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Bill in West Virginia would BAN homeschooling, treating it as child abuse

A new bill proposed in West Virginia could make the act of homeschooling equal to that of child abuse. Lawmakers feel that parents are denying their children an appropriate education. If passed into law, Bill SB 528 would prohibit homeschooling and order CPS investigations for children who had ten or more absences without an acceptable […]


Doctor Extracts RFID Chip From Sex Trafficking Victim Everyone Thought Was Crazy

By Claire Bernish “I have a tracker in me,” read the cryptic note, found in triage by a greenhorn doctor — scribbled by a woman in the emergency room.   She claimed to have been implanted with a GPS tracking device of some kind — an assertion not unheard of, but never the less unusual. Dr. […]


You Live, You Learn – Finding Freedom Through Life’s Struggles

By Fiona Reilly Guest writer for Wake Up World Our souls are inherently free and joyful, our life purpose is to express our authentic beingness. As well as experiencing the joy and freedom within life, our soul wants to take us to all those challenging places where we get stuck and tight. Why? So that […]

natural health

Are you a Natural Health Author?

Are you a natural health author? – We are always looking for fresh articles. If you would like to be published or republished with a credited link back, let us know! Dear Champions, We are a team. Our goal is to spread information so all of us can live healthy lives. Message or leave your […]



This Corned Beef and Cabbage Grilled Cheese Sandwich is the perfect way to use up St. Patrick’s Day leftovers. Or better yet, use it as a simple way to celebrate with this favorite Irish-American holiday tradition! I’ve got a pinch of Irish blood in me and St. Patrick’s Day is as good an excuse as […]


Is it “Reverse Weight-ism”?

It seems society is up in arms these days in regard to making sure they are politically and socially correct as not to offend anyone. We tiptoe around things we are thinking because it might make someone feel bad. Being nice is never a bad thing after all our parents taught us “if you can’t […]


Stop Drinking Alcohol For 30 Days And Experience These Amazing Benefits

By HTN Drinking alcohol has become so common and is a socially acceptable practice. It is hard to believe that you can party without alcohol; it can even make you feel ‘cool’ or included in some environments. Some people don’t even want to stop drinking alcohol because alcohol increases their self-confidence and makes it so […]


Poisoned: Toxic head lice treatment linked to alterations in behavior

It’s every parent’s nightmare: Your son comes home one day and announces that somebody in the school has head lice. You wait anxiously to see if your child is going to be one of the victims, and a few days later find out that indeed he is, and now you will have to deal with […]


Vaccine overload disorder is sweeping the nation while MDs are calling it anything but what it really is

The accumulation of toxins in the human body has never been tested by the FDA, CDC or AMA. From heavy metal poisons to chemical pesticides, time is our greatest enemy as Americans pour on, consume and inject more and more chemicals every year, adding to the already chaotic overload of GMOs, fluoridated water, flu shots […]


Proposed Bill To Block Mandatory Microchipping Of Citizens

By Brandon Turbeville A new bill being proposed by a Nevada state senator is drawing attention not only from Nevada citizens but from people across the country. This is because Senate Bill 109 proposed by Senator Becky Harris is seen by many as a preemptive measure against the obvious push to implant humans with microchips […]