Boot Camp Seminar Testimonials from June 17- 19th 2011 Charleston, SC : Dr. Leonard

Boot Camp Seminar Testimonials from June 17- 19th 2011 Charleston, SC

Lois Gerbitz

Hello. I would like to add my comments regarding Dr. Coldwell’s boot camp this past weekend. I was excited about the breakthrough I experienced over the weekend, but then it continued as I returned home. I am a changed person and I can not begin to think Dr. Coldwell enough for helping me, and the other gin members, during his boot camp. This is an incredible event that should be mandatory for all GIN members. Dr. C.has-a way of reaching inside you, that if you are ready, you become empowered to change your life forever. Thank you Dr. C. And thank you to Kevin and the GIN Council for scheduling this event.


Joy Ghosh

This three day boot camp from Dr. C. was so empowering for me. I am a deliberate creator and I am in your eternal debt for attracting me to gin I am thankful and grateful to Dr. C. for the amazing opportunity.  Nothing can stop me now. Life is already responding to my dreams and burning desires. This is so much fun!


Pam Gordon

What a great three days. Great things will come from this experience. I will be back here for the three days in September, I can’t wait.


Sharon Bridges

Enjoyed Dr. C’s workshops and enjoyed meeting people from different states. It helped build my self-confidence.


Jackie Whitney

All I can say is, “wow!” I have been to many many lectures of Dr. C., but this was the best one ever. It made me feel more powerful and invincible than ever. I am stronger, bolder and braver than I have ever been before. Thank you for giving us the best Father’s Day weekend ever. Thank you Dr. C. for giving us so much compassion. You are the best!


Jonathan Trussler

Thank you Dr. C. This weekend was just what I needed to shake the dirt off and become the person I am meant to be and be the true champion I am. This was also easily the best three day seminar I have been to.  I cannot wait to see you again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am now ready.


Randy Clark

Dr. C’s event was earth changing for me.  The energy that he gave me was so awesome. I know what I have to do when I go home; get rid of the JUNK in my life.  The information was beyond anything that I could imagine.  I want to thank Dr. C for the best Boot Camp ever and I can’t wait for another one.


Roberta Hitchcock

When I got the first email invitation to join Dr. C’s boot camp weekend my “instinct” guided my hands to immediately sign up, without any knowledge of what the heck it was.  Concurrently, I had been praying to be able to release my past, which had involved much death and deceit from young childhood.  Meanwhile, I had a very sick dog, which was slowly declining.  It was hard to leave to come to the weekend but lo and behold, Boot Camp was ALL ABOUT releasing the past, to embrace the present and prepare for the future.  The energy, re-programming, and focus on the love and goodness, along with the companionship, are an indescribable remedy for releasing the past!  Additionally, I have been concerned about the state of human affairs on our beautiful planet since the age of 6.  Recognizing that love and impeccable personal integrity are the only answer to all human ills, I am indescribably appreciative to the GIN council for what you are doing for all of us.  The information that Dr. C shared was powerful and helpful, and it brings this woman and mother a sense of security that things are being done globally to honor, respect and love all of humanity.  This seminar was priceless for me and it sure did look like it was for others too.



Learned how to release the past.  Gained great perspective about myself, great ideas and to love myself.  I loved the energy level and the quality of the people involved.  I also loved Charleston, South Carolina.


David NcNeal

I arrived early to the Embassy Hotel expecting something awfully great to happen, especially after the 15 hours of driving to get here.  The first day, I am truly changed.  I am truly greatful for Dr. C.  I just absolutely love him.  He is the greatest.  Everyone that came down here were changed.  And for just that only, I am eternally grateful.  Dr. C you are my Champion.  I love you like a father.  I will never forget this moment.  My vibration is higher than it has ever been in my entire life.  I will remember this event forever.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Now I can help other to become what I have experienced and become…truly changed!



I personally loved this boot camp.  I appreciate all that Dr. C does for GIN.  I have never been to something like this.   My life is changed forever!


Hilary Anderson

Dr. C’s three day bootcamp is so powerful, inspirational and joyful.  I intend to participate in every one he has.  He validates all of us to our core.  I feel so empowered in his presence.  He is committed, dedicated and a shining light to GIN.  I feel honored to be on this journey, so grateful for the opportunity to expand and grow in GIN, make these wonderful connections and experience the energy of change.  Thank you, Dr. C.  In love, joy and gratitude!


Tavius Saoutharo

I have gained an amazing insight of life and know that many great things are on the way!


Michael Morelli

Dr. C is wonderful! He is the best example of how to live, laugh and love.  To love others and help them succeed is what we are all here to do.  I have been searching for who I am, and through Dr. C and these seminars, I have begun to find my life’s purpose.  I want to thank the council members for creating this organization to help people change their lives.


Edwin Nieves

The seminar has been the best thing I have ever experienced.  From the time I arrived and saw my GIN brothers, I knew this would be a hell of a ride!  I did not know how it would allow me to release all the past negative emotions, what I found is that I had an advantage over the others.  I have become a master of turning negative to positive.  The boot camp made me review those things I was doing wrong.  I can now close my eyes and see what I choose too.  I encourage anyone who needs to reboot their nervous system to attend the IBMS Boot Camp seminar. This is the only way to refuel the brain hard drive.  I look at everything as a computer system.  You have to erase all the old data and software.  Now you are able to load new software which will allow you to run and operate more effectively.  We are human systems that can be reprogrammed and put into good use.  I will take what I have learned and pass it around.  Thank you Dr. C, I love you!



I learned how to correctly visualize my dreams and goals.  I must be in the dream, not the observer of my dream for my brain does not distinguish between what is real and what is unreal.  I learned that what you put out there, you truly get back: NO MORE SHIT!


Lilian and Armando Elias

We just came back from Dr. Coldwell’s boot camp in Charleston, SC and want to share with you that once more all GIN events are outstanding.  We felt empowered by Dr. C and more focused in our new destiny! We crossed the curtain of life to our new life of abundance, health and wealth.


Les Cusden

What I learned this boot camp was that you can be yourself and no one can change you.  You can do, be, or have anything you want. You can succeed in anything.  You are powerful and no one can take this away from you.  I know I will be able to become a rich and powerful being because I have been empowered by Dr. C.


Tom Laurice

This was really great.  On a scale of 1-10, it was a 10!  It really helped me to build the self-confidence I needed.  It helped me separate myself from negativity in my past.  It also gave me the tools to maintain this level of enthusiasm, excitement, confidence as I build my down line.  Dr. C helped me build dendrites to help me realize the champion I really am.  The excitement and electricity in the room has been incredible.  I highly recommend it.  I would like to come again and bring my wife.


I love Dr. C’s “no nonsense” approach.  He helped further enhance my understanding of law of attraction.  I appreciate his direction in reprogramming me for success.


Jim Belawger

From every new cell in my body and from a person I have come to love, thank you.  Dr. C is a new with me and what he has given me.  There is no price to put on this weekend.  It is priceless as my life is priceless.  My joy feels each of your impact on me.  Dr. C has an impact on me know.  Please continue this workshop for the GIN world.  Please let Dr. C change lives.  I am leaving South Carolina with my new gamily in my heart, we will meet again and again and I will know I grew a new each time, ever call affiliated and member brings a new process of change.  Each one is appreciated.  We are growing so fast and we love great leaders and speakers.  You all change lives!  In my heart the words are many, but know my love is endless for all your hard work and results.  OF COURSE I AM READY!


