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Are Google and Google Chrome BLOCKING

Are Google chrome users are now being censored from seeing natural health information? If you view the same page in Google Chrome vs. Safari or Firefox or any other browser you get two different views. Chrome is blocking every page link on the main article site virtually blocking their users from being able to receive […]


Will medical marijuana be covered by insurance companies?

A state judge in New Jersey has issued a ruling that may lead to a requirement that all insurance companies will someday have to cover medical marijuana. As reported by Natural Blaze, Egg Harbor resident Andrew Watson signed up for the state’s medical cannabis program in 2014, then attempted to get reimbursed for buying medical […]



This Corned Beef and Cabbage Grilled Cheese Sandwich is the perfect way to use up St. Patrick’s Day leftovers. Or better yet, use it as a simple way to celebrate with this favorite Irish-American holiday tradition! I’ve got a pinch of Irish blood in me and St. Patrick’s Day is as good an excuse as […]

smart meters

The Very REAL PROBLEMS And CONCERNS Regarding AMI Smart Meters

By Catherine J. Frompovich On March 7, 2017, State Senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton), Michigan, testified before the Michigan State House Energy and Technology Committee regarding House Bill 4220 and Smart Meters. As an aerospace engineer and former employee of the Department of Defense, Sen Colbeck came forward to ask questions and make statements, I think, […]


Medical cannabis – The healing pros and cons

In the 1970’s, comic duo Cheech and Chong had fun with their dead-on impressions of two chronically stoned “potheads.” But, in 2017, it appears that marijuana is beginning to lose its “Cheech and Chong” associations. The use of medical cannabis is currently legal in 28 states, and proponents say the herb is changing lives by […]

Is it “Reverse Weight-ism”?

It seems society is up in arms these days in regard to making sure they are politically and socially correct as not to offend anyone. We tiptoe around things we are thinking because it might make someone feel bad. Being nice is never a bad thing after all our parents taught us “if you can’t […]

vaccine mumps

Mumps outbreaks reported among vaccinated children … Is the vaccine causing the outbreaks?

Mumps outbreaks have been on the rise, but not among those who are unvaccinated. In what appears to be a rather ironic twist, it seems that the majority of people affected by the disease are those who have received inoculations to “protect” them from mumps. In 2016, more than 5,000 cases of mumps were reported, […]


Stop Drinking Alcohol For 30 Days And Experience These Amazing Benefits

By HTN Drinking alcohol has become so common and is a socially acceptable practice. It is hard to believe that you can party without alcohol; it can even make you feel ‘cool’ or included in some environments. Some people don’t even want to stop drinking alcohol because alcohol increases their self-confidence and makes it so […]

gluten free

Gluten-Free Diet Can Expose You To More Heavy Metals Like Mercury

By Brandon Turbeville According to a new report in the journal Epidemiology, people who eat a gluten-free diet may actually be at higher risk for exposure to arsenic and mercury. This is quite concerning considering the growing popularity of the gluten-free diet with a quarter of Americans having gone gluten-free in 2015. That was a […]


Off-grid living: Harvesting rainwater on a budget

Millions, especially in wealthier western nations, take water’s life-giving sustenance for granted, believing that it will forever magically pour forth from the kitchen tap at the twist of a knob, or bubble up from the school yard drinking fountain. The recent horrors of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan and other municipalities that contend with disintegrating infrastructures is still reverberating. As […]