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Study proves this formula defeats highly invasive breast cancer

by Michele Cagan

Its a leading cause of death, claiming the lives of more than 40,000 American women every year and harming hundreds of thousands more. This killer is breast cancer. And its death rate is so high because it doesn’t always stay in the breast. And when those cancer cells invade and take over other organs. The result is often fatal. But it doesn’t have to be.thanks to HSI panelist Dr. Isaac Eliaz, weve uncovered a true breast cancer solution-and we’re hearing about it before the latest study even goes to press.

Little pink ribbons are not getting the job done And tough pink ribbons (and T-shirt is and bumper stickers and fast food offerings) rive the appearance that corporate America really cares about breast cancer-well, they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Because while they are the mainstream `solution,’ toxic chemicals andradiation are not the answer to breast  cancer. In fact, they can often destroy their victims health forever, even as theymay destroy some cancer cells.The real answer lies in nature. It’ssafe, gentle, not toxic, and highly effective. It can keep breast cancer cells from multiplying (called `proliferation’ by oncologists) and invading other areas of the body (or metastasizing). Bottom line: this powerful natural remedy appears to prevent and treat even highly metastatic breast cancer.BreastDefend° halts invasivebreast cancer You shouldn’t know this yet, but thanks to our inside connection, you will be the first to see the astoundingresults of research so new it hasn’t even been published yet (though it has been peer-reviewed and acceptedfor publication).

First, the stunning conclusion:  BreastDefendr keeps deadly, malignant  breast cancer cells from multiplying and invading.This in vitro study (meaning it was done in a lab) showed researchers just how successfully Dr. Eliaz’s BreastDefendr formula can be used against breast cancer, and demon-strated exactly how it works.

The specific combination of potent natural compounds (which we’ll talk about in just a moment) attacks the cancer cells in multiple ways. And that complete action effectively and safely stops the disease in its tracks-even when .pitted against highly invasive MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells.

BreastDefend® looks even better when you see the details This lab study had even the researchers reeling when they saw the results. Because you don’t get results like these with just any old therapy.

Treatment with BreastDefend®, even at a very low dose, held back cell adhesion by almost half. And when cancer cells can’t connect, they can’t develop into tumors. And at the same low dose, it held back migration by nearly half. That means it kept those cells from moving to other areas, keeping the cancer more localized. On top of that, BreastDefend® halted cancer cell invasion by more than 25%. Add that all together, and you have a safe, natural formula that effectively keeps even the most invasive cancer cells from metastasizing. And that is how you fight breast cancer, and come out healthy on the other side. Which, hopefully, will be borne out in the upcoming trials that are now underway to further prove BreastDefend’s safety and effectiveness.But all of its success comes down to one thing… or, rather, eight things. The eight cancer-fighting ingredients that make up theBreastDefend formula.

Cancer-fighting mushrooms set the stage for a most powerful formulaThe BreastDefend formula starts with medicinal mushrooms-and as  an HSI member, you already know how miraculous mushrooms can be.

And the ones in this formula pack an extra punch: They’re grown on aunique blend of special medicinal

herbs and organic brown rice, which enhances their potency.The trio of mushrooms found in this blend are all well-known for their cancer-fighting properties, and are especially effective when it comes to breast cancer. Even invasive cells can be stopped dead by this powerful mushroom mix.

It starts with Ganoderma lucidum, more commonly known as the Reishi mushroom. This Japanese mushroom has a long history of medical use (more than 2000 years!), and has been studied for its effectiveness in fighting cancer for years. In fact, the Japanese government has officially listed the reishi mushroom as a cancer-fighting agent. And there is plenty of science standing behind that…

€¢ A 2002 study2 found that this a ganoderma lucidum extract inhibited breast cancer cell proliferation and could set off cell death in MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

€¢ Another study3 found that reishi mushroom could regulate the movement of highly invasive MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells, effectively suppressing migration and invasion.

€¢ A 2004 study4 found that this mushroom halts proliferation of invasive MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells by interfering with their cell life cycle.

This mushroom alone would  make a powerful ally in the fight against breast cancer. But BreastDefend formula adds in another mushroom known for it’s ability to defeat this disease-Phellinus linteus.Phellinus linteus cuts off tumor’s supply lines.

This medicinal mushroom takes on breast cancer cells in four ways.’ It inhibits cell adhesion, so breast cancer cells can’t join together to form tumors. It restricts cell migration, so the cancer can’t metastasize. And it also puts a stop to cell invasion, keeping breast cancer cells from taking over healthy cells.The fourth attack adds an extra layer of protection. Phellinus linteus seems to suppress something called angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels. Blood vessels supply nutrients and oxygen… without them, it’s impossible for tumors to survive.

In Korea, a special form of Phellinus linteus was approved as medicine back in 1997, and it’s been used there ever since sometimes along with standard chemotherapy, and sometimes as a stand-alone treatment for cancer patients

a Japanese medicinal mushroom also known as cloud fungus and turkey tail, and local: known as karawatake. This mushroom contains two very powerful compounds: PSP and kureha. These compounds are known as proteoglycans, and their effectiveness in cancer treatment as been demonstrated in Japan., In fact, more than 400 studies have shown that an extract of the karawatake mushroom can significantly boost cancer treatment on its own or along with conventional treatmentslike chemotherapy.-The potent mushroom trio is just on part theBreas– tfe-feid formula. You’re about to meet part two, a well-known breast cancer fighter that’s just taken on an exciting new role.