Rachelle Tanner

Dr. C, this has been the most loving and empowering seminar ever.  I am a changed person.  I am informed about how to visualize effectively.  I am a champion.  I am completely myself and and am so thankful for the opportunity!  This seminar is the Law of Attraction in action.  Instant manifestation.  Thank you! Thank you! Dr. C  is the greatest.


Scott Socuba

Thank you for a wonderful, empowing, exciting experience.  It is so important that people know who is coming, and once people know what is coming, they can prepare, have fun and create their reality.  And most importantly to know themselves.  Once people know themselves, they can help others.  You fit the bill.  I love! The push botton drop to get rid of the energy was perfect.  It worked!


Colleen McBroom

Dr. C.  I LOVE how you bring out the REAL ME!! All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you!  And I love you! J



Dr. C brought my level of confidence up!!  I learned it is my decision! NO SHIT, NO MORE!  My ability to see myself as a champion has increased.


Joe Borowy

This weekend was amazing!  By Saturday afternoon, I felt like a new person.  My confidence is off the charts!  I’m so thankful for Dr. C and GIN.  I feel the POWER! Bring it on!



I learned to really let go of the box that I was in by the exercises Dr. C gave me.  Thanks SO much Dr. C.


John Kirk

The three day Dr. Coldwell Boot Camp was so empowering the energy and the vibration in the room was off the charts.  He taught us to love ourselves first.  Then we can help and empower others.  Get back to our perfect you!! Reaching our full potential.  The person we were meant to be, powerful, confident, strong and full of self-love.  He helped us to break free of the past.  All the negative crap just fell off with no emotional attachment.  We are FREE!  We stand upright, powerful, confident and strong.  There is nothing that we can’t do, be or have.  It will change your life forever. No more excuses!  You will become a true CHAMPION!


Wanda Taylor

Dr. C’s Bootcamp was amazing.  I feel empowered, strengthen, motivated and uplifted.  Again like all the GIN meetings, I can’t explain today what all took place in my life.  But I know it was life changing forever.  I don’t see or really feel at these events what all happened until I get home, when it all sets in.  All I know and feel is that this was an amazing and awesome event!  I feel the change.


Kathi De Angelis

This seminar elevated my self-confidence, self love and personal power.  I feel happier and inspired to elevate my status of mediocrity to being the best I can be.


Martin De Angelis

This was just what I needed.  Dr. C addressed the life issues before me now.  I am committed to be all I can be. Thank you!


Sheyenne Kreamer

I am so grateful for the information Dr. C shared about the government and the changes coming in 2012.  I learned many new things regarding health and wellness.  The many experiences of raising our energy were so awesome.  I’ve never hugged so many people- how great!


Don Kreamer

What I know of our government and what Dr. C taught us is that it is time for us to take back our government!  Dr. C showed me I am a champion and the people who are asleep at the wheel best get out of our way!



Great workshop, very excited. Very informative. I really enjoyed the three days!

Wieslaw and Halina Wlodnski

Thank you Dr. C.  Very powerful and enjoyable life changing seminar! Like always!


Safwan Matni

Dr. Coldwell’s boot camp simplified the keys to success and happiness to the basic nature of living habits and with all the positivity through these simple tactics to impact life for the better.  Thank you Dr. C.


James Hoobler

I learned how to become myself! “ME!”  I learned that you can overcome anything!  I learned to snap my fingers and at that moment, I can change my focus towards being the champion that I’m born to be!



He did actually clean us out and then put in so much energy that I’m buzzing with it.  I’m ready to take on the world.  It did not hurt to have all GIN brothers and sisters attending.  No one was holding back.  Dr. C got the energy and belief so high no one could stay behind.  I was fabulous.  I’m grateful to GIN that I was able to attend this powerful seminar.



I learned how to visualize myself through myself as if I am in the movie not watching it.  I enjoyed the energy and Dr. C’s humor.  I got a lot of information I hope that I absorbed it all.  I loved the sense of GIN family.  I also drink milk every day and I am stopping now.  I did not know of the dangers.  I am ready~ Bring it on!



It was the most informational, inspirational, motivational, eye opening experiences that I have ever been a part of!  Can’t wait until next time! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!


Deanna Brinkley

You are awesome Dr. C.  Thank you for your inspiring “works”…in jest!  It was a life changing event for my two children, Kyle and Devin.  This is what life is about, growing as a family unit in unity to become one with our soul and mind to conquer the world and take “No shit, no more!!”  My vision is to spread the word and educate our little warriors to be strong and love themselves.  “I will” be part of GINS’s new education and schooling for our next generations of GIN, the young generation.  We need to “un” school our children from the government chains and let them become the people they are meant to be with no restrictions and only love for themselves and others.  Thank you for planting the pictures ever more vividly in my movie that plays in my mind.


I had a major breakthrough last night and Dr. C gave me the strength to follow through when I get home.  I love Dr. C.  The next best thing: the gal who supported me also had a break through.  She coaches and said it is time she does what she preaches.  I cried last night for an hour before I could fall asleep, but they were tears of relief and tears of joy.



Awesome experience!!!  I am 1000% stronger because of it.  I now know that whatever is to come, I AM READY!


Ann Ricky

Unleash the inner millionaire!  Thank you Dr. C you are incredible!! Of course I can, bring it on!  Looking through my own eyes of a whole different level.  Thank you! Wow!  I’ve got the power! I am guaranteed success!


Bob McCaffrey

Dr. C’s boot camp has been the most powerful, inspiring experience that I have ever done.  I feel stronger than I have ever felt in my life.  I am ready to take on the world.  I will be, no I am unstoppable.  Dr. C’s love and support has made me invincible.



I enjoyed the weekend very much. The next step is realization!  I like Dr. C’s approach and his lessons.



This was an exciting and transforming 3 day boot camp.  Information and bonding with GIN members!


John McLean

I sincerely appreciate Dr. C restoring my confidence in myself and my self-respect.  The timing of this event was perfect for me and the state of my mind.  Happiness is my decision.  Life is not for providing, it is for living.



It is the best weekend to spend with Dr. C.  All should go to this to understand how to change your life.  I learned how to take control of my life.  I now know that I am somebody and understand what that means.  Thank you for GIN and for Dr. C.

I was amazed at the power and energy that was exuded from everyone in attendance.  I made the decision to belong to the strongest organization in the world.  Being at this seminar has made me a better person.  Dr. C is a very effective speaker.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.



Having a great time! A lot of knowledge to learn!  A lot of power!


Janelle Rackley

I love Dr. C’s inspiration, message, enthusiasm and especially his abilities to help people stand up and become who they truly are.  Dr. C brings people to real transformation, gives us the tools to make it happen.  More people becoming personally empowered brings us all closer to that “100th Monkey.” Thank you Dr. C.  What a huge celebration we are about to have as we number the enlightened, empowered people train.


