Comments from Attendees of the Long Beach, CA event : Dr. Leonard

Comments from Attendees of the Long Beach, CA event


This seminar was life changing and I think everyone and their families and their friends need to attend it!  The seminar was awesome and the best decision I’ve made in years was to attend. Thank you to Dr. C! I truly will never be the same!


Damian Jelks

I have learned a lot from this seminar today!! I have learned to be more assertive of myself and focus of my goals.  I have learned to feel great and focused on my goals at all times!  I have become a better man because of Dr. Leonard Coldwell!  I have become a different person as in to focusing and vibrating good thoughts toward my future.  My goal is to take this technique that Dr. Coldwell gave me and spread it to success!


Richard Massey

I believe this seminar has been especially rewarding because I have moved forward not looking back.  I also have learned the correct way to visualize.  My conversation with myself has also improved and I am now Superman.  Bullets don’t harm me.  I am free and this day doesn’t even feel like a Sunday.


Dr. Ron Jahner

Thank you, Dr. C! Amazing as always.  The most transformational seminar I have ever attended and the best Dr. C yet!  Thank you brother.  Especially appreciated the deep, sincere shifts which guided all of us to a deeper appreciation of who we are in our true selves and what we can accomplish if we just live up to our own power. Thank you so much.


Debbie MacMillan

Thank you Dr. C for saving my life.  I love you with all I am.


Julie Hoffenberg

I got so much of our this seminar.  I learned the actual technique to feeling good seconds after feeling like crap.  I came here hours after leaving the house of my ex and moving to my new house.  I felt a sense of sadness and I am leaving with a sense of joy and excitement for all of my life! Loved the simplicity of implementing all of this stuff.  My favorite part of the seminar was when we walked around interacting with other people. Especially the power of everone’s hands on each other’s shoulders as we were a unified group of good vibrations! Thank you, please give us more seminars Dr. C!!



Dr. C’s seminar was an incredible and empowering seminar.  I learned to love myself and to find my true self and what I want.  Dr. C truly is the champion maker.  I walk away knowing my dreams are coming and I will achieve them.  I also know now exactly what they are.  My favorite part of the seminar was interacting with my GIN brothers and sisters, propping them up, supporting each other.  Giving them love and receiving their love.  Thank you Dr. C and thank you GIN Council!


Eileen Shoals

Thank you so much for sending Dr. C to us here in California.  We love Dr. C’s energy and enthusiasm.  This for me, was the best Dr. C seminar so far.  He did a beautiful job of showing me how to be bullet proof by taking care of my mental, physical and emotional health.  The exercises we did were so energizing and I feel like they activated my subconscious process for the better.  I could feel negative residue leaving my body and my thoughts.  At the same time the positive energy that filled my thoughts, body and entire being was overwhelming at points during the seminar.  The entire meeting felt like pure love energy.  I feel like a spiritual being who is capable of living my dream because I have had the energy of a champion deposited in my blood.  I truly feel like I have received a love transfusion.  It feels so good.  I know I am on the brink of manifesting wonder because I feel wonderful.  Thank you Dr. C. Much gratitude!



What I loved about the seminar the most was learning to love myself.  I really enjoyed the exercise of hugging myself and dancing with myself.  Being able to understand you have to be a champion all the time in order to be successful.  I can’t wait to jump out  of bed everyday ready to be a champion and feel great.  I’m very grateful and thankful for Dr. C…Thank you so much for changing my life!


Kelsey Kirkpatrick

Absolutely amazing!  My best seminar yet!  So much immediately applicable knowledge, so much clarity, so much passion to help others and so much more to look forward to in life.  As an upcoming IBMS student, I am so excited to spread Dr. C’s work.  I will help others and help others cure themselves.

Jason Tapia

This seminar has been by far the best seminar I have ever been to. I strongly believe that you should never stop doing these seminars. Dr. C has been one of the most influential people in my life and finally kicked my butt so that I finally made a commitment about myself.


Philipp Harth

This experience is absolutely amazing.  I found ways here to quickly and effectively let go of old wounds.  I learned the beauty of loving myself.  I saw and see the potential and champion in me.  I learned how to attract really what I want.  Another step, a HUGE step in my evolution.  I haven’t been in a seminar that motivating and clear like this. Thank you!!


Cheryl Hampton

I thought Dr. Coldwell’s seminar today was amazing and life altering for me.  The exercises really helped me to feel so much more positive and loving about myself.  I learned how to deal with negative people and mostly the correct way to visualize and contemplate.  This realization will make all the difference in the world in my goal setting and achievement. I can’t wait to see him again.



Dr. C’s bulletproof seminar came at just the right time to inspire and re-motivate me to not give up.  The energy and love that comes through in his seminars is priceless.


Danny K.

It was his best seminar ever. Please send Dr. C more often to Los Angeles! We are all champions!


Steven Z.

Dr. C keeps on getting more fun, more exciting and everyone should come on over to him seminars to see what is in store for them.  He is like a rock star who people can never get enough of.  You rock Dr. C! Every time I come to Dr. C’s seminars, I am always full of energy and my fears of embarrassment go away instantly with his methods on how to handle life mine and everyone else’s lives even better.



Joshua Tapia

This seminar was extremely phenomenal and I hope to see others with Dr. C like this because he goes in depth with the material that he is talking about.  Also, many people should have the ability to go to one of these Dr. C seminars.  Even if it means that people go once, the fact that they came will cause them to be happier than ever before. I know that it worked for me.



Today was a fantastic day for me with Dr. C! He told us to believe in ourselves!  I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to be here today!


Rosie P.

As always, I love Dr. C’s seminars because they empower me to be and love myself.  Dr. C you are a blessing for humanity and I am so fortunate to have you in my life. I always listen to your audios, read your books whenever I lose my power for a moment.  Thank you so much for existing and sharing your energy with us, I love you.  God bless you.


Joe Promera

This seminar was amazing!  I have listened to a few Dr. C seminars but nothing has helped or inspired me as much as this one has; especially being here in person, the presence of my GIN brothers and sisters.  Just from being here, I have started to crawl out of my shell and have met new people.  I have also rid myself of the depressing feeling I would get when I think about my ex-girlfriend who broke my heart five months ago.  I have met so many wonderful new people and have been supported and encouraged more than I ever have.  Dr. C is such an inspiration.  I am glad to have been taught, inspired and changed by the best.


Laura Zavala

I love Dr. Coldwell’s personality, he has a very special way of drilling in information to us.  I think he is a wonderful human being all his material has helped me tremendously, thank you Dr. C.  Now I have come to know the true me through all the training and every seminar I go is like another step to the top.  Dr. C’s seminar is the proof again I need it already.  He has helped me transform.  I feel like a different person, I am a different person then I was 2 years ago, please come back soon.




