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Galangal: The Best Cancer-Fighting Herb Around?

What looks like ginger, acts a little bit like turmeric, but actually has been shown to fight cancer like a champ and can even keep your brain healthy? You (probably haven’t) guessed it: galangal. This root, part of the ginger family, grows in various parts of Asia and is a staple herb in Thai cooking. The best part about galangal, […]


Is cannabis the cure-all for migraines? Scientists think so

New research further validates the efficacy of cannabis in the alleviation of migraine symptoms. Researchers have found that a combination of tetrahydrocannabinol-cannabidiol (THC-CBD) was effective in reducing the severity and number of cluster headaches and migraines compared to prescription medicine. In fact, the THC-CBD treatment was able to reduce acute pain brought on by migraines […]


Top Mistakes in Healing Cancer – Tamara St. John

Having Cancer is absolutely frightening and exhausting. But, in order to help the Cancer heal from your body, certain things MUST be done. Unfortunately, too many people end up succumbing to their illness. Mostly due to the toxic chemicals of chemotherapy and radiation; both can cause cancer in the future. Here are some big mistakes […]


Resveratrol compound in grapes found to kill cancer stem cells

The answer to preventing colon cancer could be literally dangling in front of you. That is, if you’re in a vineyard. Scientists have recently discovered that grapes could hold the answer to killing colon cancer stem cells. Researchers from the Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute have found a potential cure for colon cancer. They discovered […]

Cancer and Emotions / Is There a Connection?

Cancer and Emotions / Is There a Connection?

When I was first diagnosed I thought of why? why me? I went through an emotional roller coaster for sure but after a while of processing what was happening to me I knew I needed to go on a quest for answers. I didn’t know much about cancer then, I just knew that cancer was a […]


A third of all cancers could be prevented with these plant-based nutrients

Each year, over 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, one million of them are Americans. While there is a common misconception that whether or not you will get cancer is pretty much luck of the draw, in reality, only about 10 percent of cancers are attributable to genetic factors. As many as 90 percent […]


EPA Delays Rule That Would Help Prevent Pesticide Poisoning

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has delayed a safety rule aimed at ensuring that pesticides (which are linked to human health problems) are safely applied by adult agricultural workers. This, just days after 50 farm workers in California were sickened by pesticide poisoning. [1] The Certification of Pesticide Applications safety rule had been scheduled to go into effect […]


Monsanto And Bayer Are Maneuvering To Take Over The Cannabis Industry

By Phillip Schneider It has been rumored for years that Monsanto plans to take over the cannabis industry with genetic engineering just as they’ve taken over the corn and soy industries. Although they have always denied having any intentions to do so, at this point it is unlikely that anybody really believes them. In contrast, […]

Chiropractic and Cancer

Chiropractic and Cancer

When most people hear the word Cancer, Chiropractic isn’t the first thing that comes to mind as a treatment, but – maybe it should be? Ridding the body of cancerous cells thanks to the combination of big pharma, western medicine and media has become a literal war on your body. Eradicate cancer, kill cancer, war […]


Nasturtiums – Edible Flowers With Amazing Health Benefits

By Health Tips Now Nasturtiums or Tropaeolum majus are one of the most popular summer plants and they are not only beautiful and decorative, but also extremely healing and powerful natural antibiotics. It originally came from South America – Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, where it was long used for the treatment of wounds. The local […]