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Dr Coldwell’s “How to Become Rich and Powerful” Seminar Comments from L.A.

Marsha O’ Bannon

Dr. C is outstanding!  Best motivational speaker!  Much better than Tony Robbins and all the rest!  He is REAL!!  It is a pleasure and a special gift that I got to be in his group and I just got to meet him today for the first time!


Carlos Aluarez

There is not space enough in this paper to explain or express how you have impacted my state of mind and the perspective in which I see my life; especially the way that I see myself.  I am a champion!  I know you are a man of your word and you really mean what you say and you have used all of your wisdom to change people lives.  I will never forget what I have heard you say, and every joke and every gesture, everything that happened the people I got to meet.  In a near future we will meet and I will thank you personally.  We need more teachers like you in the Hispanic community.  I promise myself to live, apply and follow your teachings.



Dr. C is my favorite speaker!  He makes me realize the potential that I and everybody else have.  He also helps us learn about what he has to say in the humorous ways.  He is like the party of GIN through everybody’s eyes.  And I like how he has a magic touch when it comes to women.



This seminar was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life…period!  The program was well-paced and creative.  Clearly Dr. C is the master of this material and so much more.  I have never had the occasion to feel that I was a part of a mastermind, but today I not only understand the concept but have actually experienced it.  I really have a sense of a dividing line between what has come before and is to come.  Everyone should do this-what a blast.


Dick Legic

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the seminar today!  More than words can explain, you have re-awakened the champion in me to a greater extent than the past seminars I have attended.  You may not personally know me, but I consider you, and the GIN faculty part of my group of friends who support me and bring me back up in this time where I was beginning to lose faith in myself.  I am somebody and I completely accept and love myself.  Thank you! See you soon!  I promise myself that I will always get back up.  I will never stop fighting.



Today was a great awakening of areas being touched on by Dr. C.  Areas in my life that are usually so difficult to cut into, but Dr. C had a great sense of humor and truth that allowed me to open up to what he was saying.  Dr. C is a great motivational speaker and his experiences are fun and real for you to see your life as it should be.  Thank you for today and the rest of my life in training.


Yoka Yohanna

What an angel you are!  This seminar was just what I needed to help me to realize that I am a champion!!  I adore you!! You are powerful in your love for humanity, for those who reach out to be the best they can be!  I love your sincerity and sense of humor.  It is so real and like you said- you get what you get!  Because you mentioned your love of horses would you like a portrait of you with your favorite horse?  Look at my website…two of my horse painting are in a museum in Japan and David Murdoch, owner of Dole owns one of his favorite horse portraits that I did of “Poison” his white horse.  I am self-taught and need to expose my work!  I haven’t painted for a long time.  It will be an honor to paint your portrait!  You have my heart!


D. Jayce

This seminar of Dr. C’s was the most outstanding and live experience I have ever experienced.  Dr. C is crazy, fun, excellent, exciting person one could ever hear and meet.  I got to know and understand where the real millionaire in me was and have always been. I have the power and “forget” what anyone, everyone else thinks I can’t, do be or become.  Anyone who wants to be the person they really want to be, should go see and hear Dr. C.  He is the greatest.


A. Lesie

Dr. C is the most amazing, inspiring and real person that I have every hugged in my life!  The seminar is uplifting and life changing.  I’ll keep coming for more!



Dr. C’s event was off the hook today!  This day was something I was looking forward to for a while.  It would be my first live Dr. C event and it far exceeded my expectations.  The results I walk away with are golden…unstoppable bullet proof confidence for the rest of my life.  That is priceless.



Dr. C’s seminar was inspirational and helped me to get out of my comfort zone.  I learned that there were so many gold nuggets in this seminar!  The resounding theme for me is to not let/allow/entertain any outside influences that are negative inside.  I control the influences of my life.



Thank you for your time, energy and boldness where it comes to the truth about what is really going on with cancer and the government.  The importance of living in the moment and acting on an opportunity when it comes.  Moving a mind set on being ready for life.  How important it is to find your self motivation and to find a problem that needs a solution to make money doing it.


Christopher Moore

Once again, Dr. C amazed and energized me!  I first met Dr. C on our second leadership cruise after I ran up to him, hugged him and said thank you for all that you do.  He told me, “I love you brother” and I responded, “I love you too!”  What a wonderful man and I feel so blessed to have been exposed to him!