Ben Sremba

This was the best weekend ever, everything I learned was burned, engraved, and etched in my sole and mind.  Before this weekend I was struggling with myself and finding/Remembering who I am.  You lead me to the water and I bathed in it and drank the pond of my brother.  I also met my family here and realized the love that I hold and the love that is shared.  I especially want to thank my girlfriend and her family.  It is possible we would not have made it if not for her.


Michael E. Jaspan

The three day Dr. C boot camp in Charleston, SC was the next step in a two-year journey to personal excellence that started back in Cancun, Mexico at the official launch of the GIN in 2009.  Dr. C is a dynamic and uplifting speaker/trainer who is a great friend to all GIN members.  He is the man with the plan, the mouth from the south and the epitome of what makes GIN the greatest club in the world!  I have always benefited from each and every Dr. C event that I have attended and I have attended a lot of them.  Thank you Dr. C for everything you do for us and everything you have done for me personally.  I am a champion! I am somebody! I love you brother!  This program is rated “Dr.C” only Champions need attend!


Mitch Mahoney

Dr. Colwell helps you unlock your “power-reactor” of unlimited potential.  The whole weekend was jam-packed with pure empowerment and euphoria.  I am now more ME, thanks to Dr. C.



This seminar is priceless, life changing, enlightening, wonderful, amazing and beyond words!  This was astounding!!! The best! I can’t wait to reread my notes and put what I learned into action.  So many breakthroughs, I will never be the same.  I feel so happy, honored and privileged to be here.  I thank Dr. Coldwell, his wife,  his staff, GIN and Kevin.  What a godsend.  I love you all. Thank you all!


Robin S.

The three day Dr. C boot camp assisted me with dialing into the frequency I need to make it real.  Frequency and vibration dialed properly matters completely.  No excuses or doubts.

Genia Gaffaney

Thank you, Dr. C for energizing me on the inside and outside!  Thank you for sharing information about our future and more importantly for preparing us for it through learning how to be our true self.  No one can do for us what Dr. C does.  He gives himself entirely to us.  Teaches us to break the chains that hold us back and stand up for what we are!  Wow! The energy in the room was amazing!


Anita B.

First, I would like to say is WOW!! This boot camp has changed my life.  We need people like Dr. C to help change the world.  My energy levels are so high and I wish I can stay like this forever!  Thank you Dr. C for everything you have done to make my life better.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!



This changed my life!  I will forever be changed.  We are GIN and I am thankful!


Paul and Susan Hanley

We just loved this seminar.  We are important. We are ready. We are a gamily of GIN.  No one will bring us down.  We will succeed in everything we do.  Bring it on. We are in control.  We are ready.  We are unstoppable.  The GIN family members we have met are 100% fantastic.  We will get all our dreams and wishes we want.  No one will rule us. We will rule ourselves.  Without GIN and these seminars, we would not be where we are now with the positive look on our lives.  Please keep this training coming.


Chad Gaffaney

It’s Dr. C.  What else do you really need to say?  Every time I see him he has the unique ability to out do himself by a factor of 1,000.  So much energy and so much wonderful information.  I feel like I can take anything on and win.  I feel so lucky to be able to meet and hear this great man and I am always looking forward to the next time.  The best thing I love about Dr. C is there is no fluff.  He tells it like it is and he gives it to me straight.  Thank you so much Dr. C for what you do and being the true champion you are.


Gerhard Paaselie

Dr. C is the master of all master champions that we all have become this weekend.  I will take “no shit, no more.” I am unstoppable.  I am ready.  I have got the power.  Failure is not an option. I am free!


Michelle H.

This weekend is life changing! You will never be the same.  Dr. C motivates, excites and opens up your inner most being.  He wakes up your true self, opens up the real person that you are.  No matter how you get here you leave here completely different.  This will change your life.  You will never be the person that came here, you will leave here a champion to the source.


Christopher Link

I really enjoyed the seminar.  I learned a lot about the real truth of life and I feel empowered more than ever and I truly know now that I am a champion.  I will succeed and be a multi millionaire.  I love being around positive minded people and this has been awesome.  I can’t wait until September for the next boot camp.  GIN is the best and I am going to sign up to as many as possible because everybody needs to know who we are.


L. Banks

Great 3 day boot camp with Dr. C!  I left each meeting feeling on top of the world.  Dr. C’s ability to shift the group’s energy is unparalleled.  I know that Dr. C speaks from his heart.  Overall it was an amazing weekend.



The three day Dr. C boot camp was what I needed to trigger my emotional energy.  I truly made some real new friends this weekend.  I love the new dances.  I really got in touch with my inner self.  There is no place to gar to go to be in his presence.


David Kruger

First of all, please don’t cut Dr. C’s ears off! I love him and his no bullshit way!  This seminar was very personally empowering for me.  No more excuses, success are just a decision away.  Everything we learned from Dr. C today and all weekend had me reflecting on the GIN training.  It’s so simple to decide.  You just have to get through your shit.  I couldn’t afford not to come here.  I’ve always had hang-ups about money.  I have always found a way to afford GIN and all of the travel included but after this weekend the struggle is over.  I’m going to deeply visualize and contemplate the results I want beginning today and then forever more.


Iris Codalla

This was very uplifting and positive.  He taught us to stand up for ourselves, to release negativity and negative people.  Happy people don’t get sick.  No shit, no more.  I needed this weekend.  I came in sad and frustrated.  I feel so great now!


Isaac Toussaint

This was honestly the best 3 days of my life.  It is hard to put into words how much I appreciate what Dr. C and GIN have brought out of me.  I now see the endless potential that I have in me.  Being a much laid back type of person, I always was content with what life gave me.  I rarely complained and I thought I was doing pretty well.  My mindset is now completely changed after being part of GINE for only 6 months and attending this seminar in particular.  I now realize that I need to have more intensity in what I do and I now have no more doubts and fear about anything that can happen.  I highly recommend Dr. C’s “Unleash you inner millionaire” to everyone who deems success worth achieving, even those who believe they are currently content with who they are and what they have.  Thank you so much.




Dr. C’s event is earth changing.  This event is far greater than I expected.  My negative past is gone.  The chains that bounded me are broken and gone.  I am free.  I have found my power.  The necessity for power thinking has never been clearer to me.  I am excited to create my future.  Please have more of these events.  The world not only needs each event, the world is ready.


Christopher Moore

I was at the very first Dr. C boot camp! The emotional intensity and energy I felt over this weekend was out of this world!  I will be able to recall this experience anytime I want for the rest of my life!  This was a powerful next step for reprogramming me for success!  I can’t wait for the NEXT Dr. C weekend in September!  I will definitely be there!


Ray Shields

I had much awareness about topics presented.  This weekend I took ownership of those awareness’s and the change is taking place.  It feels so good to have broken away from the past and that I am the real me.  This weekend has strengthened me from the inside out.  I am not the same person I was when I came here on Friday.  I am a neat and worthwhile person who deserves to be loved first by me and then by others.  Thank you for making this weekend special and also having the phone message encouraging me to come.


Kevin Kingsley

I am somebody strong, powerful and committed to the life that I create her on earth.  Dr. C’s boot camp whooped my ass, removed the self-doubt, limited and inserted the most powerful energy in me.  I ‘ve listened to a lot of audios, read some of the books, been to one GIN seminar, now my second event and it was even more enlightening.  Like KT says, get to an event, don’t worry about the how stuff, it will all work out.  Thank you Dr. C and GIN for everything you do.


