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Potent Natural Remedies for Healing Psoriasis

Our Mother Nature offers a wide array of natural remedies that can be used for reducing the symptoms or treating literally any health problem. Psoriasis is one of these health issues that can be treated naturally. It is a chronic skin condition that affects a great number of people throughout the world. Many of them have […]


If you really want to keep the weight off, eat good food regularly and don’t go on fad diets

Regularly eat good food and ditch fad diets if you really want to maintain a healthy weight, according to a study published in the journal Eating Behaviors.The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Helsinki, also found that going on a diet and skipping meals makes a person gain weight faster instead of preventing it. “Often, people […]

Go barefoot more to make your feet stronger, avoid foot problems

Go barefoot more to make your feet stronger, avoid foot problems

Ever wondered why your feet are killing you, even if you don’t have a sprain, or any sign of injury? It could be because you’ve been wearing closed shoes the whole day, and your feet have no chance to “breathe.” A new study by Harvard University researchers Nicholas Holowka and Daniel E. Liebermann showed that flat foot, […]


Tannins from the miracle tree, a hybrid of the mimosa tree, found to be an effective treatment for many chronic diseases, including cancer

Though it’s known as the “miracle tree,” Leucaena leucocephalahybrid-Rendang is sadly underutilized. This Malaysian amalgam was created by crossing L. leucocephala with L. diversifolia, two plants known for their poor digestibility but impressive condensed tannin content. Also known as proanthocyanidins, condensed tannins are known for their wide array of health benefits. These range from acting as antioxidant agents to lowering […]

Hibiscus extracts can be used to provide natural food coloring WITH health benefits

Hibiscus extracts can be used to provide natural food coloring WITH health benefits

Extracts from hibiscus calyces could be used as a natural food coloring, which can provide health benefits at the same time, according to a study published in the journal Food Science and Human Wellness. The study, written by Aly R. Abdel-Moemin from Helwan University in Egypt, evaluated the effect of hibiscus calyces extract on the chemical and sensory properties of functional cupcakes. […]

horse mint

Medicinal uses, effects and benefits of horse mint

A review of studies published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine discussed the medicinal and phytochemical properties of horse mint. The study review was conducted by a team of researchers from Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences and Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran. The research team reviewed studies that looked at the pharmacological activities, therapeutic indications, and phytochemicals of horse […]

magnesium dr jason kaster

How To Tell If You Are Magnesium Deficient

Magnesium is sometimes referred to as the “Master Mineral” because it is responsible for several hundred metabolic processes in the body. Having a deficiency in it can cause all kinds of health issues that can masquerade as other problems so you might not figure it out right away. Why is Magnesium important? Magnesium is necessary […]

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet helps prevent cancer, nutrition science study finds

 Everyone may have heard, at some point, a friendly suggestion to “eat your vegetables.” It turns out, that is actually sound advice, when it is part of the Mediterranean Diet (MD), according to research. In a study that appears in Current Nutrition Reports, authors used available information from various studies to provide an overview of the link […]

dr kaster chripractor fort myers car accident

Lack of Movement Following a Car Accident Can Make Injuries Worse

It would seem that common sense would say if you are injured just lay still and rest. Now to a point, this is the case. Your body does need rest in order to bounce back and it certainly needs some tender loving care and understanding during this recovery phase. Especially when it comes to neck […]

parkinson's disease

Excessive calcium in your cells may increase your risk of developing Parkinson’s

Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali, Charles M. Schulz, Linda Ronstadt and Billy Graham have one thing in common. They have Parkinson’s disease. The disorder also afflicts one of every 350 adults in the U.K., or an estimated 145,000 people. The sad part is, the solution to Parkinson’s remains elusive. The neurodegenerative disease causes a decline in a person’s […]