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Failed news company Al Jazeera now peddling Monsanto propaganda

If you wanted to fail in media post-9/11 America, probably one of the best ways to achieve that would be to have your network funded by the oil-rich dictatorial sheikdom of Qatar (pronounced CUT-ter), a nation that also lavishly funds Islamic terrorist and extremist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Another way to turn […]

dead corn

Crop-devastating ‘whitefly’ found in US for first time, could devastate national food supply

The consequences of commercial agriculture continue to be revealed as the overuse of crop chemicals breeds insects and weeds resistant to modern day pesticides and herbicides. As the well-known quote made famous by the movieJurassic Park goes, “Nature always finds a way.” This has proven true in more ways than one; however, one the most […]

Non GMO Meat

Applegate Farms meat goes non-GMO despite Big Food buyout

When Hormel, the food company famous for its processed meat products like Spam, bought America’s biggest natural and organic meat company, Applegate Farms, many health-conscious consumers were worried about the future direction of the brand. It turns out those worries were unfounded, however, as the brand has announced it is committed to removing all GMOs […]

DR. oz

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Foods gene-edited to withstand noxious herbicides are being labeled non-GMO

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced that it will not regulate the entire forthcoming generation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), allowing new genetically engineered (GE) foods to enter the food supply without any testing or permitting process. This “free pass” by the USDA will also allow these new GMOs to be legally marketed […]

Senate approves mock GMO-labeling bill, threatening genuine attempts to label food at the state level

Senate approves mock GMO-labeling bill, threatening genuine attempts to label food at the state level

A watered-down GMO labeling bill, which critics say was largely constructed by the GMO industry itself, and is likely to undermine existing labeling legislation at the state level, has just passed the Senate and is also expected to pass in the House of Representatives. The bill will require food manufacturers to use one of three […]


99 percent of GMOs could be EXCLUDED from labeling under newly proposed law

There’s a new GMO labeling bill moving through Congress that, contrary to what its backers claim it to be, is nothing more than a covert anti-labeling bill that threatens to undo many years’ worth of hard work by true GMO labeling advocates pushing for meaningful reform in this important area of food policy and public […]


The top 7 strangest, literally mind-blowing vaccine ingredients

The vaccine industry is completely “immune” to being sued in a court of law by any person who finds themselves or their children injured by the insane boatload of chemicals now found in every single vaccine, including influenza vaccines (flu shots). This allows vaccine manufacturers to use virtually ANY chemical, genetically modified organism, virus, bacteria, […]

The 8 most SURPRISING places you'll find GMOs

The 8 most SURPRISING places you’ll find GMOs

Half of all Americans will get cancer in their lifetime, and only half of them will survive. That’s at least one fourth of all Americans who will die from a preventable disease that virtually did not exist in America a century ago. Now here comes a big question: Why will the other half never get […]


Are You Eating Fake Olive Oil?

With high-end food profits often being as lucrative as street drug-trade, the problem of ‘fake foods’ continues to persist. One main ‘fake food’ stocking store shelves is olive oil – with fake olive oil being exported from Italy. With first-pressed, real olive oil going for as much as $50 a gallon, food fakers have been […]