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Podesta email bombshell: Clinton campaign was heavily funded by Monsanto

Podesta email bombshell: Clinton campaign was heavily funded by Monsanto

Julian Assange’s sacrificial effort to expose the vast corruption behind the Clinton Machine through his “WikiLeaks” releases, has done so much over the past year to change the course of both the nation and the world for the better – most notably with the recent election of outsider Donald J. Trump as America’s next president-elect. […]


The Toxic Science Of Flu Vaccines

By Richard Gale and Gary Null Progressive Radio Network, October 31, 2016 Joshua Hadfield was a normal, healthy developing child as a toddler. In the midst of the 2010 H1N1 swine flu frenzy and fear mongering about the horrible consequences children face if left unvaccinated, the Hadfield’s had Joshua vaccinated with Glaxo’s Pandermrix influenza vaccine. […]

Nestle to launch new non-GMO products ... How shocked will Monsanto be?

Nestle to launch new non-GMO products … How shocked will Monsanto be?

One of the food industry’s most prominent players recently announced that they will be expanding their line of non-GMO products, due to the ever-increasing customer demand for clean food. Nestle may have wowed consumers with their choice, but it may make some waves with their good friend, Monsanto. “The company is broadening its product offerings […]


Soylent food bars ‘proudly made with GMOs’ causing stomach problems, vomiting and diarrhea

The Oregon-based Soylent company, which proudly manufactures a full line of genetically-modified beverages, powders and “food” bars, has recalled every single one of its “Soylent Bar” meal replacement products, following a stream of complaints from consumers who say they experienced horrific stomach problems accompanied by persistent vomiting and explosive diarrhea after eating them. Soylent was […]


Vaccine-induced tissue damage almost universally misdiagnosed as child abuse

Imagine agreeing to have your child vaccinated as part of the typical pediatric process, only to have your little one suddenly come down with a mystery disease following the shots, for which you get falsely accused of child abuse. This is increasingly the case with “mystery” conditions like Kawasaki disease, Reye’s syndrome, sudden infant death […]


GMO ‘experts’ pushing for complete censorship of health impacts in humans and tumors in rats

Supposed “experts” are promoting new guidelines that would allow the biotechnology industry to forever conceal the negative health effects of eating GMO foods. In an effort to refine its regulation on GMO food, the European Union (EU) has funded two separate animal feeding studies, GRACE And G-TwYST. The two studies are meant to help the […]


Exclusive: Miami residents being deliberately poisoned by toxic chemicals, mocked by media for daring to resist

EXCLUSIVE: A group of local business owners and citizen activists are gathering data in preparation for a lawsuit against a South Florida county in a bid to halt anti-mosquito spraying with a chemical some experts say is harmful to humans, wildlife and the environment, a resident involved in the effort said. In recent days about […]


Celebrity megastar Morgan Freeman just called out Monsanto

Monsanto or “Monsatan,” as some like to call the company, has certainly earned the reputation of being the world’s most hated corporation. They have effectively attracted negative attention from various individuals and groups from around the world. Not only has enormous seed giant monopolized the world’s food supply, but also its products have caused devastation […]


Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found In A 4th Person In The U.S.

A 4th case of a superbug that is resistant to antibiotics of last resort has been reported in aConnecticut toddler, and health officials are scrambling to figure out where else the superbugs might be lurking. Antibiotic resistance first popped up in the U.S. this past May, when it was discovered that a Pennsylvania woman was harboring a […]


General Mills sued for false use of ‘natural’ claim on Nature Valley Granola Bars, found to contain glyphosate

General Mills is being sued for misleading use of the term “natural” on packages of Nature Valley granola bars, which have been shown to contain residues of the toxic herbicide glyphosate (Roundup). The lawsuit, filed by Moms Across America, Beyond Pesticides and the Organic Consumers Association, alleges that consumers expect products labeled “natural” to be […]