Joshua Lehmann

Dr. C never fails to work his magic!  This boot camp was amazing. I could feel the negative energy leaving my body and be replaces with a tremendously positive me.  Every person on earth needs to go through this boot camp!  Thank you so much for this boot camp!  Thank you so much for this chance to release my true self.


M. Davis

Dr. C Seminar was absolutely perfect.  It was energizing, enlightening and invigorating.  I just want to thank you for your love, strength, caring and yourself.  You have given so very much to me this weekend and for this I love you very much.  Dr. C you are absolutely wonderful and I am very happy I did not miss this weekend.  I have certainly learned a lot and did not leave the same way and I came.  Continue to keep up the good work you are doing, the lives you are changing for the better, are absolutely unstoppable.  God bless you always.  I can’t thank you enough.



Herb Richards

Dr. C’s no nonsense methods of training are a welcome change!  I really never knew what Dr. C was about until the thirds day when we moved to a lower ceilinged room where I was able to hear clearly.  This guy’s reputation is well earned.  Definitely plan to be back in September.


Dr. C is truly an amazing man.  He truly loves everyone, he sees the real us, who we really are.  His teachings come from the heart, full of love and passion.  I have learned to be myself and to love myself, which creates all the wealth in the world.  No shit, no more!  I love you Dr. C. Thank you.



This 3 day seminar forced me to get out of my comfort zone.  At the end of the 3rd day, I was able to be more comfortable in doing things I felt very uncomfortable to do.  But overall, I am going home with a lot more self-confidence and I feel I’m so powerful that I could break all barrios that tries to stop me from achieving my dreams.


Jo Ann Perryman

“The new change” is “beyond words.”  It’s a “new powerful feeling!” Power=Me. Success=It’s all mine.  Healing=Past is gone. Wealth=for sure. Take no shit! New family, united forever! Never will become sick.  I am ready for my real life!  I passed boot camp with honors!  We are one.  No turning back.  Love Dr. C. Pure success!


Taylor Vance

Your 3 day boot camp was wonderful, mind blowing and life expanding.  I really appreciate you sharing, coaching and mentoring us into a new birth…into a new powerful life!


Mary M.

Coming to this activity has been the very best that I couldn’t done for myself.  I feel more confident, powerful and ready to go and do the world and make a difference.  GIN really was what I was waiting for.  Thank you Dr. C. I feel transformed.

His was an amazing weekend!  I drove 9 hours to get here and I never felt tired or bored the while weekend.  The energy level was the strongest I have felt from any GIN event.  I learned so much about what is really going on in the world, and feel so much more empowered to deal with whatever is coming.  I know that I am ready to go home and face my life with a fresh confidence and strength.


Diane Kohl

I totally enjoyed myself this weekend.  Will take home my happiness and energy to my daughter and granddaughter.  Also to share with my friends and fellow coworkers.  Dr.C’s events are all life changing.  It inspires me to go home and inspire other people.  To help them see what GIN really is and how it affects all of our lives.


Rob Choney

Another amazing Dr. C event!!! I can’t wait until September to experience everything Dr. C has to offer.  Full of energy and engaging events like this would be attended by everyone.  Don’t know how this could be topped, but I’m sure he will find a way.


C. Stephenson

Today I learned from Dr. C not to take any nonsense from anyone, especially to “opt out” of the body scanners. I knew they were dangerous and now I guess I am going to get the “pat down” at the airport.  Dr. C is a powerful little guy.  He gave lots of good info about 2012.  I will want to learn more and check out all the websites he talked about.  Dr. C is full of energy and spunk and it is contagious!  Thank you, Dr. C.


John H.

This was one of the most powerful motivating experiences I have ever been at a GIN event.  The energy that was generated, the enthusiasm and the intermingling with my GIN brother and sisters was really something that I will carry with me.  I felt I learned to love myself more and the confidence that I can succeed, and I can have, be and do has resonated within me to a greater capacity.  It has made me love this club and what GIN stands for and how it can impact not only my own life but the world.  Dr. C put his whole heart and being into this event and I really care and love him.  I’m so glad he is in the club.



Dr. C taught me to “not just to love myself” but how to love myself.  If you want to be able to tap into the power within you, then this is the seminar for you.  When Dr. C took me on my journey of self-discovery, I discovered that it is ok to be me.  It doesn’t matter that world’s perception of you.  What matters most is realizing the strength that you have within and loving yourself for who you are, and not trying to become who the world wants you to be.


J. Simpson

What a FUN weekend.  To be with my like-minded GIN brothers and sisters is a true blessing and will stay with me through eternity.  I am ready, my time has come, and I am going to make life happen.  A new beginning, my next 5 years I will not live in fear.  Thank you, Dr. C.


Terry White

I am a changed man.  I am excited, energized and alive.  Thank you, Dr. C.


Claudia Balasto

Everyone needs to attend Dr. C’s boot camps.  I was such a powerful event for me.  I know I am leaving here today as a new person.  The true me is coming out.  This is going to be the beginning of the exciting new life for me.  I will achieve everything now.  Dr. C gives you the tools to take home with you.  He doesn’t just raise our vibration levels and leave us but gives us the tools to use from now on.  This has been the seminar I needed to be at at this particular time.  Totally awesome.  I am on such a high right now and I can’t believe it.  Thank you Dr. C.


Lynne O.

Dr. C’s boot camp brings out the best in you!  Be ready to unleash the true you; empowered, self-confident, limitless.


Pam Jones

I love Dr. C and I love myself.  My first seminar and I can’t tell you how much more powerful I am leaving here.  The energy from everyone was simply intoxicating.  Chills everywhere from all the wonderfully positive energy.  I can’t wait to become a member and for the sext seminar…every seminar. No more whining.  No more excuses. No more apologies.  No more regrets.  NO SHIT NO MORE!


Jason Sherard

Thank you so very much for this amazing experience.  The Dr. C. boot camp has changed my life forever.  I am leaving this event excited about what my life is now and into the future.  What a great privilege to be surrounded by so many champions!



I have found home when I use this system.  I have found a family, when I met Dr. C. I found a passion.  This weekend is joy, a new start. I found a model finally.


Arlene Wow!

Dr. C’s 3 day Boot Camp is truly amazing!  This seminar has transformed me into the person that I am supposed to be.  Dr. C is the most genuine and generous human being that I have had the honor of meeting.  He opened up hi heart to all of us and raised the roof off of the Embassy Suites hotel.  I feel like everyone in the room is an incredible family.  We laughed, hugged, danced and had tears of joy! Dr. C gave me the opportunity to perform in from of a huge audience of my brothers and sisters.  This is my dream and it has come true in these three days.  WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?!  I AM A CHAMPION!!! WOOHOO!! Thank you Dr. C, I love you!


Jathan Haller

I love myself more and more everyday thanks to Dr. C and the GIN network.  There are no more excuses for anything anymore.  I have the burning desire to become platinum and I will with Dr. C and the GIN council behind me!  I am so blessed to be here now!  We are the new power of today and that new light will shine forever!



