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“No central authority” should be able to block your speech; knowledge needs to be decentralized

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and founder of Natural News, is on a mission. Having himself been the victim of unfair censorship by Google, YouTube and other “tech giants,” he set out to create a viewing platform which reestablishes true freedom of expression. Real.video was launched just weeks ago, and is already enjoying excellent growth, appealing […]


Crispr gene “edited” food crops the new wave of GMOs… are they safer or just as dangerous?

A growing segment of the public has made it clear that they do not want to consume GMOs, and you only need to look at the labels touting the non-GMO status of a growing number of foods in the grocery store to see evidence of just how much the masses have awakened to the dangers […]

gut health

Cherries Improve Gut Health

Cherries for gout, cherries for gut health. While Montmorency tart cherries have a reputation as both a gout and sleep remedy – it turns out they can actually play a major role in improving gut health. An international team of scientists has discovered that Montmorency tart cherries – the kind that make exquisite cherry pies – have a positive […]

work emails

24/7 Work Emails Are Hurting Your Health And Relationships

By Heather Callaghan Bosses call it “work flexibility,” but the expectation to be accessible during non-work hours through our smart devices is really a chaotic (and unpaid) lack of boundaries that hurts the other parts of our lives. You probably aren’t surprised. Getting work emails 24/7 can suck the life out of life whether you act […]

heart health

Combine hawthorn and CoQ10 to improve heart health

Combining hawthorn and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can boost heart health, according to an article published on the website NaturalHealth365.com. Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha), also referred to as thornapple and whitethorn, is an herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for heart conditions. Today, research provides scientific evidence that supports hawthorn’s benefits to […]


We Are Guinea Pigs In A Worldwide Experiment On Microplastics

 Listen to Article John Meeker, University of Michigan One of the main problems with plastics is that although we may only need them fleetingly – seconds in the case of microbeads in personal care products, or minutes as in plastic grocery bags – they stick around for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, much of this plastic ends up as […]


Be Your Own Dentist! Here Are Tricks To Remove Tartar Buildup At Home

Nobody likes going to the dentist, but unfortunately, we all have to from time to time. Mostly to get that nasty tartar and plaque build-ups cleaned because if you don’t they can cause periodontitis. However, most people don’t know that to remove tartar buildup you don’t have to go to the dentist, you can do […]


Surgeons Admit That Mammography Is Outdated And Harmful To Women

Cancer is serious business and it’s not something to underestimate. Because of this, millions of women everywhere see their doctors and physicians every year to undergo their annual mammogram, the traditional breast cancer screening procedure (1). Mammograms involve “pressing a woman’s breast between two metal platforms to scope out tumors,” and has been practiced for […]


Why you need sodium, and how much is necessary – too much or too little causes health issues

 It is no secret that most of us consume way more sodium than our bodies need. The latest nutritional analysis done by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that, on average, we consume 50 percent more sodium than we need every day. Multiply that by the number of years we’ve gorged on potato chips, and it’s a […]

vitamin D

Excess Vitamin D: Too Much Of A Good Thing?

By Rosanne Lindsay  Listen to Article reprised from February 2016 Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin.” This is because 90 percent of our D requirements naturally comes from the sun. Bioavailable vitamin D3 is created in the skin through the action of the sun’s UV-B rays on cholesterol (7-dehydroxycholesterol), as one of five forms. Diet offers Vitamin D2 […]