DIM defeats even drug-resistant cancers DIM (scientifically known as

Diindolylmethane) is a humble but potent phytochemical found in Brassica vegetables (like broccoli). And it’s a cancer-fighting power-house-able to take on even treatment-resistant breast cancer cells.

A new study’ shows that mutant breast cancer cells-cells that are resistant to radiation and chemotherapy-can be defeated by DIM. In fact, the DIM halted cell growth and invasive behavior in the lab. That’s pretty remarkable! Poison chemicals and radiation can’t stop these cancer cells, but a vegetable compound can.

Of course, DIM works successfully against non-resistant breast cancer cells, too. Another in vitro study,’ just published in October 2010, showed that this amazing photochemical could keep two very different types of breast cancer (tiMCF– cells and MIDA-MB-468cells) from multiplying. The researchers also reported that DIM”strongly inhibited the development of human breast tumors.” That study showed a new side of DIM-that it can tackle breast cancer cells regardless of their estrogen dependence. In the past.. DINI has been wideIy studied for its ability to prevent hormone-related cancers. It works by influencing a hormone called estrone. Left alone. estrone sometimes turns into a cancer-causing agent called 16-Hydroxyesrrone. But DIM steps in, and redirects the estrone to turn into harmless form known as 2-Hvdro-vestrone. And that may just breast cancer tumors from developing. Scutellaria barbata has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, and one of its primary uses is treating tumors. And it turns out that this herb may be particularly effective in the fighting advanced breast cancer. In one small study” (using a special extract called BZL101), researchers  saw four patients stabilize, and shrinking tumors in five patients after treatment with the Scutellaria barbata extract. Astragalus membranaceus, one of the primary herbs used in Chinese medicine, helps cancer patients in two very important ways. First, astragalus neutralizes the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.” Second, it strengthens the immune system-in particular. the herbs has been shown to keep rumors from suppressing critical white blood cells called macrophages*BCM-95. a special extract of turmeric (the bright yellow spice widely used in Indian cooking and medicine), is more bioavailable than other forms of the spice, meaning your body absorbs and uses it more effectively. That’s a ven- good thing. because turmeric is believed to have both prevention and treatment powers when it comes to cancer. One in vitro study” found that curcumin (a key compound found in turmeric) kept several types of breast cancer cells from multiplying by interrupting their cell life cycles.Quercetin has displayed powerfulanti-tumor properties in several kinds of cancer, including breast cancer. One way it works to fight cancer is by impacting specific proteins that have been linked with cancer cell death (also known as apoptosis). And one animal study” showed that rats on a 2% quercetin diet had 25% fewer incidence of chemically-induced breast cancer. What’s more-after 20 weeks on that quercetin diet, the average number of tumors in each rat decreased by nearly 40%.With all these proven cancer-fighting agents in the BreastDefend formula, you be hard-pressed to findsomething even more effective. ButDr. Eliaz did.Add PectaSol-C toBreastDefend for even more cancer-fighting powerJust a couple of months ago (in your September 2010 Members Alert) we talked about how an old HIS breakthrough called PectaSol-C was making new inroads in the fight against prostate cancer. Well, it seems that PectaSol-C can also take on breast cancer… and it works even better when used together with BreastDefend. Ongoing work” (which will be submitted in a more detailed paper for future publication) shows us that when both products are used together, the anti-cancer effects of BreastDefend are greatly increased. According to that research, PectaSol-C, which contains a unique modified citrus pectin developed by Dr. Eliaz, substantially decreases themigration of those invasive MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. And when the research team tried a combination of BreastDefend and PectaSol-C, they saw an even bigger decrease in that invasive behavior.To get the most out of these two powerful breast cancer treatments, Dr. Eliaz recommends thefollowing protocol:For active support, he suggests taking four BreastDefend capsules, two times daily with food. For longterm maintenance, starting six to twelve months after the end of active treatment, the recommended dosage of BreastDefend is two capsules,twice a day, with food. And forbreast cancer prevention, he suggests taking one capsule, twice daily, with food.As for PectaSol-C, this needs to be taken on an empty stomach, whether you choose the powder or the capsules. For active support, Dr. Eliaz recommends using 5 grams of powder or 6 capsules, three times perday. For long-term support, he suggests taking 5 grams of powder once daily or 6 capsules.

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  1. Barbara Marzano says:

    How do I go about purchasing BreastDefense? I’m currently undergoing treatment for metastatic breast cancer. It has moved to my live and spine. But I generally feel pretty good. What would the dosage be? 4 tablets 2 times a day?

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    Contact me as well, I am dealing with St4 Breast cancer and I am fed up with conventional doctors and hospitals…

  3. Shenal says:

    Is this Dr. Eliaz the one in Northern California? He treated my mom for ovarian ca approx. 16 years ago. I am in Austin and had breast Ca 2 years ago but have a small new lump (cyst or ???) in the same right breast. I am interested in the product. How can I buy it?


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