Thank you to GOD, to the GINE council, thank you Dr. C. This weekend was awesome.  Dr. C really got me out of my comfort zone.  I got to know my “Strong emotion burning desire.”  I know I won’t be the same person I was.  The information you got in the seminar was awesome.  I will di t again.  Thank you very much for everything.



My vibration is so high that I cannot stop smiling.  I am smiling so much that my cheeks hurt.  I learned that I can let go of the past and I feel so powerful…I know I will succeed in all I put my mind to.  This weekend with Dr. C was a mind blowing experience and I will tell anyone that if the opportunity arises that they MUST get to it.  Thank you SO much.



This is the most powerful, life changing event I have had the honor to attend.  I am level 4 and have attended many GIN events.  Dr. C delivered the max on us this time. The energy, love, and all the best things in life have been laid out clearly and effectively.  Dr. C is a true master and giver of self for us.  Much love from here!!!


Renique Webster

Thank you so very much for another wonderful, empowering event!  Awesome, awesome, awesome to say the least!  I learned a tremendous amount of information during this weekend.  What we are about to enter into I feel confident and joyful that I’m being prepared for such a major even in history…and like Kevin says we are going to prosper, be healthy and be in Great spirits before, during and after this major shift in power.  I truly love you Dr. C, and everyone for all that you have done what you are doing and what is coming!! Not only am I benefitting from the training, but so are my three babies.  I am elated for their future as well as mine.



I loved the dancing at the end.  Dr. C has great energy.  His events are really great at making me feel good now.  The Dr. C event in Orlando was the extra push I needed to join GIN as a member.  I look forward to many more events with Dr. C. I love the people I meet at these events.  At this one event I collected at least 30 business cards.  I enjoy hugs.  Do more of that.  Thank you for reading.  I look forward to writing more comments.


Anne C.

A 3 day seminar is so much better than a one day.  The energy carries on from the first day to a higher level on the second, awakening a change in you on the 3rd day.  I really liked the explanation of “putting yourself into the picture” not to manifest it.  I will use it now, seeing myself as a head of a 70 person down line.  Believe me, it is going to happen! Thank you for making us feel powerful and feeling my power.  With GIN we can change the world!!! Thank you for creating GIN and for being FEARLESS! Now I have changed my stance on GIN.  I do not want to “Sell” GIN memberships; I will offer GIN memberships as a gift.  It is a privilege to be a Gin member.


Anthony Anderson

My life is changed. I am change.  I am a new person.  This weekend caused me to realize that I am perfect.  I am the most wonderful person in the world.  I know that I can be the millionaire that I want to be. Thank god that I am here.  I am really happy and I mean truly happy to finally be the person I want to be.  I am ready to take on whatever life has to bring on.  I am ready.  BRING IT ON.




Valerie Hyman

This weekend with Dr. C in South Carolina will be one of the most memorable weekends I have had with GIN.  I was extremely high energy.  The vibration was good and oh so powerful!  Dr. C makes interacting with other GIN members effortless.  I made many friends, and connected with so many from different backgrounds.  The stress wore off and I did not need to rely on my medication so much.  As a member of Natural Cures, I was able to plug into the system and receive a vast amount of information to deal with past as well as recent illnesses.  Due to these exercises my stress level took a back seat.  Isn’t that great?! I could go on and on about this amazing weekend.  Today I got the power!  I will keep up this level of enthusiasm.  Thank you.


Windell S.

I really appreciated Dr. Coldwell’s seminar.  What benefited me the most were the affirmations. I deal with negative people on a daily bases who doubt me and question my actions.  It was great to receive and to practice the affirmation of not caring about what someone else thinks of me because I possess the confidence, strength and belief in myself to know that I am a champion.  Regardless of what anybody says or what their opinion is, they cannot determine what my life is to be.  I am an agent of causation.  I am at cause in my life.  No one else’s opinion of me determines my reality.  The weekend with Dr. C affirmed these principles and helped to reinforce them in my subconscious mind.



Thank you GIN council.  Dr. C has the most empowering events I have ever attended in my life.  I notice this when I have been here after an event I am unable to be or act the way I did before I attended the event.  I also notice I am unable to go lower in vibration at the certain part.  I thank you Dr. C for making this available to us.  Thank you.  I was diagnosed bipolar and was dealing with it from 2002 to 2009 and in the beginning of 2010.  But ever since your GIN seminars my life has literally not been the same.  I love what I do and I love to be surrounded by GIN members.  Thanks again for all of your love and support for us.  Thank you for thinking of us and allowing us to have this great education.  “We are GIN.”  Born champions and we know it.  Thank you.  I appreciate you.


Joshua Seymour

What I learned from Dr. C’s seminar “Unleash Your Inner Millionaire” was that I can be rich and powerful, if I just choose to be me and love myself.  No doubts, no apologies, no excuses, no regrets, no whining and no complaining.  I am not taking that shit anymore. I will be super wealthy.  I felt my vibration raise 100% automatically just by being in the room with my best friends and family and participating throughout the weekend.  The new contacts I have made here to advance my livelihood seem priceless.  I have upgraded to next level and I’m so excited to go to the next event.  I really loved the live arts and musicians who helped deliver the message in a super stimulating and dynamic way that gave me tingly feelings throughout my mind/body/spirit.  You should come to this boot camp because it is the fastest and most effective way to boost you vibration.  It’s so much fun that whatever you’re doing over the weekend is meaningless in comparison to Dr. C’s boot camp.  I say that from the heart.


Alan McGrady

This Dr. C boot camp is the most powerful and energizing Gin event I have been to since Cancun.  I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning feeling like my true self; energized, positive and confident.  Being able to spend 3 days with Dr. C is truly a blessing.  I am very fortunate.  Thank you.


Maria Daro-Grave

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!  I am empowered! I am in control! I am strong!  How fortunate I am to have had this opportunity to DECIDE that I will no longer take crap!  My future is what I make of it!  No one can stop me, and that I have been freed to speak my truth!  Thank you so much Dr. C!


Nikki Hinton

I have to say (again)…you are amazing Dr. C!  Every time I see you, I love you even more, if that is even possible!  I learned not to take any shit anymore!  You are definitely one of my favorite people on planet Earth and I always let that be known!  I am very grateful for you and all the shit you take for us!


L.W. CA.

I am happy and excited about myself and my life.  What more do you need?  In September Dr. C was in Long Beach CA.  I wrote down to please have a 3 day with Dr. C.  This weekend has been transformational.  Thank you to the GIN council, Kevin and Dr. C and the wonderful staff.  P.S. I got kisses from Blue!  He looked pretty happy to me!


Joaquin N.

We want to thank you so much for theses 3 days.  We learned so much this weekend that we could relive.  Thank you so much.


Linda C.

These 3 days have been the most awesome.  I have learned more than I ever expected and I had high expectation.  I embrace and believe now more than ever.  I know today that I was destined for this journey and anxiously, joyfully and with love in my heart I begin my new empowered self.  I am somebody and we are GIN.  Thank you so very much.


Jessie T.

