    Have You Had Your Tonsils Removed? We Have Really Bad News For You

    By Aliyah Kovner For decades, millions of children across the world’s developed nations have undergone surgery to remove their tonsils and adenoids. These lymphatic tissue structures, which serve to trigger a first-line immune response to pathogens entering the respiratory tract, frequently become chronically inflamed in the first years of life. Since the medical community
  • The anti-depressive effects of the chili pepper

    The anti-depressive effects of the chili pepper

    Research has found that chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) possesses anti-depressive properties, which makes it a promising treatment for depression. The study, published in the European Journal of Medicinal Plants, aimed to determine the antidepressant potential of methanol fruit extract of chili pepper in mice. Researchers from Kaduna State University in Nigeria used three
  • ginger

    The science behind the healing effects of ginger

    Ginger is one of those plants widely known to have health benefits but is somehow not recognized by conventional medicine. It has been used by different cultures for centuries, not just as a spice, but also as a medicinal treatment for a variety of conditions. And modern science agrees, as proven
  • fig tree

    Egyption Plant May Be the Next Big Thing

    An Italian study gave top marks to the leaves of the warka (Ficus vasta), a species of fig tree found in Egypt. Long used as an ethnomedicine for all kinds of illnesses, the leaves are reported to contain plenty of phenolics with strong antioxidant activity. Natural sources of these antioxidants are
  • avocado

    Researchers To Pay Subjects $300 To Eat Avocados Daily: Depleted Soils

    By Edge Canopy A study to be performed by researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, Penn State University, Loma Linda University (LLU), and Tufts University will literally pay people to eat avocados. 250 test subjects will be observed while consuming the avocados, according to the researchers, primarily to determine how visceral
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