First of all, I want to thank you for this meeting. I really liked them, they have really helped me in my life. And yes, we really have a hundred of excuse to not to do what we want or get what we dream of.  I have a great time in all the meetings I have attended but this one with Dr. C was something else. Thank you!



Dr. C you are amazing!  Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel every time I get to see you speak.  You are a true champion!  Thank you for loving all of us so much.  This seminar was off the charts.  I didn’t think it was possible but you get even greater and your message even stronger every time.  You are amazing!


Ryan Perez

When Dr. C goes to LA, I’m there. Keep him coming!  I experienced lots of different emotions today, thank you!  Dr. C is still getting better.  I keep learning from him.  I’m discovering myself more.  Dr. C is a face that I’m proud of so much.  I love Dr. C. He keeps amazing me.  I learn and learn again what true love is and going after my dreams.  I’m getting better at visualization.  I used visualization to get my new job.  I’m using it to reach my profession goals this year.  I’m really improving my state. I’ve seen the light and cannot go back now.



This workshop gave me everything! Self love, respect for myself, awareness of my thoughts and thought processes.  Better self talk.  How to work with my loved ones, how to evaluate the energy drainers in my life and what to do about it.  To be sure to keep my commitments.  I loves this sharing and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I just wish so many more people would get this and I know with confidence that they will.


Steve Smith

Thanks so much Dr. C. You’ve done it again and I can’t believe the change I’ve gone through today.  The result is super self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem.  We are all truly champions. I didn’t like coming out of my comfort zone at first, but regardless I loved the audience participation.  You’re the greatest Dr. C.  What an incredible human being and healer you are.


Maria Hovnanian

I enjoyed Dr. Coldwell’s sincerity and felt that he truly cares about everyone. His energy resonated through to everyone in the audience.  There is no reason for me to feel sorry for my situation or worry about what I don’t have because that’s not going to accomplish anything.  Dr. C makes you believe in yourself and love yourself no matter what.  You can only do your best and your best is enough.  He also makes people realize life is too short to waste your time with the wrong people.  He truly made a difference in the way that I see myself and view my future.


Roselyn Martinez

I enjoyed Dr. C’s seminar, I’ve seen him many times and every single time, I get something different out of it but every single time, I leave with so much energy and a positive mind-set that keeps me focused on my vision.  Thank you Dr. C for what you do!


Pablo B. Jr.

This has been one of the most beneficial trainings that we have had.  I learned how to keep a positive attitude about myself, my life and anything that comes my way.  It is a life changing frame of mind that will be with me no matter the challenges.  Dr. C says that I am a decision away from success, happiness and health.  Only I can determine how I feel, which is taking responsibility for my own life!  I will no longer make others opinions effect what I do.  I will do what makes me feel good and enhances my life.  It is up to me to make sure that I am a champion.  I am somebody!  I am living a dream, my dream!


Mitra Rajabi

WOW! Another powerful seminar!  Dr. C exudes love, compassion and a determination to get you to where you want to be, where you should be!  We are all true champions!  Thank you dr. C for breaking down the barriers and obstacles.  Let’s blast off towards happiness, bliss, health and success!  I love you!


Martin F.

Thank you so very much for all that you do.  You are a true alchemist of transformation.  Every time I attend your seminar, there are always improvements.  I ask myself, how can this be and I say, well it’s Dr. C!  What I liked the most is to see the transformation in myself and others.  What I go out of this seminar is to love myself more deeply.  Thank you!


Roger Z.

I learned to never compromise my dreams.  Don’t give my dreams away to other people’s opinions. Be my true self!  Never give up on my dream!  I am a champion!  What I go out of the seminar was self-confidence, motivation and a burning desire to take action to achieve my dreams.  Thank you to Dr. C for all you do.  You are a blessing to all that you come in contact with.



As usual, tremendous!  You get better and better every time that I see you.  The wealth of information is truly priceless.  I am grateful to be a part of your seminar.  It is fun, entertaining and extremely informative.  I look forward to listening to your tapes and reading your books.


Justin Vega

This was the best seminar that Dr. C has done for GIN.  My self-confidence is higher than it has ever been.  The new depth and elements he added to this training had me visualize and see my goals and dreams that I never have felt before.  I feel closer to my authentic, higher self than I did when I came in and I was feeling very good coming in!  The love and authentic care I feel from Dr. C, I don’t get anywhere else.  He is a master, who brought his training to a new level.  GIN would not be the same without you. A dose of reality and a wake-up call with the solution to get myself into a higher state when dealing with challenges outside of this safe environment.


Ernesto Aguirre

Dr. C was amazing!  He got me in touch with being me with his powerful seminar.  I literally feel the change deep within my gut.  I feel like I can be more, and less of a scarcity jitters.  His exercises were fun and I’ve made the personal commitment to continue them after the seminar.  I feel blessed, and I have learned to properly visualize in a way where I felt instant results.  Dr. C had a strong, powerful presence and was the physical evidence of this Instinct Based Medicine System.  Thank you!



On a scale of 1 to 100, I loved this 1,000,000!  Dr. C brings out the best in everyone here and the sense of community and love is absolutely incredible and nourishing.  I feel blessed to be a part of this incredible experience and to have met all the wonderful people I have been fortunate to meet.  Thank you!


Daniel Z.

Today at this Dr. C event, I got that clear vision again of why I joined GIN.  My dreams and goals became a reality through the exercises that we did and every time ending with a huge smile on my face that is priceless!  This event was different and I can’t pin point it yet but it really did something internal!  I feel that the future results of this event will unwind in my future of me being successful, happy and healthy!  Thank you Dr. C, because every time it gets better and better!



My favorite GIN seminar ever!  I loved everything about this seminar!  Dr. C is the real deal!  I learned tools to change my life and I feel confident in using them.  98% of the negative will not happen!


Bill Martin

Oh my gosh! Dr. C was unbelievable!  He taught me how to love myself to become the best that I can be.  Dr. C has helped me to form new habits of a champion and to make the decision  to be a winner!  I will never miss Dr. C if it can be helped.  Everyone should see Dr. C.  Thank you again for changing my life Dr. C!



This seminar was so uplifting.  I learned to respect myself more and believe I am a true champion.  Please keep all the seminars coming.  Dr. C is amazing.  He makes you feel the energy and truly is an asset to the GIN movement.  He is a true champion.  The seminar was very educational also.  I wouldn’t change a thing.


Pam M.

Today I attended Dr. C’s seminar in Long Beach and was again amazed and grateful for the amazing opportunity to be among all my GIN family.  Thank you.  My favorite part was the comfortable tree exercise.  I love the feeling and energy received from that exercise.  Dr. C just keeps getting better and better.  I am a champion!  I learned today among the many things not to look and what you fear it resonated so strong with me. Thank you!



