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Why Cancer Keeps Returning

Having Cancer is absolutely frightening and exhausting. But, in order to help the Cancer heal from your body, certain things MUST be done. Unfortunately, too many people end up succumbing to their illness. Mostly due to the toxic chemicals of chemotherapy and radiation; both can cause cancer in the future. What most people don’t realize is that Chemotherapy and Radiation are both carcinogenic, which means they cause cancer. So the treatment that you think is helping you, can actually cause you more problems in the future. Here are some big mistakes which I have seen people making that fail to heal from Cancer or why Cancer will return in the future:

1. Changing Your Diet:  This is the first and most important step to healing from Cancer. Most Oncologists will tell you that diet doesn’t matter because they were not trained in nutrition in medical school. However, diet definitely matters. Improper diet is what led to Cancer in the first place. If you continue to eat sugar laden and processed foods when you have cancer, your chances of recovery will be slim to none. Sugar makes cancer proliferate at exponential levels, so if you think you can continue eating the same junk you ate prior to your diagnosis and heal, you are sadly mistaken. Your diet must be overhauled completely even after you are healed from Cancer. Once you are healed, you always need to be mindful of your diet. If you go back to eating the same way you ate prior to Cancer, Cancer will come back.

2. Removing the Toxins:  The root cause of cancer and many other chronic diseases are caused from Candida overgrowth, Parasites, and/or Biofilms. If the root cause of the cancer is not eradicated, it will continue to proliferate within the body causing further health problems and possible cancer down the road. Cancer carries a lot of toxic effects throughout the body that need to be removed through proper detoxification. Now, if you are trying to heal by adding chemotherapy and radiation, you are adding more toxins to your already toxic body. No matter if you are using a traditional approach or alternative healing, detoxification is imperative to proper healing. You need to remove the root cause of disease from the body in order of the colon, candida, parasites, kidney, and liver to heal properly. I have seen many people that refuse to detox the body and still expect to be healed completely.

3. Mixing/Changing Healing Protocols:  Many with Cancer will try anything to get well, naturally so. However, many alternative health protocols may be incompatible with one another. So, it is important to do the research to make sure that the alternative protocols you are using are compatible with one another. I have also noticed that people with cancer will also change healing protocols very rapidly if they notice they aren’t working immediately. Sometimes it takes awhile to heal and you need to be patient and give the protocol time to work.

4. Taking Drugs:  I have unfortunately witnessed many people in the end stages of Cancer who begin taking the pain killers that doctors prescribe. These toxic drugs add to the toxins within the body and can stop the liver from doing its job of removing toxins. These toxic drugs end up being the catalyst that leads to a quicker death. Try a safer method of relieving the pain from Cancer. Did you know that coffee enemas help to rid the body of pain and remove the toxins from the liver?

These 4 mistakes are what I see most often with people who do not survive Cancer or those who get cancer multiple times in their life. In order to heal Cancer and keep your body healthy; Change your diet, detoxify the body, stick to a specific plan for healing, and don’t add toxic chemicals to the mix.


Tamara St. John

“Defeat Cancer Now; A Nutritional Approach to Wellness for Cancer and Other Diseases.” 


“Hi Tamara Just a quick message to say thank you for sharing your journey..I won’t go in to my looong story but just to point out that thus far 17months in I’ve managed to maintain my blood works stable I was do diagnosed with follicular lymphoma an in the last 17 months I have lost a total of 3stone 2lbs…I do apricot kernals lemon water various supplements an alkaline diet…I’m in southern Ireland an on illness benefit an your story has inspired me an can continues to do so daily. An angel on earth you are. Thank you”  Rona K.

“Your book is really good it is helping me know what to do about my cancer. I do have faith in God’s food and thank you for reminding me that God is our healer not man.” Deb T.

“Hey girl, my mom got your book she saw your video. She also had breast cancer. Thanks for your commitment to help others.”  Marya H.

“I have a testimony! Look I referred a friend to get your book that was diagnosed with Cancer 2 months. He called me and asked me for help. I referred him to purchase your book and to do all of the cleansers you suggested. Guess what his Brother just called me and told me he went back to the doctor and they said that the cancer was gone. They didn’t see any signs of the cancer. He did everything in your book. Thank you so much you are healing ppl all over the world. Love peace and blessings to you!” Drika B.

“I received your book today. I’m almost finished reading it. Thank you for living, thank you for writing about your personal experiences & sharing them. I have done some research of natural therapies myself & was afraid to try them. I was not sure in what order to detox, how to do it properly & I couldn’t find anyone who could answer my questions. I’m confident now as I feel questions I could not find answers to, you answered. Such as the danger of stopping & starting the Budwig protocol. I do not have cancer, however a multitude of other issues firstly being MS. You have swept away a lot of my fears after even getting thus far in your book. I have just recommended it to two dear friends both with auto immune diseases as well. Thank you for choosing to live & not giving up, that is my choice too!”  Shannon S.

“Thanks Tamara! I just received your book in the mail today. I’m already so encouraged, as I’ve been in this “cancer” fight for 10 years. I want to call you after I finish reading the entire book, so I can begin my daily health routine. It’s a miracle that I’m still alive and I thank God for His grace and for the gift of you!”   LuWanna P

“This book is such an easy read! There are things in it that I question. So I do some research only to find out the information is accurate. I’m learning so much from Tamara St. John. Honestly, I believe everyone should read this, not just those with Cancer or other diseases. It’s a great reference to avoid being sick in the first place.”  Lila L.

“Dear Tamara, I’ve read your book twice now, the second time I was armed with a highlighter and color tabs marking sections for quick reference. Chapter 3 is an extremely helpful chapter not only in the sense that it defines cancer from a clinical sense but also it helped take the ‘fear’ of cancer away or at least reduced the fear substantially for me. I truly believe that if the stigma associated with cancer was altered, people who are diagnosed would be in a much better position mentally to deal with cancer. This psychological shift in approaching cancer would give newly diagnosed patients a much better start to their journey through cancer to healing You mentioned in your earlier chapter the ‘death sentence’ most people associate with cancer. I think chapter 3 goes a long way to helping remove this fear (at least rationalize cancer) and also gives people a sense of empowerment that they can tackle this disease and restore to good health. Thanks again for the very ‘human’ approach to writing your book. Regards, Mark”

“Your book is loaded with great information! I’m going to try the liquid Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk treatment for my first step in detox. I’ve known for years that I need to detox, but no one has had a reasonable plan and method for doing so. Thanks for writing this book!!!”  Judy I.

“Received your book last week & it’s an amazing read. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It has given me confidence that I’m doing the right thing treating myself naturally &also given me a definite direction to go in. Love & blessings to you” Helen H.


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