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Survivors Who Fight Cancer Naturally, Without Chemotherapy

Survivors Who Fight Cancer Naturally, Without Chemotherapy

Surviving Terminal Cancer Patients from around the world report success with natural ways to fight cancer. They’ve posted their stories on the Internet. This article is not intended as medical advice. I am simply sharing information gathered from a number of other published sources. ___________________ Some cancer patients have refused chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, they’ve […]

gaston technique

An Ancient Technique Used to Relieve Pain is Making a Comeback

If you are like most people, you are most likely not familiar with The Graston Technique. This is the modern adaptation of a much older Chinese method known as Gua sha. Gua sha when translated means “scraping bruises”.  Before you cringe and click away from this page hear us out… Gua sha is a traditional […]


IKEA Releases Indoor Garden Kits For Year Round Veggies – No Skills Or Soil Needed

By Melinda Cafferty Winter, spring, summer or fall – you don’t need to garden at all! Because IKEA has really gone and done it now. Heck, you don’t even need any soil to create your own produce. Or a yard. Right on the heels of releasing free urban garden plans that can feed a community, IKEA released a series […]


Has your baby seen a chiropractor yet?

The earlier you start chiropractic adjustments the better off you will be for the rest of your life. When babies are born, passing through the birth canal can be a traumatic event for the body. Doctors and nurses can add to it by pulling and pushing in order to get the baby fully into the new […]

Yoga And Meditation Could Potentially Reverse The Genetic Effects Of Stress

Yoga And Meditation Could Potentially Reverse The Genetic Effects Of Stress

By Carey Wedler A review of multiple studies focusing on the effects of mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation has found that these efforts may have the potential to reverse genetic expressions of stress. As the analysis, published this month in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, explains: While some MBIs, such as yoga, Tai Chi, […]

Could “Advanced Probiotics” Soon Treat Parkinson’s Disease?

Could “Advanced Probiotics” Soon Treat Parkinson’s Disease?

Researchers say they’ve uncovered a link between gut bacteria and the onset of Parkinson’s disease. The findings suggest a new way of treating one of the world’s most debilitating diseases. Parkinson’s causes a variety of physical changes, especially in the digestive system. Patients often complain of constipation or bloating, trouble swallowing, and indigestion. These symptoms often begin years […]


6 Tips to Combat Neck Pain and Stiffness

At Jason B. Kaster Chiropractic Clinic of Fort Myers and Naples, we utilize different techniques and alternative treatments that can be used to aid in relieving neck pain and stiffness. What causes stiffness in the neck? Neck stiffness is usually associated with weakness from long periods of use and results in neck muscle tension, even headaches. For example, sitting at a desk or working and leaning […]


Ripoff Alert: No Aloe was Found in These Aloe Vera Gel Products

Over the summer, like a lot of people, I purchase a bottle of aloe vera gel because, despite my best efforts, I always get sunburned when I work in the garden. Now I know where I’ll never be buying it from again: CVS. Don’t bother picking up a bottle at Walmart or Target, either. A Bloomberg News report from […]

The Puck Is Moving Fast

The Puck Is Moving Fast

Wayne Gretzky famously stated: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”. It has been a few months since I last blogged about health care and the practice of medicine.  I have been feeling a lack of inertia regarding anything that might be “news” given the ongoing congressional “gridlock” regarding […]


Tea Creates Gene Changes In Women

By Jacob Levine Recent Study Links Tea to Epigenetic Changes in Women Uppsala University recently published the results of a new study in the Human Molecular Genetics journal in which researchers were able to link women’s consumption of tea with alterations, or epigenetic changes, in the genes that have been determined as interactive with estrogen metabolism and cancer. […]