Loretta Mull

I love Dr. C’s seminars because he tells things the way that they are and he is so down to earth and really cares about everyone. He is an inspiration to me.  He is the kind of person everyone would like to hang out with.  I used to take no shit from anyone, but always found myself in some sort of trouble.  Now I feel like I can still be myself and that no one can make me be someone that I am not.  No shit, no more.  I have learned that I don’t have to fight to stay grounded and be myself and do well in life.  Make it what I want.


Carlos Junco

Dr. Coldwell has done once again one of the best performances that I have seen since the cruise.  He elevated me to a level of self-respect and love for my own self.  Thank you so much, hope to see you giving seminars in the Fort Lauderdale area.


Felipe Silud

Dr. C is incredible!  I love the way he fires up all of us and gave us all the information, data and experiences to enjoy and make so much neuro pathways in such an extraordinary way.  Today we all vibrate so high, our master mind connected as just one.  Thanks for this extraordinary seminar!



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Dr. Coldwell has changed me into the real me.  I feel so thankful for everything I have learned.  He is the absolute best!


Maria Angie Pombo

I liked what I learned and that is that I was born to be successful and I am somebody.  Based on this seminar we can do and get what we want to be, to prove to people to make any project to be a millionaire.


Betsy Elliot

Dr. Coldwell is an inspiration without limit.  His conference was just what I needed to break through some stuff and propel me forward to acquiring success to platinum and life in general.  I love his delivery and his no bullshit attitude.


Bobbi Govanus

I like the energy and the wonderful people that I met!  I liked Dr. Coldwell’s approach and his skillful presentation.  He had that crowd involved and captured everyone’s attention!  I learned to trust my instincts and believe in myself.  Thank you.


Lou Minnis

Thank you for you caring.  Thank you for telling us how it really is.  Thank you for being a part of my life since June 2009 in Chicago.  I am in control!  I will help others to become healthy, happy and wealthy!


Mike D.

Dr. C was great!  He gives his all to motivate us to move forward.  He is genuinely concerned about our success and well-being.  Spectacular job!

Myles and Rosemarie Conefrey

The seminar was great.   It reinforced a lot of my own training over the past two years in the neo-think society and GIN.  A lot of the changes and improvements Dr. C spoke of are already in process with the TVP or look at the PRIME LAW and the contracts.  Together we can all make it a reality.  Things really do have to change not only in this country but throughout the world.



Dr. C is the most motivational person I have ever seen live.  I use his stress reduction system as well as his champion package.  Now having seen and met him these systems are going to have an ever larger impact than before.  The Taste of GIN is a fantastic presentation.  Dr. C is the man for the job!  I have connected with him on many different levels today and I believe his presence here has opened me up to the others around me.  The level of contacts GIN has provided me today is going to help launch my business to the next level and I can’t wait.  The journey is just beginning.  Thank you!


Shelby Carson

This is my first time event of attending a GIN seminar and I truly am grateful that my upline invited me to this event.  Currently I am an affiliate and have truly enjoyed this wonderful opportunity.  I’m strongly considering becoming a member soon.  Thanks for the inspiration Dr. Coldwell.


Dawn T.

Today was truly amazing.  Dr. C brought GIN up to another level.  After his presentation I am 110% convinced that I can be, do or become whatever I want to be!



This was my first experience hearing Dr. C and I am already feeling changes.  I’ve felt goose bumps a few times today.  I am so grateful to have been introduced to GIN.  I feel stronger, yet still feel blocks.  I get hyped up with all the information, and then feel I fizzle out and lose my oomph?  I will keep persisting but I want what I want, yesterday.  I love to hear all of the health information and how all the leaders face up to the government.  Thank you again!  I am learning to accept myself.





I am very glad that I attended today.  I almost didn’t come.  I so appreciated Dr. C being real and being himself.  I learned that I am a valuable person and deserve my heart desires.  There are no limits of what I can do.



Frank Sciolino

Dr. Coldwell is just amazing.  The energy and the power that he carries through his teachings are just incredible.  Dr. C’s seminar has given me the inspiration to go out and get rid of all of the “crap” in my life and start a new life.  The amazing things that GIN brings to my life have no words to express.  Thank you GIN for changing my life and I will follow the mission you have, to change people’s life.  Keep up the great work!


Yancy Hudson

Dr. C is an awesome speaker, with spectacular dynamic charisma.