Dear Dr. C: You inspire me!  This was just what I needed.  This day opened my heart.  I have been living a solitary life and you taught me the necessity and beauty of connecting with like-minded people.  You instilled in me courage to face the challenges of the future and reminded me of the importance of character.  I finally get it that I have to make my own decisions and not always look outside myself for the answer to what to do next.  I am ready to make my own decisinos and release the fear of making mistakes.  The experiential motive of your teaching was tremendously powerful and I believe will result in lasting change.

Gale G.

I really enjoyed the exercises because they solidify the ideas and concepts in my soul.  Today I had a realization that visualizing through my eyes is more effective than seeing myself in the “picture.”   Dr. C always gives us reminders to get rid of the negative people in our lives without feeling guilty about it.  He also reminds us to love ourselves first.  Often, we put ourselves last to please others.



This was the first of many seminars that I will attend and it was absolutely and totally amazing!  Thank you!  Dr. C is awesome!!! We are all champions!



Dr. C is a great motivational speaker.  He makes you feel great!  He has good energy. Time goes by really fast because it’s an entertaining seminar.  You learn so much about yourself, this seminar is incredible.  Dr. C makes everyone feel loved.  The energy through-out the room is great through-out the whole day.


Edward George

Dr. C’s seminar as always was incredibly empowering.  Not only do you leave feeling different but you have a different positive mentality.  It helps you identify your lazy habits.  It helps you get out of your comfort zone to finally get you to do things. I highly recommend it.



This seminar was simply amazing.  It helped me figure out who I really am and made me love my imperfections and myself.  This seminar has truly changed the way that I think about myself into a more positive way.



Dr. C as always is great!  We need to have these seminars more often!


Blanca L.

I just want to thank you for bringing Dr. C into my life.  He has been a great impact in my life and he has helped me make a new person and be the true champion that I was born to be.  Thank you Dr. C, keep doing these seminars please!  You are helping up change the world!


Ben Julian

Dr. Coldwell inspired me to love myself and he convinced me that I can do whatever I want to accomplish.  I can do it one more time.  Champions never quit. Never.  Leave the asshole no sayers behind.  Life is too short.  I shouldn’t give a shit more often about people who drag me down.  I am somebody and I’m awesome.  I don’t want to be afraid to try and fail because I learn so much more about myself this way. I respect myself.  I don’t want to take myself too seriously.


Allen T.

Thank you for putting on this seminar!  Dr. C killed it!  His energy is contagious and spreads like wild fire.  I feel reenergized and stronger. My energy level is higher and I know that I am a champion to a deeper connection.



I enjoyed that finally someone has the same opinion as me. Get over it!  Dr. C was no cherry topper and that is great!



Dr. C is an engaging speaker who talks with you, not at you.  His realistic no holds barred approach is refreshing as well as effective tool for being honest with yourself.


Karla Eller

Like always, Dr. C delivered a phenomenal seminar.  It was well worth the time commitment that I made to be here today.  I am somebody!  I learned to create a bonus system for myself and to reward myself for my achievements big or small.


Jeff Haas

Thank you, Dr. C! I feel like a champion!  Your words, your gifts are like gold for us.  I need to send my great people here! I am so inspired and feel empowered!  God Bless you Dr. C for all that you do.


Once again, Dr. C helped me believe in myself. His message of love yourself and you are a creator resonated with me most.  The visualization techniques were so effective.  “Success is always the result of effective team play!  I’m going to use that!



Being immersed in a sea of love and positivity for a whole day is invaluably beneficial, that is what I learned today thanks to Dr. C.


Elza Sofie

I absolutely loved this seminar, like always.  Dr. Coldwell is funny, cheerful and real.  He lights up a room when he is in it and if true honor to have him speak for us. The material he teaches touches the heart and it is real and relatable.  Every time I hear Dr. C speak I get in touch with my inner champion.  Dr. C, please keep doing what you do.  Our club is blessed to have you be part of this amazing club.


Amy Karve

Today has been an awe-inspiring transformative experience!  I really enjoyed Dr. C’s presentation style mixing teaching with interactive experience.  I could see a real improvement in feeling good and self love in a short time. I feel empowered with the tools to continue feeling this way and this manifest my deepest desires and achieve my largest dreams.  Dr. C also did an amazing job bringing us all together- facilitating connections with other GIN members in a family way, hugging and encouraging.  I have so much more to share with the world now, just after one seminar! Thank you Dr. C!



The Dr. C seminar was and is extremely powerful and energy changing in the positive for me.  I enjoyed the interaction with myself and the group.  A very worthwhile seminar.  I would recommend this seminar to anyone! Dr. C really touches me in the heart!

Paul N.

I learned to get to the root of why I don’t have what I want and why I am where I am.  But most importantly, I learned that no matter where I started from or have done in the past, I can still win and have everything that I dreamed I would achieve.  Dr. C is amazing.  He speaks from the heart and when you do that you touch the soul and that creates perfection.  With that same connection, I can touch everyone that I come in contact with. True freedom and of love.  Thank you Dr. C for making me believe.


Victor Vega Sr.

Please have Dr. C and his high quality, empowering seminars that set GIN apart from the crowd.  I am a changed man.  Now I can realize my dream faster.  Dr. C, God has put his finger on you to transmit the energy of the universe as we know it, to this humble severs.  Love you!



I loved Dr. C’s seminar.  I learned that I am a champion and that I can love myself.  I learned that my reactions determine the way that I feel.  I can always be happy now. I can choose to feel good now. If I feel good being myself then my motivation and happiness will keep me healthy. I can have anything that I believe I can have. Cancer is a symptom, and a result of not being ones self.



What I got out of today was a recharge of positive energy.  Positive motivation to keep going in the direction that makes me feel good now.  I really liked when Dr. C said what holds you back aren’t the actions you take, but the ones you don’t take.  I’m going to put that saying over my door to remind me of that.  I’m more excited about my decision to change my career path.  It feels even better.  I feel better and better just visualizing what it is I want not what I don’t want. That is what else I go out of today.   Being able to attend these seminars locally and meeting amazing people is allowing me to LIVE MY DREAM!



Dr. C always speaks to what I need on that day.  I love the visualization through my eyes, seeing my hands and feet, and smiling at my face in the mirrors.  I love working with other members!



The thing that I go out of this seminar is that I’m a true champion not just because Dr. C told me so.  I really felt it!  The thing that I liked most was Dr. C.  He is truly one of the best speakers to see live.  He needs to be back to L.A. very soon!



