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medical procedures

10 Most ABSURD and BARBARIC medical procedures, surgeries and “treatments” ever

Many “lethal” cures have been tested through the centuries, but several stand out as the most absurd and barbaric ones ever witnessed. Just because something’s been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, or because “everybody” does it, doesn’t mean it works. To the contrary, some of the most popular medicines today are “epic […]


New Study Again Links Fluoride To ADHD In Children

By Phillip Schneider ADHD is one of the most common issues with children these days. According to 2016 data from the CDC, approximately 2.4 million children ages 6-11 have ADHD in the US and that number tends to increase over time. Seeing as though it’s very hard to treat and affects so many kids, wouldn’t a better […]


5 Easy And Natural Ways To Beat Stress During The Holidays

The joyous time of the holiday season brings with it several factors that can cause stress to become out of control.  But there a few simple and all natural ways that work wonders for combating that extra pressure this season! 5 Ways To Beat Holiday Stress ‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? But we’ve […]

Christ Revealed

Christ Revealed – 9 Part Docu-series ! FREE for a limited time

CHRIST REVEALED – GREATEST HUMANITARIAN EVER Faith in the Universe, God, and Christ are Under Attack Like Never Before… You don’t have to be religious to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He is what we all should aspire to be. A great humanitarian and human being. Defend Your Faith With… Revealing Astonishing Facts […]


Turmeric tea can improve your health in at least six ways

Turmeric, a flowering plant from the ginger family, has been recognized for its medicinal value for thousands of years and is a staple part of both ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. In more recent years, scientific studies have established its place in modern western medicine, too. The secret to turmeric’s amazing health benefits is a […]


STUNNING: Removing GMO foods from your diet can improve 28 different health conditions

If you’re looking for a simple way to make a big improvement in your health, cutting GMO food from your diet can give you a lot of bang for your buck as a recent study shows that doing so can improve the symptoms of 28 different health conditions. GMOs are everywhere these days. The crops are […]


Did A 5G Experiment Test In The Hague, Netherlands, Prove Fatal To Birds In Trees?

Has it finally happened: Probable confirmation 5G can kill wildlife? Starlings roosting in trees in a park in The Hague, Netherlands, fell dead from their perches. A total of 297 dead birds were collected. Poor birdies!   However, birds were not the only wildlife seemingly affected. [N]earby ducks that were swimming seemed to react very oddly […]


11 Superfoods That Will Supercharge Your Body

A diet full of natural healthy foods is a guaranteed way to help the body maintain optimal function. Unfortunately, mass production of food means many live foods sold in stores are depleted of nutrients due to the overuse of chemicals in soil and during food production. Moreover, at times our bodies need a little extra […]


Are You At Risk For Peripheral Vascular Disease?

Sometimes referred to as PVD, Peripheral vascular disease is a fairly common condition. It is defined as any disease occurring in the vessels outside of the brain and heart. PVD is said to affect approximately 5% of the population. Evaluation and treatment works best at its early stages. Risk Factor Assessment While some lifestyle choices […]

back pain

Causes of Back Pain You Might Not Expect

Pain is pain, right? Wrong. Patients in pain, when polled, mainly agreed that back pain was the most distracting and debilitating of all areas of pain in the body. If you have ever dealt with a bout of back pain I am sure you can relate. It can take you nearly clear out of commission. […]