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How to Be Assertive (When You’re a Quiet Introvert)

By Aletheia Luna We’ve been the rubbernecks.  The doormats.  The wishy-washy, watery weaklings.  Us introverts have had plenty of experience of being the unheard, uninvolved and unassertive ones in social situations. But just as being shy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re introverted, neither does being introverted necessarily mean you’re by default an unassertive person.  Unfortunately, however, our reserved and quiet natures […]


Jelly Belly Creator Debuts 38 Flavors Of New CBD-Infused Jelly Beans

By Elias Marat  Listen to Article Jelly Belly took the world by storm in 1976 with its lineup of colorful jelly beans, which used natural ingredients to offer intense, gourmet-quality flavors such as strawberry daiquiri, coffee, French vanilla, pink lemonade, and even buttered popcorn. And now, Jelly Belly creator David Klein is hoping to replicate his 45 years […]


Manage your underactive thyroid with these essential nutrients

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones to keep the body functioning normally. Eating well-balanced meals is an important part of regulating a dysfunctional thyroid and the factors that contribute to the disease. Here are seven nutrients essential for hypothyroidism: Vitamin A: Vitamin A deficiency can cause the thyroid […]

agent orange

Got cancer? Same company that manufactured Vietnam War’s Agent Orange and Holocaust’s poisonous gas makes deadly American medicine and food

“How could this have happened to me?” Those are usually the first words out of someone’s mouth when they find out from an oncologist that they have some form of cancer. “I’m a good person.” “I don’t deserve this.” “Maybe it’s genetic.” One of those perplexing statements usually follows next. Most Americans simply can’t fathom […]

holy grail serum

Holy Grail Serum – Miss Amy’s Mini Book – FREE Download!

From Miss Amy’s acclaimed mini-book series – The Guide to Making the Holy Grail Serum!


FDA Approves Controversial GMO Salmon For Import

By Mac Slavo  Listen to Article The United States Food and Drug Administration has decided that their previous ban on genetically modified salmon can be lifted.  In 2016, Congress said the salmon could not be sold in the United States until the FDA finalized labeling guidelines to inform consumers the product was genetically engineered. That’s when the FDA […]


Woman awarded $29 million in Johnson & Johnson baby powder cancer case

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $29 million after a California jury determined that its baby powder contributed substantially to a woman’s mesothelioma. The immensely popular product, which has been widely used on babies and adults alike for decades, is the target of more than 13,000 similar lawsuits that have been filed against the company. […]

epsom salts

Epsom salt baths can reduce inflammation, increase blood flow

That box of Epsom salt on your grandmother’s bathroom shelf proves that her generation knew a thing or two about natural healing. Epsom salt – which you’ll find for next to nothing in any drug store – is one of the most inexpensive and versatile natural remedies around. Adding Epsom salt to your bath is […]

Mark Zuckerburg Facebook

Dr. Coldwell Blocked From FB in Censorship Move Once Again.

Facebook is making a major move to block vaccine information as well as other natural health information. The reason is fear. We are winning. People are becoming awakened to the dangers and big pharma is scared. Fb has been bought out and bribed by these companies. It is getting harder and harder to communicate on […]

magic pill

You Are The Magic Pill – FREE mini book download

Free PDF download from Miss Amy’s IBMS mini-book series! You Are the Magic Pill