Thank you Dr. Coldwell for an incredible seminar!  I truly feel like I have reprogrammed myself to some degree and it will just be a matter of using this stuff daily.  I do decide my own direction in life! I feel energized, strong, healthy and incredibly optimistic! Thanks again!


Abner Figueras

I learned today via Dr. C’s seminar on bulletproofing your life that need to continue loving myself.  Once I have that initial stage understood, it will take away any pressure I’ve placed on myself towards reaching my goals.  Feeling good and loving myself will enable the proper bullet proofing I will need to handle any challenge.  I learned to let go of the past.  When those challenges come I will know that I can overcome them easily.  The new response to no sayers will be “of course I can!”  When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.  The energy in the room was high and positive throughout the day.



Fantastic seminar!  I love Dr. C’s tough love and humor.  I now feel like I have the tools to get passed what’s been holding me back.  I am ready to be a champion!


Steve Ballard

Dr. C really cares and touches everyone.  His processes are simple but gets everyone out of their shell.  I really like coming to his seminars.  Most of my family could not come because it was sold out but I know so many others that wanted to attend the event.  I really broke loose some thoughts and have changed my plan.  I’m going to redefine why I’m doing things.  Thank you for the help Dr. C. What a jump start! I need these more often.


Maurice White

What I got from today’s seminar- Dr. Coldwell!  I have learned that one has to love himself before others can love them back.  Don’t’ take yourself too seriously, have fun, enjoy life.  Don’t worry about the opinion of others, keep moving forward!


Kennon Mason

It’s always a great experience to watch Dr. C in action.  I always feel that much better after his seminar.  My goals will be accomplished with even more faith in myself and my ability to accomplish ANYTHING I want.  Thank you Dr. C!


Buster B.

You are fun and just crazy enough to make these seminars so exciting! I just can’t wait to do it again!  You bring out the best in everyone.



Thanks for reminding me that I am a champion, to love myself and that I deserve it!


Rod G.

What I got out of Dr. C’s seminar was an uplifting experience like always. I got to finally meet Dr. C and he is truly a champion!  This seminar taught me that integrity goes a long way especially when you honor your word.  I learned to be a champion once again which is always a good reminder of why I am part of this stellar club.


Ivy Norris

I learned ways to involve a group that touches them on many levels.  Dr. C is a true champion at this.  A full commitment has now been made to let life be joyous.  The people exposure accelerates the movement of my dreams into present experiences.  Thank you, it was well worth coming so far to attend.



Wow!  What a great and empowering experience.  These events keep me in the space needed to achieve my highest of highest goals!  Please continue providing such incredible experience’s so we can keep bringing people up to their fullest potential.  Thanks, a million times over!



I enjoy your seminar and I know that I have to love myself. Thank you so much!


Alberto and Maria Robles

I like the energy of the room and hugs the shouting the people is the best.  Dr. C really comes from love and gives all that he has.  His authenticity is generosity and heals the heart.  I like when Dr. C tells us to look at the mirror and declare that we are champions and everything comes from we are creators when we dance. I love it when Dr. C asks us and all of us answer and when we did an exercise about loving ourselves.

Judith Rose

Dr. Coldwell delivers his seminars with grace and humor and I hang onto every word he utters.  This is the third Dr. C seminar that I have attended and each one has gotten better and better.  Dr. C is an annoying speaker and person!  I look forward to more of Dr. C’s seminars.



This was very uplifting and inspirational!! Thank you Dr. C for helping me find the strength and courage to let our past go and move forward fearlessly.


Ian Bailes

What I learned from the Dr. C event was to be a champion and that I can do it.  To get rid of negative people.  A new way to visualize. Actually look through my eyes when driving the car.  I loved that . I loved the interaction with others, hugs, handshakes, power statements and he teaches me to be a confident man and walk like a man and act like a man. Be strong, be friendly and treat all people like your knew them for 30 years as a friend.  I am walking away from this with a “can do” attitude.  It was just what I needed to enhance the action steps I am already taking.  He me feel so powerful and that is why I know I had to come.


Dmitry Z.

I learned a lot.  First, I love myself, I know that I am a champion. I know that I am somebody.  I know that I will do whatever it takes.  I know there is only now, there is no past.  I believe in myself more than I ever did before. Dr. C is an amazing person.  Here I want to share my experience.


Stefanie C.

I don’t think I’ve ever hugged myself like that before in the love yourself exercise.  It felt so wonderful, I learned that I have to love myself first and other people will love me.  I think for the first time I truly saw how beautiful I am the way other people see me.  Now I’m able to see myself with so much beauty, love and power. That makes all the difference.  All the visualization exercises were so awesome! Now I know what it means to set goals!  Emotionally get involved, contemplate my goal. Now I know!


Manuel Cano

You have mad German swagger!  Your methods of breaking people out of their shell were fun and entertaining.  Definitely strengthened my connection with my GIN circle.

Susan Z.

I loved the seminar!  Love, strength, power, energy is everywhere.  I needed to hear how much I need to believe to take risks, to reach out and to give.  I have been closed up.  I love life but have allowed negativity to kill my spirit! I’m ready to go forward as the true champion I am.  Thank you Dr. C! You are the best! No BS!



Thank you, Dr. C.  Spending the day with you has been transformative because the way we have been able to listen to your stories of how you became the person you have become.  The enthusiastic responses that we are led through allow me to reach a new height.  It is an honor having access to a person like yourself so we may live up to these standards that are conveyed in your messages. I enjoyed the interactive exercises with other members in the room. Being at the meeting is 100 times more powerful than the audios. Go to the events!


Kay Bowman

Love Dr. C more and more every time I see him!  The energy and confidence I get after attending one of his seminars just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  If Dr. C is in town I will be there!


Marjan Rajabi

I was reminded that I am a champion, a winner.  Sometimes I get busy in life and I forget this.  I got in touch with myself again and my potential to be everything I want to be.  I feel powerful again.  The energy in the room was incredible!  When we did the visualization technique driving our dream car, I saw myself in a red Ferrari.  This had never been my dream car and I realized that I had limited my possibilities in the past.  Dr. C’s seminar allowed me to break the barriers I had created in my own mind.



I joined GIN just last night.  I missed this morning’s session but despite the partial seminar and the long commute.  I am so very happy I came, I really liked the exercises with fellow participants, and believe that his personal style, frank and direct makes this a very worthwhile seminar which I hope to experience again and worth friends.  Thank you for the gift and putting me inside my own dreams. I was more like this!


Samsonora Marina

I have been in Dr. C’s meetings 4 times!  It’s still not enough to listen to this incredible person.  Real person, real man, real doctor.  He knows his stuff very well!  All the best, we love you!



