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medical marijuana

9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Medical Marijuana Patients No Longer Can Buy Firearms

If you have a medical marijuana card, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that you can’t buy a gun. The court ruled 3-0 on Wednesday that a ban preventing medical marijuana cardholders from purchasing firearms is not in violation of the Second Amendment, the Associated Press reports. There are nine western states under the appeals […]

brain injury

Supplemental nutrition found to treat brain injury better than prescriptions, and may even provide some protection against injury

 Concussions are part of any contact sport. However, while most injuries are rarely fatal, these injuries may affect long-term brain function. One novel approach to recovery being looked at recently is the use of nutritional supplementation to treat sports-related concussions. In a review led by researchers from the Texas Christian University, the team pored through available information to determine […]


UPDATE: Guilty until Proven Innocent -The untold Erick Shute story

UPDATE: Justice Not Served. Erick Shute was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison as of July 18th, 2018. As of yet, an appeal has not been filed. Original story from August 2016 Yes he sat there awaiting trial for nearly 2 years: Wait…Isn’t it supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? It is […]

first amendment

Bombshell new report reveals how tech giants are systematically destroying the First Amendment

On Monday, Natural Newsfounder/editor Mike Adams, in conjunction with Infowars, released a new report that outlines in stunning detail how the tech media giants — think Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter especially — are working in tandem to deny tens of millions of Americans access to news and information the social media corporations find politically objectionable. Not […]


The Importance of Iodine for a Healthy Thyroid

By Dr. Edward F. Group Iodine is an essential nutrient, meaning that the human body requires it for many essential functions but cannot synthesize it on its own. Without enough iodine, the thyroid gland cannot produce the thyroid hormones that regulate growth, metabolism and other important processes in the body. When that happens, energy levels plummet, hormones become […]

If the Left wins, humanity DIES: An urgent warning about what’s really at stake

If the Left wins, humanity DIES: An urgent warning about what’s really at stake

The ideas of Leftists are rooted in such dangerous insanity that if liberals got what they are currently demanding, they would destroy human civilization. All of their key ideas are horrible failures. That’s because they’re rooted in delusional thinking rather than rationality and logic. The very fabric of modern human civilization would be torn apart of […]

brain health

How to Boost Brain Health and Reverse Neurological Disease Without Drugs

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World The less inflammatory your diet is, the faster you’re going to get well, because inflammation is nearly always a contributor to neurological dysfunction. Your brain is a really important part of your body. I’m sure no one would disagree with that. In this interview, Dr. Lee Cowden, […]

cell phone

This School Banned Cell Phones And Happiness Followed

 Listen to Article By Heather Callaghan, Editor As research into EMF sensitivity and social media addiction continues to surface, it’s no surprise that some institutions are trying their own little happiness experiments. After all, schools are supposed to be for focused education, and the added distractions and social pressures of cell phones may further zap the joy right out of students. Researchers, for […]

Study Warns Of Deepwater Horizon Disaster Long-Lasting Impact On Marine Life’s “Building Blocks”

Study Warns Of Deepwater Horizon Disaster Long-Lasting Impact On Marine Life’s “Building Blocks”

By Jessica Corbett Following President Donald Trump’s “reckless” decision last week to repeal an ocean protection policy enacted by his predecessor, a study published Friday in the journal Nature details the long-term impact of BP’s 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, outlining how “lingering oil residues have altered the basic building blocks of life in the ocean.”  Listen to Article Researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi collected […]


Not So Truthful Ads From Yesteryear: A Review Of Merchandising Hype

By Catherine J. Frompovich Truth in advertising! What’s that? Something that apparently was disregarded in the not-too-distant past, which led gullible consumers to believe and to accept the hype about products which today are banned or no longer viewed in the same fashion as before. Take particular notice of the advertisement directly below which bragged it […]