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Another natural remedy for alcoholism and depression? South American psychedelic herb promotes feelings of well-being, according to new study

A new study has found that a traditional psychedelic herb from South America can potentially be used as a natural remedy for alcoholism and depression and can promote feelings of well-being. In the study, researchers from the University of Exeter and University College London (UCL) examined the effects of the psychedelic herb known as ayahuasca […]


‘Miraculous’ Procedure Offers Relief From Parkinson’s Symptoms

For close to two decades, Art Rowbotham had kept Parkinson’s symptoms in check with medication. When that changed, his team at Mayo Clinic offered Art another option. Art Rowbotham is used to making things happen. The 69-year-old is president of Hall Communications and oversees the company’s 25 radio stations in Florida, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, […]


Inhaler for insomniacs? Inventor of cannabis inhaler says users wake up refreshed

No matter what timezone you’re in, each night millions of people struggle with insomnia. However, ICANSLEEP, a cannabis inhaler, can be the answer to this sleep disorder. The product, which looks like an inhaler, can allegedly help you fall asleep in 10 minutes or less, claims the ICANSLEEP’s inventor. When used, the cannabis inhaler will squirt […]

How hospitals keep their patients sick by feeding them Ensure, a “junk food” nutrition shake

How hospitals keep their patients sick by feeding them Ensure, a “junk food” nutrition shake

Once upon a time, long long ago, doctors used to take some time to educate their patients on how to maintain a healthy body and mind through nutrition and stress reduction. Unfortunately, a horrible and evil monster invaded the land (let’s call it Fraudzilla) and decided that this idea of nutrition was nonsense and the people’s […]


How Lemon Juice With Himalayan Sea Salt Can Stop Migraine Headache Within Minutes

Good news for people who suffer from migraines: Here is an amazing information that can help you stop migraines headache within minutes, with only 2 ingredients: lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt! This simple remedy has been tested for its effect on relieving migraine headaches, which without any side effects when compared with the conventional […]


How This Couple Earns Six Figures Per Year Organic Farming On 1.5 Acres Of Land

Can small-scale farming in the modern age really generate enough income for the average family to make an honest living? For Jean-Martin Fortier and his wife, Maude-Hélène Desroches, it does. The Canadian couple grows beets, broccoli, salad greens, carrots, and various other types of produce on their modest 1.5 acres of land, from which they generate […]


Is Psychiatry A New Weapon In An Old Attack On Independent Federal Judges?

By Katherine Hine “Psychiatry is the only medical specialty that must arrange for police protection against demonstrations by ex-patients when they hold national conferences.” — Al Siebert, PhD [Schizophrenia Breakthrough (Practical PsychologyPress 2003, p. 163] INDEPENDENT FEDERAL JUDGES? THE JUDICIAL-PSYCHIATRIC COMPLEX – HOW DID WE GET HERE? What appears to be politically motivated retaliation against judicial whistle blowing […]


Microchipped Population

Technology as a whole has taken up a hugely disproportionate part of our lives in the modern age.  The would be useful tools- if used in a rational proportion-  that showcase the ‘genius of man’ for all to see, have gripped the once dreaming minds of young and old alike and have disconnected us from […]


This Is Your Brain On Refined Sugar

By Dr. Nicole Avena Is sugar really a drug? Why do researchers now compare sugar to cocaine – what does it do to the brain? Do we develop a sugar tolerance, similar to a drug tolerance? All this and more in the following TED-Ed video. When you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and […]


Stomach cancer cells halted with whole tomato extracts

If you’re concerned about stomach cancer or your overall digestive health … this news will be of great interest to you. The Mediterranean diet has become regarded as highly beneficial to overall health, maintaining ideal weight and a reduced risk of cancer plus many other chronic disease conditions. One of the staples of this diet […]