I learned to look for the root cause of things. That I have the answers within me, to be honest with myself. Create my life with integrity. Love myself.  And treat others with love and acceptance.  What I liked best, making new friends. The exercises. The music. I will always make it a priority to see Dr. C whenever the opportunity is presented.


John McLoughlin

I really enjoyed this uplifting experience. It brought a positive outlook in me and realizing that I am somebody special and that no one can tell me otherwise.  I can say now that I truly love and accept myself for who I am.  I thank Dr. Coldwell for the experience to be a better person. Thank you from the bottom of my soul.


Joshua Flores

What liked? Is too hard to describe. Too many great things, to write down in only one piece of paper.  I have to sum it up, with saying “everything.”  What I got out, was that “I am somebody” that I am wonderful, just the way I am. With that I can make miracles.


Betty H.

It changes your thinking to the positive hope for tomorrow.  Stay away from negativeness.



Dr.C, you are the best!  You are the best of the best!  I love you! Thank you for your time!  I’m so happy always only for you because you changed my life.


Lia Tuttle

Dr. C’s seminar was very unique.  He works on the unconscious mind and finds the inner champion in you!  We are all champions!  Dr. C really brings it out of you.  He is a bunch of fun and makes you get out of your shell.  Thank you Dr. C for curing cancer for a living.  Everyone needs to take advantage that this seminar is free of cost and is so powerful.



I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. C.  He pushed me through my skin and I am a better and stronger human being than I was 7 hours ago.  I like the delivery, personality and every aspect of the day with Dr. C.  I have nothing negative to say about the content or presenter.  Thank you for having such a great speaker, I hope Dr. C has more seminars to come!


Thank you thank you thank you! This was just what the doctor ordered- uplifting, like minds, and like hearts. Powerful, fun and cuts to the chase. The best seminar ever. I wish Dr. C and GIN seminars were in San Diego as well. More opportunity for me and others. I can’t get enough! I want more and more! The energy is off the scale and my face is aching from smiling and laughing for 8 hours. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Pamela Mehrtens


I’ve been in GIN since April of last year and I’m always getting better, but today Dr. Coldwell made me love myself. Never in my life have I felt that until today. I could not hold back my tears but I didn’t care. I am a champion and I am finally beginning to believe it. “fuck” my past!! My future is looking pretty damn GREAT! I can’t wait to live in my beautiful house and drive my beautiful car and share the love I knew  I have in my heart. No one can have power over me- I am in control. I love these seminars, it continues to build my self confidence every time.  Thank you times 5!!!



Dr. C,

Even though I’ve experienced many of the drills before, I love the different perspective I seem to have, such as more relaxed. And as it has always been a lot of fun with the experiences and people, I want to thank you, Dr. C, from every being of my heart.

Thank you,

Charles Scott

Dr. C was amazing as usual. He motivates me each time to live my true sel. He really cares and loves people. I love all the exercises as the group energy is powerful. I always leave changed. I appreciate and give thanks for Dr. C. I feel my heart expanded each time I am in his seminars. Thank you!

Shiela McLean

I loved it, makes me feel like a true champion, these helped me find myself and the real value of never giving up no matter what happens. I am a champion and everyone will soon find out. Thank you for such a great and phenomenal event.


This seminar was fantastic. It helped me stay on track for what I’m supposed to do for myself. It made me feel so good and felt I could do anything I want to do. I can do it, and I am a champion. It was one of the best seminars in GIN.


Simply the energy was great- super good. I love Dr. C . I got the plan I need for success- I can do it. Thank you


We love Dr. C! I always feel happy and energized from his presence.

John M.

I loved every word Dr. C uttered. He is magical in uplifting the spirit to a new dimension. I will never miss a seminar that he will conduct. Please bring him back soon. Love you Dr. C!


This is my 3rd time spending the day with Dr. C and GIN friends. Each time is better than the last. As I’m growing , I’m hearing “new” things, at least things I didn’t hear before. This was more than a good time, it was a life enhancing experience. Thank you, Thank you and thank you.

Andrew Kallikounis


I am so grateful to be a part of this club! It is truly a great club!!  I had immense thrill, enjoyed this seminar that Dr. C did today! I learned so much about visualizing and loved the exercises that we did. They were very fun and playful. I felt like a kid again and a fully capable adult at the same time and it felt great! I remembered how to really believe in myself. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Brian Zaria

A feeling of self worth- the lecture was self empowering!

Willie Southall

Dr. C has great energy, a great message to love yourself and find success from within. How to build and keep self confidence, be responsible for ourselves. Thanks also for making yourself available through your email and offering to help with health issues. Anonymous

I love how Dr. C has us do things such as massage other people’s shoulders to get us out of our comfort zone. I realized  I don’t get what  I want because  I am in my comfort zone. I am afraid of looking stupid or what people might think of me. Dr. C helped me realize “who cares what people think”. I need to live my dream! Thanks,

Kathleen Perez

Dr. C is always awesome! What did  I get out of this event? Repeat 21 times for brain to change, getting rid of what’s holding you back get’s you where you want to go! “I have simple taste- simply the best” and “the only moving power is love”


Dr. Coldwell was fantastic. He spoke on what I needed to hear to improve my life- very uplifting and eye opening.  Thanks GIN for this opportunity.


I am a champion! Nobody can make me feel bad without my permission…and they do NOT have my permission. Great seminar- met many great people as always.

Mike Schoetter

What I liked was to feeland see all the good energy that was in the room and to see how people change at the end of the seminar. I love to be near positive people.  I’m very happy to be part of GIN. Thank you so much for teaching us to be better and for making us feel good about ourselves.

C. Liuk

What  I got out of this seminar was I know exactly what I need to do. I have just been too lazy to do it. I know I am a champion and I was born for greatness- now it’s time to achieve it!

Mark Willeso

I learned that I need to feel good TODAY! I can’t change the past and  I can’t be in the future. I’m here right now! I can make myself happy and remember why  I am here in 3 seconds. I am somebody and how I begin my day is how my life will end. It’s your life, live it for you! Get rid of the bad seeds and be free. Love yourself first and foremost. I am a champion! I loved the seminar so much and it helped me so so much!

K. Leonard

What  I learned was that  I need to get rid of the negative people in my life or teach them not to bring me down and bulletproof  my life! What I liked best about today was the high energy and love that Dr. C gave us. I felt that he truly loves us and wants our happiness from a genuine place that makes me more receptive.

Kim White


I love Dr. C! I feel so powerful after this seminar. Thank you Dr. C! I connected to more people at Dr. C’s events than any others thanks to the exercises and energy.


Dr. C was truly amazing! He really is the champion maker, because everyone here is leaving as champions. Dr. C gives you the kick in the butt you need to be a better version of you. I love myself a whole lot more thanks to Dr. C! Thank you Dr. C!

