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Follow Up: Protecting Your Children Here in America – Matthew Virgiin


Dear Readers,

I have very very very exciting news for you! I will be given a new tool for our cause!

A gift from a man who gave me my own radio show to talk about a case I am dealing with every week! A whole half an hour for myself to represent you on political radio and speak ENTIRELY about YOUR CASE. Anything you want me share.

Last week I spoke about Karen Riley and got a connection to a gentleman who is running for office who will be helping her any way he can. With the host I am also working on a project for family attorney’s to work with our parents at NO COST. This is STILL in negotiation and I will keep you posted.

This new development is a piece of software that will take petitioning to a new level.

NO MORE filling out ONLINE petitions. This software has just been put into development and is being funded by an independent party. It is briefly spoken about in not MY show but YOUR show. Our Causes Show! That YOU TELL ME how to REPRESENT YOU every Monday.
Next week I will be covering Lisa Jones! A personal Hero of mine who has not only set up the struggling family fund to help underprivileged families but a Grandmother who was stricken by tragedy…. Yet still fights for everyone! Such an Honor to know you Lisa!!!! Much Love and God Bless…..

This new petition software instead of signing online petitions is run by a PHONE network so it CALLS people and turns text to voice! We could have EVERY single Representative’s phone ringing at ONCE with a petition to AUDIT CPS….

Once again more details to come…

This could be the most powerful tool!!! We could use to create a mass alert to MEDIA REPS AND CPS ITSELF ALL AT ONCE WITH ONE PETITION!!!!!!!

I will be working hopefully close to my Boss L. Wilson from We The People Family Preservation, Inc.

The founder of the organization of which I am a VOLUNTEER International Director for. This will be up and running soon. What a GREAT Christmas present to all your families! With this new software I will have use of WE WILL BE HEARD (At once might I add LOL)….

I am getting responses on cases that NO ONE ELSE has gotten and opened many doors that were previously shut. I am trying everything I can to get not myself heard, but everyone else a chance to get THEIR story out there.


I am not promising I can make changes, but I promise I have dedicated MY LIFE fighting for YOUR children and YOUR families.

Special Thanks to Maureen Hart and Jase Stone for all their help in this fight.


 Have a safe holiday! God Bless and Love to you all!

I will be here over the holiday for support calls to others who are alone and also working on my letters.

Thank you for reading,

Matt Virgiin to contact Matt on Facebook

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  1. Karen Riley says:

    On February 2, 2012; Two Boulder County CPS workers and two Boulder County Police Officers walked into my Loveland home (outside their jurisdiction) without knocking, without a court order or a warrant, and removed my 5 year old granddaughter (who has brain cancer, and whom I have raised since the day she was born) and placed her in an abusive foster home where she is being abused. The only reason they have ever given me was that “My parents and grandparents had a long history of abuse.” I have never broken any laws, never even had a traffic ticket, and when they couldn’t get enough dirt on me to justify their taking my granddaughter, they attacked my two younger children. My 14 year old autistic/handicapped son – alleging that he had sexually abused my granddaughter (I had him assessed by a medical professional who confirms that my son is only mentally 7, and is not capable of committing such acts) and my 12 year old daughter by taking her name and personal information and giving it to an unstable man in our neighborhood and telling this man that it was my 12 year old daughter who had reported him to CPS (Never happened). This man was so enraged that he called me and cussed me and my daughter up one side and down the other, then threatened to kill me and my children for stabbing him in the back. My daughter is a child, she should have been protected by the hippa laws just like anyone else, but she wasn’t. These workers are so hell bent on keeping my granddaughter, that they have no problem putting me and my two younger children in danger to do so. We confronted (and video taped) this worker admitting that this is what she did, and that she was doing Boulder County a favor. To sum it up: They have out and out lied, made false allegations, retaliated against us numerous times, falsified records and documents, paid a psychologist to misdiagnose me with conditions I do not have (as confirmed by 4 different independent therapists)threatened, broken many laws, and (the most recent events) have made false allegations against me in order to get a restraining order against me, then lied and claimed that I attacked the foster care provider when I was at work when I was supposed to have attacked her, 65 miles away. They hacked my face book, took information off of my pages, created their own pages and made it look like I did it, then used these things to violate me on the restraining order to have me arrested. I spent 29 1/2 hours in Jefferson County Jail which has a tunnel underground where they arrest you in the court room then drive you to the jail through the tunnel in a golf cart, and the CPS building is right across the street lining up more parents/grandparents/kinship members to herd them into the court house then directly to jail. I have tried to fight these people legally, and no lawyer will touch it unless I pay them $35,000.00 up front. I do not have that kind of cash just lying around. I have written, emailed, called, etc…every politician, lawyer, agencies that are supposed to be watching what CPS does, and have gotten absolutely no where with any of them (even though I even have tape recorded conversations, video footage, emails from them, and have documented everything. I have been battling this alone, banging my head against a brick wall for over a year and getting nowhere, until I happened to meet Matthew Virgin in Australia. Since I have known him (8/13) Mr. Virgin has done more for me and my family than anyone has, has found information for us, investigated the corruption in our case, written countless emails, letters, made phone calls, set up appointments for us to actually talk to Senators, the Governor, the head of CPS, etc…He has done more for us than any lawyer ever has or will do, all on his own time, using his own money. It is such a relief to know that there are still really good, honest, caring people out there who are willing to help you out for free and advocate for families he doesn’t even know, never personally even met. He is a God Send, and I am glad to have known him. God Bless you Matthew, and thank you for all that you do.

    Karen Riley (Baumann)

  2. LISA JONES says:

    great Job Matt Nice to know you too…..I’m next huh?

  3. Jim Park says:

    It’s sad to say that none of these stories come as any surprise. Here in the UK I have purposely let my professional mental health nursing registration lapse when I found how vulnerable elder clients were being failed by the system. One who was on my caseload was put into a care home because the social services suspected abuse. They reported bruises, which I hadn’t seen. Although I expressed reservations to my management about the voracity of Social Workers claims they wouldn’t listen. This same client, who was in the early stages of dementia was accused of being sexually disinhibited-workers in the care home drew my attention to her scratching her buttocks claiming she was publicly masturbating !!??? and drew my attention to her reaching out to another resident (seeking their attention) and said she was striking them-. Obviously they had experience of looking after dementia patients and I can not accept mis-interpretation as an explanation.

    Because I would not put the diagnosis the Home and Social Workers wanted she was admitted to Hospital (and removed from my caseload). I noticed on the first few days progress notes she was reported as being settled. However these early progress notes (which were electronically recorded)were subsequently altered to portray a highly disturbed client.

    My manager fabricated numerous client complaints against me subsequently to force me out of my post. For obvious reasons I prefer that my identity is with held. As highlighted in another example legal battles are very uneven and serve the interests of financial power rather than justice.

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