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Traveling Is Going To Make You Happier Than Material Goods — Studies Suggest

By Mayukh Saha It is a commonplace habit for people to burn through their paycheck very quickly. Societal conditioning is going to tell us that this is simply a bad habit. But is it just a bad habit? Well, material wealth does indeed bring happiness to you. But this is fairly temporary. The excitement of the new […]


Addiction and a Lack of Purpose

By Steve Taylor, Ph.D. As you are no doubt aware, presently the United States is experiencing an opioid epidemic. There are many reasons for this—one of the most obvious being the reckless over-subscription of opiate-based painkillers by doctors, leading to dependency. But on a psychological level, we have to take into account the strong relationship between addiction and the […]


How The American Culture Of Convenience Is Killing Us

By Daisy Luther In the United States, we are lucky to have massive convenience at our fingertips. I was talking to one of the instructors for the urban survival course, who is from Sweden, on a car ride. He was blown away by some of the things I told him about the levels of convenience and […]

self doubt

How to Override Self-Doubt and Step into Your Next Level Greatness

By Juliet Tang Are you frustrated because self-doubt is crippling you from achieving your big goals and extraordinary results in your personal, professional and spiritual life? Do you go from “I know I am meant to do this” to “I don’t know if I can?” I know what it’s like. The number one thing that shows […]


The free docuseries INTERCONNECTED: The Power To Heal From Within

By Neenah Payne Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider. Note: Natural Blaze does not receive commissions from sales related to any products or services mentioned in this article; they are strictly presented only as personal recommendations from this […]


Bayer And The Ownership Of All Life

By Jon Rappoport In a recent article, I explained how Bayer—with its $66 billion purchase of Monsanto—is “taking one for the team.” The team consists of several biotech giants. Its agenda? The reconfiguring of all life under the rubric of radical genetic manipulation. Bayer aims, long-term, to swallow the universally hated Monsanto whole and make it […]


Questions You Have Always Wanted To Ask A Chiropractor

What does Chiropractic Treat? While most people automatically think neck and back pain, there is so much more to it than that. Chiropractic care is great for patients of any age. Chiropractic helps with pain, headaches, mobility issues, car accident injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and traumas, referred pain and they also consult on nutrition, diet, healthy habits […]

social security

Social Security fund to go into the red in 2020; will be completely bankrupt by 2035… governments will desperately find a way to kill off populations around the world

According to the 2019 annual report published by the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees, the Social Security fund will go in the red in 2020 and could potentially go bankrupt by 2035. If nothing is done to boost revenue or re-configure how the money will be distributed, then countless retirees, disabled persons, widows, and surviving […]

AI genetic cures

AI And Genetic Cures Of Disease: Where’s The Evidence?

By Jon Rappoport “Isn’t it wonderful? Disease is genetic, and we can alter gene function. We’re winning…” Much trumpeting of genetic cures is on the propaganda agenda these days—but where is the evidence? In order to rank as a cure, manipulation of DNA would have to heal a well-defined disease across the board, in a vast […]

vaccine abortion

CDC-funded study confirms flu shots linked to spontaneous abortions… vaccine experts rush to explain away the findings

A CDC-funded medical study being published by the medical journal Vaccine has confirmed a shocking link between flu shots and spontaneous abortions in pregnant women. The study was rejected by two previous medical journals before Vaccine agreed to publish it, further underscoring the tendency for medical journals to censor any science that doesn’t agree with their pro-vaccine narratives. “A study […]