Josiah Diggs


Dr. C’s seminar was a great motivator, I really like all the physical actions we take during his seminar, I remember all the great thins he had said on the cruise that we brought back to the seminar. I really like how music was put into the seminar. What I got out of this seminar was a higher vibration level, and the feeling that I am a champion that really can do anything, no matter what other people say! I really liked being introduced to the most interesting, beautiful, great thinker in the world- myself! I was reminded about how precious time is and how  I should not be wasting and time doing anything else except working towards what I want. Thanks Dr. C!


I learned to love myself even more. I am a champion because I have passion. I learned how to feel your vision. Some quotes that inspired me are “I’m living the dream”, “you’re more vulnerable when lying on the floor- get up!”, “take yourself our fo the mindset of stupidity”, “believe in yourself and success will follow”, “don’t hold back due to the feeling of looking stupid or failing”, “I’m the biggest obstacle of my life”, “effective team play results in success.” “I’m living the dream. Live your dream”


What I liked best about the seminar was the exercise that made me feel so good because I felt myself reprogramming myself. I also liked all the interaction with other people I didn’t know. What I got out of it was I have to be really OK with me and give it all I have for the rest of my life not caring what anybody thinks. Not needing the approval of anyone in order to feel good about myself. –Anonymous

Amazing Energy! I learned how simple it is to change your energy level, that I am a true champion, to learn to have fun, to love myself, that I am somebody, to focus on now, that success is just a decision away, to focus on what you want-not what you don’t want, that nobody can make you feel bad or good and to feel good right now and that I am living my dream and not to worry about what others think, that life starts knowing what you want, that there is no excuse for failure, and to make an emotional connection with your dream.


Dr. Coldwell’s seminar today was just what I needed to recharge the batteries and get re-focused. I feel amazing and have been vibrating the unstoppable feeling that  I can do it all day long! Thank you Dr. C for all your dedication to helping able people become more able. Thank you!

Paul W.

I loved the seminar. I feel more capable with myself and free inside that I can do whatever I want without putting myself down. I look forward for the next seminar.

Aaron Orpell

I love the Dr. C seminar!!! I appreciate his “no kidding, straight to the truth” approach. I love his vulnerable, authentic love. His passion for people, relationships, health and greatness shows in everything he does. He lives his truth and he’s teaching others to do the same. I’ve got to learn more from this man. Bring on more Dr. C!!! I loved the visual imagery exercises, the high vibration with music and stepping into the feeling of my divine choices and excelling my movement! My visions have been growing clearer all day and my vibration keeps getting brighter. I am an attraction magnet!

Renee Alexander


We need an injection of Dr. C instead of Vitamin C! We need Dr. C- I love the audio music!

C. Xavier

Exceptional! One of a kind! Life affirming, life changing- moving forward into LIFE, valididating, shifting paradigm into self healing and responsibility, power, change- AWESOME! Self- love, BE self- it’s awesome!


Today’s seminar was amazing because of the energy and life Dr. C ignites us with. I love witnessing and being a part of his seminars because he embodies what it means to be a true champion and does his best to help all of us believe we can be true champions as well. I enjoy the opportunity to have a seminar with him because he cares enough to motivate us to action. We are given tips and instruction on making decisions, loving ourselves and getting up to make great things happen. It’s incredible how inspired I feel after participating with him knowing that I was a born winner and it’s up to me to push away all negativity so I can return to this state I was cheated of. We all need this reminder and the examples of a pioneer and successful pillar in this world who decides to help others often as possible. As one of my dreams to help others after I love myself it’s incredible to hear how he (Dr. C) made his journey to success in the medical community to the point that his alternative medicine has saved life after life. Love you Dr. C, thanks for being you!

Inetri Brazil

I have never hugged and felt so much love in one room. I am so happy!! I feel like I love everyone and have felt like I have met everyone I met here. I would do this over again. Very Powerful!! My favorite part of this event was the tactile contact that I got from everyone. Now I feel like I can hug anyone.


I have never hugged so many people in an event before and it feels amazing. I feel full of energy and I know that I am a true champion. I can achieve anything I set my mind on. Everything I do from here on out, I will do with 110% effort like a true champion. A real champion never quits and takes no for an answer. When life gets tough, I will not worry, instead I will remember to be happy and keep moving forward. I am a true champ! I was a born champion!


I attended Dr. C 1-Day seminar how to bulletproof your life and even through all the seemingly silly physical exercises, I felt at ease. He was more than just entertaining, and I met some wonderful people. My favorite part was when we built sincerity with each other. This is a value I am told is hard to find. I look forward to more seminars like this one.


I learned to love myself, I learned that failure is not an option, I learned that I have to get rid of the dead weight, not to waste time and to believe in myself and to trust in myself and to never stop and do whatever it takes and most of all love myself. I love most about this seminar that was so interactive. So much positive energy!!

Walter Mejic


I learned to love myself more. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have more- I’ve never felt anything like it. Getting rid of the dirt in my life so I don’t get sick ever! I learned to trust my instincts and just go for it. I am somebody!


SO inspiring and uplifting! I’d go see Dr. C every time he’s in town. I talked to other people about my real, deep down, true goals and dreams for the first time- to total strangers! Now I can make it happen!! Please book Dr.C as much as possible! Thank you Dr. C!!


I learned to love myself! Dr. C was amazing today. Each time I see him I get more out of the seminar and my life. Today it really hit home for me to put myself first and truly love myself. I am looking forward to getting rid of the bad seeds and growing into a beautiful enlightened me. I like all the interaction at Dr. C events. It’s always fun to meet new gin members and dance. It’s incredibly powerful to look other people in the eye and speak about your attributes. I will succeed because I have what it takes and I will never give up. Thank you Dr. C for all you give us!

Heather Hamby

I was reminded to love myself, to stop leaving things for later. “This moment is the most important one, live it, and don’t let it fly away. I can do anything I desire as long as I believe it. Stop carrying my past and live in the present.” All those were reminders as long as I don’t live them, they are just information, not part of me, so today I am clear of what I can do and I thank Dr. C for his energy and enthusiastic way to make us be in touch with our true selves. I greatly appreciate this wonderful organization that is raising the world’s vibration. –Anonymous.

Hello Dr. C, It’s great to have you again in California. It’s always nice and good vibration to be around you. Your seminars are always fun and a fantastic experience. God Bless you. –Ana Zauala

Doctor C is amazing! I love the seminar, the level of energy was so high, I was so thankful and grateful to be part of the group. – Fernando Tapia

I’ve done Tony Robbins, T. Ecker, Mark Victor Hansen, etc, but what I got today from Dr. C kicks all their buts. I am going for it! I am a champion and I will always enjoy life!- Dr. Seth

I’ve been at every Dr. C seminar and would like to say- all of them are great! I respect myself and I will continue to go on every next one. I feel like I am at home. I love the energy, the people, and of course, Dr. C. – Elena B.

