CENSORSHIP - Dr. Leonard Coldwell Has Been Blocked From Posting (2nd Time In a Row 30 Day Spans) : Dr. Leonard Coldwell.com

CENSORSHIP – Dr. Leonard Coldwell Has Been Blocked From Posting (2nd Time In a Row 30 Day Spans)

In this day and age of free shared information via the internet, there are some major outlets that are not standing up for the American way and upholding our 1st amendment right to free speech. Facebook is one of the worst offenders.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell has once again been banned from Facebook posting for another 30 days after just being cleared from the last block.

This time the “offense” was posting the movie and link to George Orwell’s 1954 animation “Animal Farm”

Currently, Dr. C cannot post his link to this site www.drleonardcoldwell.com or his German site www.KrebsPatientenAdvokatFoundation.com for which he was blocked for responding to an obviously fake profile’s insult.

This censorship is happening on Youtube, Google, and Facebook. Dr. C’s websites have over 4.8 billion views in 9 languages. People want and need this information.

He is being blocked because knowledge is power and the powers that be in the world today want you, the people, to remain ignorant and powerless. You are easier to control that way.

Because his website German Cancer Patient Advocate Foundation website has over a million views per day and is 100% non-profit, aimed at naturally healing yourself, it flys in the face of big pharma… and they want him gone or at the very least invisible (blocked). The NWO is doing its best to eliminate free information including his new mega best-seller “The only cancer patient cure”

Dr. Coldwell has 25 best-selling books, ringing in at 569 million sales worldwide over the years.

Make sure to keep checking back here on this site for the latest uncensored news and sign up for our newsletter delivered right to your inbox like the morning newspaper. Dr. Coldwell will never give in and never give up the fight. He stands for truth, freedom, and puts himself on the line every day to help protect your health and rights.

He said to pass on the message that he loves you all, his Champions. – Sincerely, Dr. C.


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