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Episode 1 Will Blow You Away - The Broken Brain Series

Episode 1 Will Blow You Away – The Broken Brain Series

NOW PLAYING – Episode 1. Sign up now to view FREE. I am being blown away in the first single minute of the film…. brokenbrain.ontraport.com/t?orid=138886&opid=1 How do you feel today? Do you have mood swings, poor sleep, feel frustrated and edgy, suffer from brain fog and find it hard to focus? You are not alone. […]


The medical establishment is finally accepting it: Diabetes CAN be reversed, according to “groundbreaking study”

There is plenty that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know, and one of those inconvenient truths just got a huge credibility boost and renewed attention as a new study shows that it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes through weight management alone. A groundbreaking study that was published in The Lancet shows just how effective weight […]

stem cells

The Healing Miracle

The Healing Miracle exclusive live broadcast of this revolutionary docu-series event for 9 days only! -From Tuesday, January 16th through the 24th, and you can watch the whole thing for FREE. https://uw239.isrefer.com/go/thmfv/Stemcelltruth This is powerful – – if you want the latest breaking medical news from credible sources, you will not want to miss this. […]


Scientists propose using yeast to clean up radioactive waste sites in a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly manner

Yeast may hold potential as a safe and cost-effective material for cleaning up large volumes of acidic radioactive liquid wastes, experts reported in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. The scientists explained that yeast contains strong properties that could withstand radiation emitted from radioactive sites, which continue to contaminate the environment following the end of the Cold War era. A team of […]

Copaiba Essential Oil: Better Than Hemp Oil!

Copaiba Essential Oil: Better Than Hemp Oil!

By Neenah Payne Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider. Copaiba is toxic and should be taken internally ONLY under the supervision of a healthcare professional. doTerra introduced Copaiba Essential Oil in 2017. It is harvested in the Brazilian Amazon by tapping […]


A Lone FDA Scientist Could End The Autism Epidemic

By J.B. Handley, Jr. In a brand new published study, the only science vouching for the “safety” of injected aluminum adjuvant has come under extreme criticism by heavyweight scientists. Dr. Robert J. Mitkus — author of the misleading aluminum safety study from 2011 — could change the autism debate forever by telling the truth. ROCKVILLE, Maryland […]

facial recognition

FACEBOOK to roll out facial recognition AI in latest deep state ploy to use your own biometrics against you

There is no such thing as privacy with Facebook. All the data that’s shared openly by Facebook users,  including pictures, connections, interests, comments, likes, and personal information is readily compiled and analyzed by algorithms to map out and predict who you are, where you go, what you’ll buy, and much more. Naïve Facebook users share information […]


Guild Wants Tests For Aluminum In Air, Water And Soil After Finding Anomalous High Levels

Citizen Scientists Find Anomalous High Levels, Pilot Project Resolution passed at Convention, in Oroville, CA At the recent Guild’s annual convention, representatives from 40 chapters deliberated on 25 resolutions in 7 categories: Agriculture, Communities, Energy, Government, Health, Education, and Natural Resources. “As a grassroots organization, the Guild often alerts the public about issues that are later […]


More than half of adults now on prescription drugs, largely for conditions that can be avoided with simple lifestyle changes

A record number of pharmaceutical drugs were prescribed this past year in England. The United Kingdom’s National Health System (NHS) uncovered an alarming 1.1 million prescriptions for “conditions” that can mostly be avoided with better lifestyle choices. Prescription drug use has become a new societal norm, with mental health declining for numerous people even in an era […]

blood sugar

10 Ways To Control Blood Sugar Without Medication

By Dr. Alwyn Wong, DC High amounts of sugar in the blood can eat away at your vital organs, causing them to degenerate over time and lead to serious illnesses (not to mention rotten teeth!). Thankfully, controlling blood sugar levels naturally, without the use of medications, is well within your reach. You can lower your blood […]