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Alternative Cancer Care Clinic

Camelot Cancer Care, Inc. was one of a very few dedicated DMSO clinics operating in the United States which accepts cancer patients.


Camelot’s expanded treatment protocols are now available at the best Mexican cancer treatment clinics!

Camelot Cancer Care Inc. is currently battling FDA persecution. We cannot respond to false allegations, (some absurd, some ludicrous & easily explainable) without disclosing our defense. Our silence to date should not be misinterpreted. We ask that you reserve judgement until the true facts are presented in federal court.

In the meantime, Camelot’s expanded treatment protocols are now available at selected Mexican clinics within our network, at affordable cost.

It is now possible to receive gentle, effective, natural cancer treatment for approximately what you would expect to pay in insurance copays for conventional treatment. (Which often comes with brutal side effects, and averages only a 2.5% five year survival rate.)

Results vary. Each case is unique. Your case may be accepted or declined, based on variable factors, such as diagnosis, grade (aggressiveness), staging (degree of progression) and medical history (How much, if any, conventional treatment the patient received, prior to failure, which led him or her to seek out alternative treatment options. (The latter helps us to gauge if the patient’s immune system remains intact –in other words, his or her ability to respond to our treatment.)

To see if you or a loved one qualifies as a candidate, click on “Free Case Evaluation,” complete the medical history form, then click submit. Your case will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 24 hours, often much sooner.

DMSO is short for “Dimethyl Sulfoxide.” It also stands for “Different Medical Survival Options.” All of the alternative cancer web sites, as well as the many books Camelot is published in, will tell you it works. So will the many patients who are now cancer free following treatment with this natural form of chemo. Like many effective alternative cancer treatments, DMSO has been attacked by the mainstream cancer industry; defamed & chased underground, finally forced to Mexico.

It is WORTH THE TRIP. Standards are excellent in those clinics selected for our network, in Cancun and the surrounding region. Some of the Mexican clinics are located in perfect medical tourism destinations, with nearby hospitals which are modern, state of the art. Many American and Canadian expatriates have settled in this region–and wealthy retirees typically do not settle where there is not good medical care.

You are invited to visit a tropical paradise on the Mayan Riviera, in an atmosphere conducive to healing. The ancient ruins at Chichen Itza is a day trip, as is Cozumel and other tropical attractions, with fabulous beaches, jungle boat tours and shopping. Yes, they speak English. Yes, it is surprisingly affordable. Flights depart daily from cities all over the US, to Cancun. No visa is necessary for the short duration generally needed for cancer treatment.

From Cancun, ground transportation awaits to take patients on to Merida (world famous for its medical clinics) or to Tulum or Playa del Carmen; so heavenly its become a favorite site for hollywood film makers. Clinics within our network, offering Camelot’s expanded treatment protocols, also offer a full program of adjunct treatments, including UBI, ozone therapy, PEMF, nutritional therapy, daily detox with colon hydrotherapy and coffee enemas, all inclusive. The hotels range from quaint & picturesque (but comfortable) all the way to 5 star rating. The food we sampled was fabulous, organic, non-GMO, not in conflict with cancer patient’s dietary needs.

You are invited to come to where recovery from cancer may well await… where the patient’s right to freedom in medical treatment choices is respected by the Mexican federal government… where enlightened medical mavericks are free to practice in peace, and where patients will find a haven of healing. Coconut water is abundant. And yes, it’s alkaline. (Smile.) Click on “Free Case Evaluation,” and complete the medical history form to see if you qualify.

Blessings, and Buenos Dias!


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  1. Paula says:


    Please can you tell me where I can find your clinics in USA. I’m based in Rhode Island.
    Do you treat thyroid problems. Doctors are saying that if I don’t go through surgery it will become cancer.

    Please help.

  2. Deana green says:

    Hi, my name is Deana, my husband has been diagnosed with glioblastoma in his front lobal. He had debulking done last wednesday as it was effecting him with head pain, vomiting etc. He is 60 years old, fit and active. He has recovered well post op. He was released the day after because he was up and moving ok. He has been told that he has only months to live if he doesn’t have radio therapy and chemo. This will start within the next 3-4 weeks. This is not the preferred route!!!!
    He really doesn’t want this!! He is on an alkalising diet but please we need help!!
    He is a lovely kind man who has always put others first! Can you help him and if so how much will it cost?
    We live in the uk.
    We pray that you can help
    Kindest regards
    Deana and Norman Green

  3. admin says:

    Hi Deana,
    If you would, please email this to for medical advice.
    On a personal note, I am sorry he (and you) are going through this…. Don’t lose hope because healing is always possible.

  4. Silvia cano says:

    I’m interesting in your treatment, please give me your address and your phone
    Silvia cano

  5. admin says:

    please send all medical questions to
    Thank you!

  6. Hello, my name is Nataly. My mom is 61 years old, she has a brain tumor. Please help us!
    With hope Nataly and Luda

  7. admin says:

    please send all medical questions to:, Thank you! Admin.

  8. Narayan Das says:

    my uncle suffring from metastatic cancer last stage stage 4.we decided go to ur country and treatment it can u help me for this.where is ur clinic in u.s and how much its cost for treatment and can this type of cancer crued in your country if this cancer is crue a able at this stage pls tell us .we go ur country and treatment it

  9. admin says:

    please send all medical questions to:, Thank you! Admin.

  10. Dr. M.S. says:

    A year ago a lump started in left breast, Patient never used any Kimo or procedure. Only x-ray and ultrasound preformed, no doctor could treated her, she declined the traditional poisoning medical system. Patient needs to learn your system and how to go to Germany under your treatment, no books or self treatment please. We need to talk on the phone.

    In May 2018, breathing problem started (after strong falling back in the gym). Can you cure liquid around lungs causing short of breath, severe tired. For last couple of months, doctors could not treat it, they perform one time removal of liquid 1.1 liter, liquid came back. Urine shows infection, antibiotic prescribed….is it okay?

    The more time passes, her health gets worst and loses weight. She just graduated and has no work. People advised to collect donation, how to do this? For travel and medical treatment fighting for life? It is life-threatening at this time, we hope you consider her as you took care of your mom and we trust you and your honesty. Many other details we will talk about it later. it is urgent situation please. Thank you.

  11. Dr. M.S. says:

    We sent a message now, it did not post. Did you receive it?

    Pls advise.

  12. admin says:

    It goes into the cue to be approved first. No worries.

  13. admin says:

    please send all medical questions to:, Thank you! Admin.

  14. drini says:

    My father, 70 years old, is diagnosed with gastric cancer c16.9, the doctors says is aggressive and has partialy affected the liver. The doctors says there is nothing to do, and gives a lifespan 6-12 months.Our last chance(which is not what we want) is to go under chemiotherapy treatment. Please if there is any chance of treatmen at your center or any information , i would be glad to attend. thank you.god bless you

  15. admin says:

    please send all medical questions to:, Thank you! Admin.

  16. Erika says:

    Hello there I would like to contact Dr Coldwell, I need to see him for a 1 cm Invasive Ductal carsinoma, thank you

  17. admin says:

    please email all medical questions to

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