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Bad news for the hateful Left: Trump in EXCELLENT mental health, garnering perfect score on cognitive test

He’s crazy. He’s out of his mind. He’s mentally unfit. He’s too unstable for the job of president. That’s what Democrats and their mind-numbed robotic drone supporters have been parroting now for weeks. After the Trump-Russia “collusion” story fell through, they had to come up with something else — another albatross to hang around the president’s neck, […]


Three life-changing lessons to learn from Hawaii’s false ballistic missile warning (that sent unprepared citizens into a total panic)

As you’re probably aware by now, the government of Hawaii texted out an emergency ballistic missile warning over the weekend, terrifying its citizens with the following text: EMERGENCY ALERT: BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It actually was a drill, it turns out, but in the 38 minutes after […]


PET HEALTH WARNING: Veterinarians are wildly overdosing small dogs with toxic vaccines, causing devastating side effects

Vets around the world are seeing horrific reactions from over-vaccinating, yet many pet owners remain unaware of the problem and continue to bring their pets in for yearly shots without questioning the risks. All pets are given the same vaccine dose regardless of their size, which means a cat that weighs five pounds will get […]


It’s not your imagination — your phone really is spying on you: Hundreds of Android apps use the microphone to secretly monitor and record your TV habits

Your phone is actually spying on you. They may not be listening to your conversations, but they are using your device’s microphone to gather information on the ads, TV shows, and movies you watch. A new report from The New York Timesrevealed that more than 250 gaming apps use the monitoring software called Alphonso, which gathers information […]

The Healing Miracle

The Healing Miracle

You need to know about something important coming up on January 16th. Jeff Hays and his investigative team have been digging into the truth about what is really going on with one of the most searched and shared subjects on the internet…. STEM CELLS! And you can catch the documentary footage for FREE right here.


ANOTHER study confirms the detrimental effects of water fluoridation on the IQs of children

Another study has added to the growing body of evidence that links the fluoride found in water with lowered intelligence quotients (IQ) in children. A study, which was published last year, confirmed the dangers that water fluoridation has when it is consumed by children, particularly on their IQ. Not only that, fluoridated water was also shown to adversely […]


What Happens When Medicine Mismanages A Diagnosis?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Over the years of having been a healthcare professional/practitioner (currently retired); a consumer health researcher since the late 1970s whose ‘bailiwick’ is investigating what could be making humans sick, especially toxic chemicals and vaccines, I came to the realization that patients often were their ‘own best doctors’insofar as their understanding of […]


FLUPOCALYPSE: Over-crowded and under-staffed, American hospitals are not able to handle the flu this season

Despite another year-long propaganda push for flu shots, despite scores of guinea pigs lining up to get injected with this year’s flu vaccine, there has never been so much sickness across the United States. From California to New Jersey, from Illinois to Texas, over-crowded and under-staffed American hospitals are not able to handle the flu this year and […]

broken brain

Broken Brain – World Premier

The broken brain epidemic is happening all around us. Dementia, ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, MS, Alzheimer’s and the very long list of Brain illnesses that we “thought” were separate problems… are one brutal, life-altering epidemic. If you or someone you love has experienced any of the long lists of symptoms that make up the broken […]

The top ten really big SCIENCE LIES of 2018, all spelled out in advance to save you a whole year’s worth of reading the fake news media

The top ten really big SCIENCE LIES of 2018, all spelled out in advance to save you a whole year’s worth of reading the fake news media

This year is going to be a banner year for status quo science lies that attempt to push toxic drugs, chemical pesticides, vaccine poisons and other damaging chemicals, all while claiming they’re good for you (and “government approved,” for those who are obedient followers of false authority). The science “establishment,” as you might have expected, is actually […]