This was powerful, keep them coming.  I loved this.  It was all I hoped it would be and more.  I am so blessed from this event.  Dr. C is magnificent.  The air was so charged, my body was powerful and strong.  I slept well, and I was relaxed.  The people who we came into contact with are wonderful.  I love coming to the events, I am growing and moving as I believed I would.  I can be, do and have all that I want and desire.



Flush the past.  NO SHIT NO MORE! We are all champions! Great weekend! Thank you!


Bob Carr

Dr. C was off the charts!  The energy, love, emotion and respect were unlike anything I have ever felt before.  Thank you Dr. C.

Daniel A.

Dr. C is a phenomenal speaker and I loved all of his exercises.  He has truly helped bring out the champion I can be.  I feel fantastic and after going through Dr. C’s boot camp all I can say to any challenge in my life is “Bring it on!” Thank you.



Thank you so much for the continuing education on being and keeping me, ME!  You truly have instilled greatness in me.  No shit, no more.  Yes I can, yes I will, yes I have already, yes I will continue!


Judith Caples

Dr. C is a powerful motivator.  He is beyond just that.  He made me realize that I am in charge of my life.  He helped me bring the energy and that realization.  I have learned that no one has power over me now.  I just need to keep that going.  I will now be able to get the results that I have been searching for.  Thank you and see you at the top! I am so pumped up that I am having a hard time thinking beyond the fact that I am a champion.


H.A. Willshui

This 3 day Dr. C boot camp has been a transforming experience.  I feel very powerful, empowered and unstoppable.  I feel like charging ahead leaving all the negativity and losers behind.  I feel so energized that I am able to energize anyone or anything I come into contact with.  I am so thankful and grateful to have been a part of this fantastic and amazing weekend opportunity.  Dr. C is a true champion.  He truly shares freely and cares as a true GIN disciple.  Nobody, no one, no obstacle can stop me now.  Thank you Dr. C.


Gary Hinton

Dr. C’s 3 day boot camp filled out so Dr. C keeps his ears!  He brings a person out of their comfort zone.  He energized the room exponentially.  This is totally life changing and the most dynamic event yet.  Thank you Dr. C for stepping it up.  Keep up the excellent work.  I love you all, thank you for life changing events that help us all.


R. Powell

This has been the most powerful 3 days of motivation, inspiration and pushing all the right buttons.  I am walking away a new person knowing that I will be successful.  Thank you, Dr. C.


Kent Patyer

As always you have done more for me/us than I expected.  You have helped me on my path to erase the past so that I may better help others find their freedom.  I like how you touch on the changes to come in a way that covers the brand new to the ones who have been gaining knowledge over the years.  I know I am a new me after this weekend.  I like how your city has many beautiful women.  Much more women than men!! I like my odds.  May your light ever expand. No shit, no more. Thank you.


Robert D. Scott

Dr. C’s 3 day boot camp was very powerful, enlightening, motivating , fun experience since I have been a member in GIN.  I learned a lot and met a lot of highly motivated people with various backgrounds.  I would gladly attend Dr. C’s 3 day boot camp if I were financially able to do so in September.  Meanwhile I look forward with great anticipation to the Go 5 Star weekend.


Samie Bonnette

This was one of the greatest times I have had in many years. I am more confident and more determined and excited about my whole life.  Thanks a million!


Hillary B. Wiley

I am somebody.  I am a champion and stand up for myself and love myself so it is so easy to love others…I will be rich!  Amazing event! I visualize myself in the movie instead of watching the movie. Amazing!! News about the government, food and elite…I am not afraid and I’m totally amazed by that.  Life is FUN and WONDERFUL and I am FREE!  Thank you Dr. C.



Success!  This was fantastic! I now know how to handle the negative events coming up in 2012 and later.  No more fears!


Jeff Rivi

This event has made me believe I can and will be successful.  All of the past events have finally come together for me!



I am ready to make more money and to be able to help people in my beauty shop and introduce them to GIN.



The best training ever! Thank you, Dr. C!!



I loved every second of Dr. C’s seminar this weekend.  Every time I yelled “Yes, I can” I knew for the first time that I can!! The information provided for the future gives us hope that things are changing for the better.  Creating new neurons and thought patterns…PRICELESS!!  Thanks for making this possible.


Michelle Dunn

The GIN seminar with Dr. Coldwell in June was wonderful! I have never had the opportunity to be around such dynamic vibrant energy that was literally sustained all weekend!  GIN members are excited to learn and grow and Dr. Coldwell has delivered a cure for the epic case of mediocrity that most of us live life with.  Thank goodness for these 3 day seminar!  Thank you for this wonderful event and thank you Dr. C!


Patricia Jamison

I truly appreciate all you time and efforts in helping me become a better person and changing my life.  From this day forward my journey will be the best ever.



I learned that I really can be the master of my own destiny.


Sandy Hammerton

I came! I conquered!  I am really ready!  Dr. C brings out the real me, the power within. He is an inspiration and amazing human being. He changes lives; he has changed mine…Forever.  Thank you, Dr. C.  Love from a Champion.


Beliecia Lewes “Wonder”

Dr. C’s 3 day boot camp is absolutely necessary for all GIN members to get to their core what and who they are.  Yes, GIN is providing a business growth from each member as they open up for it.  It is time for everyone in GIN to get the strength to take no shit, no more from anyone.  It is time to stop the corporation.  It is time to show loser corporations that the individual has the power to be responsible.  I am very excited that Dr. C brought more people up to the awareness of the real way to live, to relate with other and make each person own their “I am.”  This is very powerful for each person to get.  It is a time of remember what I am and the growth of I am.  Hear us that more people need to get close to their real response and ability to survive the ‘fear’ created by the corporation.  Thank you and love you.


Annette Rios

First of all let me say THANK YOU!  This weekend with Dr. C has totally changed my life.  I feel a tingle inside that I have not felt since I was 4 years old.  Today, I’m able to look back at my life and say, “no shit, no more!”  Please excuse my language, but it is the best way to describe how I feel.  The pressure from my lower back is gone.  I look forward to MANY, MANY, MANY events like this one, and even more intense.  GIN has changed the course of our history.  I’m proud to be part of this family.  I look excited at my future because I can do anything I can dream about!


Yuri Dieheo

Thank you Dr. C!  I will continue to use neurological conditioning to solve all my problems.  It was a great seminar!

J. M. Villareale

Dr. C and his 3 day boot camp are amazing.  The energy was awesome, the information was eye opening, phenomenal, enlightening and absolutely necessary to have, create and protect a happy and fulfilling life; a life taken to heights never before truly imagined and believed and now totally believed!


Kimberly Shrake

Dr. C is an amazing man-all 3 days at his boot camp were full of exuberance, truly exhilarating and inspiring.  Not only has Dr. C provided me with the resources to cure my multiple sclerosis he has provided me with the tools to give me the attitude that is going to help me get to where I want to be.  I have found the love of my life through GIN and he asked me to marry him today-I said, “yes” and together we will see you on the beached of the world!  Thank you!  Thank you, Dr. C!


Jason Enviya

This was an amazing three day seminar!  This was the best of Dr. C I’ve seen!  Dr. C, you were at the top of your game this weekend!  Thanks for all you do for us GIN brothers and sisters Dr. C!  Thanks for everything Dr. C.  I’ll see you at an upcoming seminar, Go Five Star Platinum weekend, or the upcoming boot camp in September.