I really enjoy and capture Dr. C’s message. I’m sure he is much needed everywhere. Thank you so much for having him here.- Bryan W.

What I got out of Dr. C’s seminar is energy, confidence, and inner strength. I am a champion because I am a good person and “I am somebody” I will always believe that I am a champion. Dr. C is a true original character with an understandable philosophy on life, health, and success. Wow, what a great time, great people and excellent information…this day has strengthened my burning desire to achieve my dream!! Thank you- Donovan “Joe” Tuttle


Seeing Dr. C is a life experience, because he goes to the point his ability to see and say the right things to uplift you, so that I can become aware that I am somebody, and I realize that at age 50, I still have a lot to do. The best years of my life are coming- because I  am going to do whatever it takes because I deserve it. –Lorenzo G.

I loved the seminar! It gave me self confidence. It helped me believe that I can do anything I want, it’s all up to me. I am a very shy person so it also helped me open up to the people and interact with no others…helped me to be a positive person even though so many bad things have happened- but that is my past and I can change my future if I surround myself with positive people and be happy with myself also helped me not to hesitate and make decisions fast. This helped me never to give up and be proud of myself. What you put is what you get out of life. Dr. C is amazing and also encouraged me about health decisions. Thank you so much! Cathy Quesada

I loved the seminar- it gave me self confidence, knowledge and happiness and be successful. I would like to be successful and help other people to be successful in their lives. The seminar gave me a lot of helpful advice into help others. It also helped me to be successful in the future and have good positive thoughts, and has also changed me to be a successful person. Don’t ever feel negative-feel positive about yourself! Thank you. Sincerely, Brandon Quesada

Attending this seminar helpeded me break out of my shell. Helped me talk to strangers. I feel this transformation that is happening within me will help become a better person and also help me in the operation of my small business. I feel like my dreams are closer and more possible to achieve. – Michael Martinez

Dr. C is absolutely amazing. My brain is spinning with so much positivity. I feel my old patterns have been completely destroyed. I am a champion! This was a fantastic and transformational experience that I will always remember. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never be the same again! – Anonymous

This seminar has changed my life. I now truly believe that I can have, be, or do anything I want. I now know that no person or no circumstance can truly harm me. I will no longer waste time. I will no longer procrastinate. I am a champion, I am a winner because I am focused, driven, committed, and most importantly. I have self love, pride, and honor. My life will never be the same. Thank you Dr. C from the bottom of my heart! –Joseph Collier

This is my first Dr. C seminar. I feel so energized and full of love for everyone and myself. I love Dr. C! He has single handedly guided me to my greatest love…ME! Aside from the love, I have learned so many useful techniques in visualization to feel good about myself and to feel comfortable about success. I feel free! Thank you so much! –Michie

This one seminar was in the top 3 for me! It gave me and took me through so many feelings and emotions that  Iam a better person for having attended today. I am a champion! Nothing will stop me now! – Artoro Martinez

I love the energy and dynamic of the seminar. I learned how to love myself and what to tell my husband…I learn how to be confidant and have more belief in myself. My life is not finished but a new great chapter in my book of life. I love myself! I want to learn about you and your therapies! Thank you very much! – Louchia T.

I learned to love myself and to defend myself. When you lose someone special to you, have your moment of grief and continue with your life and be happy. Life is too short to waste with negative things. You have to believe in you and feel that you are a true champion and NO one can tell you otherwise. Stand up for yourself with love. Love and give it your all to anything you do. Honor your word because when you done, you only disappoint yourself. When you love yourself and feel it, you make others love you and they want to be around you more. When you are happy and enjoy life no matter what, you keep yourself healthy. Champions and successful people, don’t let anybody make them unhappy- they are prepared for anything. – Maricello Castellano

I really really enjoyed the seminar. I have come to realized many things within myself. This has definitely impacted me to go out there and be a champion.- David Q

What I learned from Dr. C is to truly love myself and never let anybody tell you that you can’t do it. What I liked  about it is I was actually able to get out of my comfort zome and participate and it felt good. – Anonymous

Dr. C, this honestly was one of the most powerful seminars I have been to.  Something inside of me just finally clicked and I want to thank you for your knowledge, love, energy, and generosity with your time. I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to live the life that I truly want and know I will get! Thank you! –Anonymous

What I got most from this seminar was that I am a champion that needs to love, respect, and hold myself strong to not take opinions of others seriously, but to take action to my best ability. What I liked most about this seminar was that Dr. C conveys and articulates with much passion and confidence! He heals up from the core so the people can be our true potential selves. He’s getting to the root cause! – Anonymous

The seminar was great and very enjoyable. Dr. C has great energy and I really like his “in your face, no BS approach.” I appreciate how honest and real he is. I would definitely like to see him again. –Anonymous

It was great! My attitude counts, and “if it wasn’t here 150 years ago, I don’t need it.” Visualize my car, house, etc., from my eyes. I learned to love myself. Success comes from connecting with others, be on time. –Anonymous

Epic! Loved it! I learned so much brilliance that solidified and added to my own knowledge coming in. I love the energetic shift, both personally and as a group, that occurred throughout the seminar. I enjoyed Dr. C’s ability to focus us, especially in regard to thoughts, feelings, goals, and what to avoid. The restaurant menu advice about cost was enlightening. The visualization/contemplation explanation was great, too. Incredibly entertaining. The health advice is wonderful and I look forward to starting it. Great stories to illustrate points, and I really enjoyed the spacing of breaks. Fun crowd involvement, that really broke down barriers that I will take with me. Thanks! –Tony

Dr. Coldwell’s seminars are always fun, energetic, and eye opening. The energy he exudes fills the audience with enthusiasm and drive to achienve anything and everything you want. He consistently trains the mind through vocal, visualization, and body mechanics to break negative habits and create positive ones. Thank you for having Dr. Coldwell as a speaker! It always impacts me in the most positive way to transform my life here and now. – Positively, Lauren B.

Dr. Coldwell’s seminar was absolutely amazing. Every time I see him his energy really pierces my soul. You are the best Dr. C! I love how you tell it like it is. No excuses! – Tara J. King

Learned a ton…Releasing the past, how to be a champion, how to determine what you want. I had a blast and felt great the whole time. Great infusion of healthy living context into message of “Be your best self”, great personality- do not tone it down one bit! So positive I can’t stop smiling and feeling great. Extended breaks gave extra time for networking. Thank you!! –Joe G.

