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The top 7 strangest, literally mind-blowing vaccine ingredients

The vaccine industry is completely “immune” to being sued in a court of law by any person who finds themselves or their children injured by the insane boatload of chemicals now found in every single vaccine, including influenza vaccines (flu shots). This allows vaccine manufacturers to use virtually ANY chemical, genetically modified organism, virus, bacteria, […]

The 8 most SURPRISING places you'll find GMOs

The 8 most SURPRISING places you’ll find GMOs

Half of all Americans will get cancer in their lifetime, and only half of them will survive. That’s at least one fourth of all Americans who will die from a preventable disease that virtually did not exist in America a century ago. Now here comes a big question: Why will the other half never get […]


Are You Eating Fake Olive Oil?

With high-end food profits often being as lucrative as street drug-trade, the problem of ‘fake foods’ continues to persist. One main ‘fake food’ stocking store shelves is olive oil – with fake olive oil being exported from Italy. With first-pressed, real olive oil going for as much as $50 a gallon, food fakers have been […]


Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and other celebs paid MILLIONS to endorse cancer-causing junk foods

Once you become a celebrity, especially in the entertainment and sports industries, it’s difficult not to make money. That’s because companies fall all over themselves to ink deals endorsement deals with you; the younger and hotter and more popular you are – a great demographic for many products – the more these companies will want […]

Barbed-Wire-Tongue-Lies is a bigger, nastier internet bully than Gawker: fraudulent journalism, fabricated ‘facts’ and hit pieces against anti-GMO activists

If you don’t already waste your time reading gossip “news,” don’t start now. The American blog Gawker attracts over 20 million readers a month who enjoy reading lies about celebrities and plagiarized, illegally obtained information that the media industry seems to gobble up. Founded by Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers in 2003, Gawker posts crude […]


How companies are using deceptive name changes to sneak High Fructose Corn Syrup into your food

Foods bearing promises on their labels such as “contains no high fructose corn syrup” (HFCS) may actually contain an even more potent version of HFCS, due to a change in labeling terminology that took place in late 2014. Even reading the ingredients on the package will not reveal the presence of this hidden HFCS, unless […]


Parroting Monsanto: Boston Globe says GMO labels are ‘misleading,’ ‘burdensome’ and a waste of money

Mounting research suggests that human consumption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) poses innumerable risks, including a proclivity for food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, sex hormone disruption, immune-suppression, cancer and general toxicity. Agriculture reliant on GM crops and their associated pesticides generates environmental risks as well, including soil degradation, water pollution and significant harm to wildlife and […]


What To Say To Someone Who Is Pro GMO

I have had numerous arguments with individuals who are pro-GMO’s; the funny thing is, at least, half of them do not even understand what that acronym means! Most, haven been told by the mainstream media, the government, Monsanto and ignorant people in general that Genetically Modified Organisms are a good thing and that they will […]


Genetically modified polio virus being redeployed as a cancer treatment… FDA pushing for quick approval… what could possibly go wrong?

An experimental cancer treatment has been given “breakthrough” status by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but is it really a “miracle drug,” as portrayed by the mainstream media? The treatment, which uses a genetically-altered version of the polio virus to fight cancer cells, has been given fast track status for Phase 2 trials. If […]


Researchers: Diversity in Soil Imperative for Supporting Ecosystems

Healthy soil contains billions of tiny microorganisms that help plants to thrive and our food supply to remain abundant. A paper, published in Nature Communications, used large-scale data comparisons of soil from 78 global drylands and from 179 locations across Scotland to study diversity of soil microbiota. The researchers found that diversity is absolutely imperative […]