This seminar was by far the best GIN event I have attended so far.  The visual exercises were very powerful.  I learned how to eliminate the entire negative in my life and the past.  I love Dr. C and am very grateful to GIN for having him train us.


David Hayes

This has been a life changing experience.  Dr. C brought out the real me and the courage to stand stong no matter what.  Thank you, Dr. C for all you do for us.  I never would believe life would ever be this good.  This was the best Father’s Day.  Thank you to my father, Dr. C.


Corinna Duncan

Words will not truly express how much I love you!  It feels amazing to find the real me and know I deserve it!  Each and every time I have the pleasure of working with you I grow stronger, my mind opens and I love myself.  I’m blown away by this weekend and my mind has been reeling since Friday night.  Thank you for bringing in Blue!  He’s a beautiful animal and I’m thrilled that I got hugs from you and kisses from Blue!


Tonette Johnson III

We are champions because we love!  Dr. Coldwell truly understands the power of endless love, love for self comes first, and then we can love others.  Dr. Coldwell’s love and energy empowered us to love ourselves, letting go of the past, living in today!  I am not the same person I was before coming to the workshop.  The shy is the limit.  It is what it is, but it will become what I make it, I love you!

Brian B.

Three days ago on Friday I came into the boot camp excited to hear Dr. C.  I left after the 1st night so excited that I found it hard to sleep.  Saturday went by so fast, so exciting, so intoxicating.  Today is Sunday morning and I am so stoked that I can’t contain the excitement.  I am ready of course.  I am ready to succeed.  I will succeed.  I know it thanks to Dr. C. No shit, no more!


Carlese Hite

Dr. C’s 3 days was a change in my life.  I learned a lot, got a lot of energy and more positive thinking.  This was my first seminar and I joined as a member.


Gentry Vitale

People should come to Dr. C’s boot camp because it promotes life, love and joy.  It is a life changing 3 days.  It is strong, powerful and gets into your soul and deep into all the cells of my body.  I am so grateful for Dr. C and everything he does for the world.  In deep gratitude, thank you.


Janice Trama

I love Dr. C!  He explained to visualize to see from the inside.  Great energy and I loved meeting GIN brothers and sisters.  I see myself on the beach with GIN members!


Diane Steiden

He is genuine, gifted, awesome, available, informative, life changing, intelligent, life awakening, interesting, life giving and FUN!


Gerald Cobb

Because of this weekend I now remember what I once knew: I can do anything!  Thank you, Dr. C!


Wendy Hornes

Dr. C is awesome!! I loved every minute of every day.  I especially loved all the energy and release from bondage that he helped me to accomplish.  I can’t wait to go to the next 3 day event in September!


Ida Darr

What can I say to sum up a wonderful 3 days with Dr. C?  Freedom. Release. End of negativity.  Energized.  Positive vibrations.  Loved.  Relief.  Informed.  Privileged. I can’t wait to go home and play my power of GIN DC.  It made me feel as if I was going to levitate.  After this weekend I am sure I will levitate!



The Dr. C’s boot camp was amazing.  The best part about the seminar besides having Dr. C as the speaker all weekend, we did techniques so that you are conditioned for success. When you are done all you need is to willingly participate to the fullest in what he says to do.  It was by far the best event with Dr. C I have attended.


Dorsey Ramsey

First of all thank you for giving me the extra boost to decide to leave a job that was draining my energy.  I made this decision 2 weeks ago after attending Dr. C’s IBMS training.  I will be officially leaving July 27th.  I can’t tell you the relief I feel.  This boot camp weekend was just as great, but with a different twist.  I feel that I’ve grown so much this weekend.  I feel that the world is mine to conquer.  Nothing can stop me now!! Thank you!


Prasad Tare

I don’t know what to say or write Dr. C.  These three days have been the only days I have seen in my life, because I was born only on 6/17/2011.  I do not have a past, that’s it!  My journey towards success began at this boot camp.  The boot camp had so many powerful exercises, that I never knew I can feel so powerful and I know I have eliminated my past.  Thank you Dr. C.



Dr. C gave me no choice.  He got me out of my shell and I will be eternally grateful.  Love you Dr. C.  You are my hero!


James Williams

I learned to be ready, myself and strong and powerful.  I learned the “fuck you” dance!  I had fun! I danced, hugged and kissed men and women and I once again, got a massive charge from Dr. C.  Dr. C is awesome.  We sang and exercised and learned how to stand up for ourselves.  We flushed negativity and losers and assholes out of our lives.  We broke the chains of the past.  I cried a little bit, the emotion and energy were so powerful.  We are ready, we are GIN and of course we can!!



Jonathan Fanchier

Amazing is simply an understatement.


Nic Faucher

Terrific!  Thank you so much and keep making it happen!!


John Fetko

I took copious notes which I know will get me exactly to where I want to go! I feel that I am now in control of my life and nobody or nothing will stop me!  I learned things to do and not to go to have optimum health.  I learned that I was born a champion.  I am so happy and I thank god that I found GIN and Dr. Coldwell.


Cheryl Smith

Dr. C is phenomenally awesome!! He released blockages that I have had for years and have tried to release.  I can literally feel the earth move.  The energy was enormous!! I wish I could better everyone and everything here to take home.  Dr. C is my hero and champion! I am a champion and nothing will stop me from achieving my goals. Thank you!


Joel L.

I personally loved this boot camp.  I appreciate so much, what GIN is doing for me and my family.  I feel like I am a part of a real family.  This is what I was born for.


Jeffrey P. Kirk

Dr. C’s three day boot camp is SENSATIONAL.  My brain over these three days has been permanently transformed and programmed for unlimited success.  I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me.


Steve Hanson

Dr. C absolutely has the ability to transform a person from average to superior.  I have a new confidence after these three days with him.  I have known about some of the things he talks about, but he really filled in a lot of blanks and confirmed information about government and health issues.


Mohanna B.

What I learned from Dr. C’s seminar was how to be powerful in my life by seeing myself as myself in my vision of what I want my life to be like.  I learned how to take total control of my power by unplugging from my old programs.  I got information on where to get forms to exempt my children from immunization shots so they can go to school.  I learned how to put me first and not take shit no more!  I learned about what foods to avoid.  I learned so much in Dr. C’s boot camp my vibrations totally raised.  I feel the energy running through me.  I feel so good about my life and the direction that I am going.  He reinforced me on things that I have heard about milk and soy etc.  People should come to Dr. C’s boot camp because it will positively and powerfully charge and change your life and old negative thinking.  I love you!!


Eli Wimmer

I had a great time.  I took something from this I have wanted to achieve for a long while.  I was completely able to drop all judgments of people and see them through loving eyes.  The power you help us achieve within ourselves is awesome.


Diane Gomes

Dr. C’s program was the best I have ever seen or been to.  It has been life changing and inspiring for both my husband and I and we will recommend it to all of our friends and enemies alike.  We will do it again!



This weekend was just what I needed!  I dropped so many stories that were weighing me own.  I feel refocused, recharged and renewed.  The memories I received this weekend have me so much stronger and clearer on who I am and how I am choosing to express my love and power from now on.  I am so grateful as I have a huge mission ahead of me. These short 3 days I know have majorly impacted me capacity to be my powerful self with joy and ease and charge forward with confidence.