Fantastic!!! Oh yeah, I love myself. There was so much covered in what seemed like very little time. Dr. C is a great speaker. He really hits you to the core. It was quite an experience to feel so much love flowing through the room. My life has been transformed. This was my first event and I cannot wait for more. The room is filled with so many positive, uplifting people. Dr. C brings out the best in everyone. I am a champion!! – Deanna Munvue

Fantastic! Dr. C’s seminar was great. I learned precise steps to take to become a champion starting with the moment I wake up. The exercises were great! –TP

I enjoyed Dr. C’s seminar tremendously. He’s very charismatic. I connected with his stories and his visual exercises. I learned a lot of took notes about goal setting, dreaming, visualizing, and manipulating things into my life. Most importantly, I learned to be happy with life and always operate at a higher energy frequency. I would definitely like to see Dr. C on a regular basis. –Anonymous

Attending this seminar has filled my heart with joy, laughter, and most importantly I believe that I can accomplish my goals and dreams!! Thank you! –Anonymous

Dr. Coldwell gave people power in believing themselves, hope for the better future and never give up. People’s spirits were lifted in only 10 minutes. Excellent work done! –T. Leonard

First time here, I feel very inspired and happy, all worries are gone in one moment and only my bright future is ahead. Thank you for reminding me over and over again that “I am somebody” –anonymous

I learned to love myself, to be positive, have a goal in my life, stay focused on a goal. Dr. C is very, very, positive and very funny! Thank you so much to show me how to be somebody and believe in myself. –Anonymous

Today gave me more confidence. I started to realize that I should love myself for people to love me. Dr. C is an amazing speaker and is my role model. Now, I can make the best out of everything and I shouldn’t care about what people have to say about me. My opinion counts the most. And when someone tells me I can’t do something that gives me ten times the motivation to do it and I know I can. I am somebody. –Emanuela B.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I learned how to love myself more! You have helped me and my daughter very much! God Bless You! –Elena B.

I like this seminar a lot! I am amazed how easily and fast my life may be improved and change in the best way. I learned a lot of wonderful things like how much to love myself from inside, forget my mistakes, never give up, right now-,as a champion, live as a winner, a happy, lovely person. When you are strong and never stop, only go forward to your goal and achieve it. – Anonymous

Simplicity, clarity, focus, action is results- from the inside out. Invest in yourself, live in the here and now. Don’t worry, be happy…worrying doubles trouble. Feel good, look up and stand tall. Direct all moves forward toward success. Envision yourself in the driver’s seat of your favorite car. Take charge, free yourself of burdens, express yourself, be unique. Thanks! –Anonymous

Dr. C was on fire as usual. I can’t wait for the next seminar! You’d have to be dead to not get fired up at his seminars. He really supercharged my energy level. If you are a little off track, this will get you back on track and push you ahead. Thanks- JH

Wonderful experience! He changed my life in one day! Can’t till next time! –Anonymous

Love, love, love it! –Anonymous

I loved getting another view of life! Learning to not care about others opinion is great. Learn to take full responsibility of your life. You are your own best doctor. Share love and positivity to everyone. Learning to stay positive and get up one more time if you get knocked down. Don’t think about negative stuff happening in your life, just go on with your positive life.  I love Dr. C’s way of teaching and his humor! –Anonymous.

I like the energy generated with “one-on-one” hugs, intro’s, and affirmations. I enjoy Dr. C’s “real life” approach to teaching, the language he uses which serves to make the message more believable.- Anonymous

Hello Dr. C,

This was my first time seeing Dr. C live. I loved it! Very informative, fun, and to the point. What I learned was that only I can make myself happy first, then others will join. And also, I learn to to not take crap from any losers! –Angel Esquiver

I love to listen to Dr. C speak. Dr. C is powerful and straight forward. I appreciate his blunt approach. What I got from this seminar is that I need to keep my word and that I am somebody. Also, I will succeed because I can love, I have passion, I am giving, I have a burning desire to impact the life of many people. Dr. C, you are a champion! –Greg Ramos

I liked the fact of feeling very energized here in the room with Dr. C and wonderful people! I learned how important it is that in order to advance, I have to keep associating with positive people and work on my list of “the ones that need to go.” –Anonymous

I’m grateful for my life to share my passion and enthusiasm and energy! If anyone can do it, I can do it too. Defy the odds. –Anonymous

I learned to love myself, step up to be all that I am, relight the passion within. I learned to allow myself to dream big, reawaken my passion to dance, and was reminded of the life force within. –Anonymous

I loved the seminar with Dr. C, it was very good, a nice crowd and now I believe even more in myself.-Anonymous

I love Dr. C! He has changed my life, and I can achieve anything I want. Please make sure you are back in LA as soon as possible! Viva Dr. C!! –Jim Lopez

I enjoyed the seminar completely! Very, very good speaker who knows to layer in experiential activities. Highly recommend this seminar to anyone. A real truth teller! –Miro Perry

I liked it very much! I learned to love myself. I decided not take crap from anybody, to make my own decisions, to believe in myself, get goals and achieve them. “Don’t worry, be happy and of course I can.” I am a champion, and I am born perfect! –Anonymous

I learned to “go on in life, to get over it” I am a champion! Love and blessings, Dr. C! –Johana Carpio

Dr. C, you just keep getting better and better. Every time I come to your workshops, I learn more and more and it seems like you share in more in depth the secrets of loving ourselves. More importantly, is I had a world experience of being the champion I want to be and was born to be. I like the exercises you took us through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your IBMS daughter- Kim

I learned even more about the power I have to create the life of my dreams. I loved the exercises with other people the most. This event was incredible and I am very excited to implement what I learned and then learn even more at the next event. Thank you Dr. C! I am a champion because of how you taught, trained, and supported me! Thank you!- Jared J. Pedersen

I loved every minute I am a Dr. C seminar and it helps me to deal with life in a more positive way. Thank you for all your hard work!- Anonymous

I learned personal responsibility, to love myself, and life’s purpose. I learned about the “real” me and my dreams. I especially enjoyed the affirmations to maintain my attitude and focus. What did I like…what is there NOT to like?? It is Dr. C!! Dr. C is made for everyone!- Anonymous

I got to meet great new people that are getting to learn who they are, just like me. It is an amazing shared experience. I discovered that we are all at a different place to start, though we can all make a decision to change our lives instantly. I like the music by Tara J. King, it shared a very personal energy with the membership and gave us an opportunity to recognize her and her beautiful songs. The “Bulletproof” portion gave us another perspective to engage in responding to life’s challenges. –Recardo Carrilto

Dr. Coldwell is fantastic and very knowledgeable. He also teaches great, so you never get bored. I learned a great deal in this seminar and am very happy that I came here today. Thanks! –Bill R




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