It has been an unexpected wonderful experience.  We came out as a family more relaxed, happy, aware of success!  We thank you, you are our heart.


Lois Gerbity

WOW! This should be a required event for all GIN members! Why? You will learn to leave the past behind you.  This is huge!  The energy and excitement was awesome, and this is a part of me now.  Dr. C is a master of communication and connecting with people to reach you inside.  Phenomenal weekend- you just have to come!



The most important thing to change when you want to change you is your thoughts.  Dr. C’s Boot Camp will absolutely change your thoughts and your life.  You will never be the same, thank God.  My thoughts are so changed in my core.  I know I am somebody, I’m me, a true champion and I know I can be and do whatever I want.  This was an awesome weekend…a must do weekend!


Cindy McMillan

What another amazing event.  Thank you doesn’t seem like enough.  I am a different person.  I now see myself as my authentic self.  Every event, every speaker, every time just gets better and better.  For the first time since I was a child, I feel like I can truly accomplish my dreams.  I love you all from the bottom of my heart for everything you do to bring this information to the masses.


Carla P.

I always look forward to coming and experience Dr. C and his boot camp.  He was thoroughly a delight.  Every time I experience Dr. C, I always come away encouraged and energized and have a new view of myself and where I am going in life  I am so appreciative to have a real man to sit under and learn from.  There are few men like him that I can look up to and be mentored by.



I feel empowered, encouraged and inspired.  Great energy transference and supported!  For once, I know that I am not alone!  I feel victorious and triumphant!!


Guy Pasvogel

Dr. C’s boot camp weekend was energizing and dynamic!  I was transformed into a confident “champion.”  I discovered that it was in me all along, I just had to believe.  I am not the same person I was on Friday.  I have met new like-minded friends in GIN and have a more positive attitude.  No, there is nothing I cannot achieve. Dr. C has a heart of gold, and he care.  I am looking forward to future GIN events with Dr. C.  The bus is leaving, jump on or get left behind!


Phil Whiting

As usual, Dr. C was absolutely awesome.  He has a unique method of delivering the information.  He really gets the energy flowing and as he puts it, he creates new dendrites in our brains.  The GIN council is awesome, thank you so much for bringing him and all the others to us.


Ray Coher

Dr. C’s seminars are always informative and enlightening to be a part of.  My life has changed so much and so fast since my joining.  My life has been touched by others as I reach out and explain my happiness.  I am in total control of my life.  I am done with the past and now I live my life as I wish.  I am a success in every sense of the word because I feel good about who I am!



The energy was incredible and the level of belief in self, increased with each exercise each day.  Changes to the world that will be realized within the next two years were confirmed and shared allowing GIN members to plan and prepare.  I leave with the affirmation firmly in place that “I am somebody!”


R. Harry

This boot camp was very exciting and powerful!  It helped build my confidence to help visualize my dreams correctly and expand on the many principles of learning.  Together with some of the truth about the government and similar organization in addition to the corrupt things that go on with being well and healthy.


Margaret Duffey

Thank you, Dr. C!  What a great weekend!  I learned SO much and by knowing is all powerful!  A big thank you for answering my question on “how to avoid getting my daughter’s vaccines” before she goes back to school in September.  Also, thank you for giving me the confidence on dealing with the TSA from now on.  I will make it a point to give a nice comment to your TSA here in Charleston, on my way home!  I will end on this point, I feel liberated!

Jennifer Uptmore

The best event I have been to.  The energy level was good on Friday evening but by Sunday it was out of the roof!  I have met many new GIN friends and it is an exciting time for all of us!  Love is in the air!  Keep it coming!



Dr. C does it again!! A fabulous weekend of self-empowerment, you definitely leave a different person at a higher level of vibration then when you come!!! Everyone should attend!  It is so worthwhile to condition these new thoughts and behaviors of being a champion!


Terrell Morgan

Wow!  What can I say?  Dr. C is simply the best!  This weekend was awesome! It was real treat because I haven’t seen him since the Dominican Republic event.  I really enjoyed all the secrets he shared with us and I can take all of it home with me.  I wouldn’t have missed this weekend for all the gold in Fort Knox!



I’m still in the throws to processing.  There are some shadows from the past that previously still encroach on my life.  This seems to have been a great step in dissipating more of them.



One of the most important things I have learned this weekend is standing up for yourself, to stop being scared and how to over-come all challenges.  I am a born champion and do not allow negativity to dominate my mind.  Love yourself and remember everyone is not loyal, only answer to yourself.  You have no need to apologize for anything, you did nothing wrong.  You are the only one who can make a decision for you.  Fill your life with abundance, being the best is east, staying your best is harder.   I have the power now to achieve anything.


Joanne Y.

I love going to all of Dr. C’s seminars.  I learn something everytime.  I am so grateful for his wisdom and knowledge.  The energy you receive from Dr. C and all of the GIN members is just off the charts.  I can always feel his genuine love.  You can only leave his seminar knowing and feeling that you are somebody.  I am definitely looking forward to his next boot camp.  What are you waiting for? Get plugged in with Dr. C!  He’s the best!!


Jimi W.

Of course I can!  I have been to many of the other seminars, and for me, Dr. C has had the most impact in helping me overcome, leave behind and let go of my limitations.  I can achieve my dreams!  I will achieve my dreams!! I do achieve my dreams!  I achieve my dreams! Period. That is it.




Who do you really want to listen to when it comes to building your confidence and self-esteem?  Dumping the garbage that has been dumped on you by the world?  Dr. Coldwell has a 92% cancer cure rate, so who do you think?



I enjoyed how Dr. C motivated me to keep going and not to worry about what others think, not to be judged and to be in control!  We need to love ourselves and have the confidence, because we know that we can!  Dr. C is very patient and very loving and makes everyone feel welcome.  We are champions and we know that he brought that our in all of us.  He opened me up and brought me out of my shell, my comfort zone!  I know now that I will succeed! Thank you, Dr. C!


Josh Gathings

Wow! Wow! Wow!  Dr. C at his best yet again.  What an amazing, life changing 3 day boot camp.  The energy from Dr. C and the energy of the fellow members were off the charts, incredible.  The main message Dr. C shared was to be yourself, to be who you really are.  I loved and am so thankful and grateful for the wisdom, knowledge and power Dr. C presented!  It is a must attend seminar.  I would highly recommend this boot camp.  This boot camp unleashes you inner power, you inner “Tiger.”  It allows you to step out of your shell, you bubble.  Great job Dr. C!


Shirley Challenger

So many things were trying to hinder me from coming.  I kept fighting them.  Just before leaving I listened to the audio of the week about Barb Pitcock.  She stressed the need to follow in detail KT’s proven system.  She mentioned selling cherished things to get to meeting.  So I made it happen.  It was worth it!  I needed this new jump start to maintain my course to wealth, to stay on track.  Thank you, thank you!  We need to come together under Dr. C’s guiding spirit.  Such seminars will make GIN thrive, grow and become the most powerful group of people devoted to loving themselves so that they can show love to all others!


















































































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