Gerald Clermont

Dr. Coldwell’s seminar was inspiring and very animated.  I learned the importance of controlling my emotions in order to accomplish my goals.  Dr. Coldwell taught me techniques to overcome my limiting beliefs.  I am in a stronger position to maintain positive vibrations.



I enjoyed the seminar.  It was very up building.  Dr. Coldwell does a great job expressing himself.  I definitely picked up some valuable information.



Dr. C is the best. He gives me so much energy and power.



Cindy McMillan

Thank you, thank you thank you from the tip of my nose to the bottom of my toes!  Another great day of learning!  Every event I feel more cognition and today was no exception.  My love and appreciation go out of ALL of you.


Josh Gathings

Dr. C impresses us all once again.  Another powerful, amazing seminar.  I love Dr. C’s impactful presentation.  How he lifts the crowds energy and vibrations on such a high level.  Dr. C and his IBMS techniques give the true meaning of what dream building is all about.  Well done Dr. C.  Thanks for the book signing and picture!


Genty Vitale

Excellent presentation enjoyed the energy and positive motivation.  Thank you for being you!! The day was very positive and uplifting!



I’m very motivated from this seminar.  I can feel my future will change for the better for me, my family and my good friends!  Thank you!



Thank you very much for everything you are doing and all the things you haven’t done yet that you are going to do.  I can tell you that on today’s seminar I got to learn how to have a winner’s attitude and keep it like that forever.  I’m looking forward to the future with a lot of expectation to partner with you in some of your projects knowing that we share the same love and passion for horses, dogs and food.  Thank you very much.



Thanks a million for the life changing day!  I truly enjoyed all the cool techniques to change our thought patters.  I also appreciate him mentioning what will happen in 2012 as time is getting close.  GIN has changed my life and events like this are priceless.  Dr. C is very dynamic and his energy is awesome.  I could feel his vibration from my chair.  It’s great to attend events where other members are participating because the collective energy helps each one of us get even more from speakers.   I wish we had more meeting closer to Miami, so it is easier to attend.


Joel Rodriguez

I had the best, best, best time at the Dr. C seminar!  You are doing a great job and I will pray for you all.


Stephany Junco

Once again you all took it over the top!  Dr. C is a phenomenal being, unique for his ability to energize and inspire you to become a better you and act/feel like a champion.  Today I learned to value myself for who I am, for who I want to be and cherish all that I am!  Dr. C has once again given much information that is imperative to move me forward.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express our true self and providing life changing techniques that have truly enhanced me in many ways.  I love you all.


Chris Winowich

Dr. Coldwell was outstanding like usual, never failing to impress me.  Very interesting information and helpful tips in making my dreams come true.  Thanks, Dr. C. Come back please!


Kurt Winowich

Thank you for your time today.  The information and energy delivered by Dr. C is incredible.  Thank you for allowing my 16 year old son to come along as an affiliate.  Thanks again.  See you soon!



Nice seminar, I’m glad that I attended.  The information was great; also the interaction with the other attendees was fun.  I will recommend this to others.



I love the event.  I met a lot of people.  I’m going to invite everyone to Dr. C’s events!


Jeran Hoobler

I love Dr. C!  He is great!  I’m going to be rich and powerful!  Good time!  Thank you Dr. C!



Dr. C is awesome!  The point of GIN is exactly what I was looking for.  Dr. C defines it really well; friendship, happiness, adoration that you don’t find anywhere else.  I’m in!  My dreams are back, my hope is real now.  Thank you!  I have to see you on the beaches of the world!


R. Wilson

This seminar with Dr. C is the best.  Compassion, warmth, love and growing all mixed up in one beautiful experience.  I will do this again over and over!  Thank you.


Andrew Kallikounis

Dr. C was fantastic.  I will take advantage of every opportunity to see and hear him.  I feel empowered and confident.  This was a wonderful experience that also gave me useful and practical lessons.  Dr. C greeted me with a warm and sincere hug.  I really felt his positive energy.  He also showed me how much fun personal growth can be.  Thank you, thank you.



The seminar of Dr. C was unlike any seminar I have ever attended.  It was informative, empowering and I left feeling 100% better then when I came.  I intend to attend many more of his seminars in the future.  I am somebody.  Thanks Dr. C.


Jan Schaller

Very good, brings you back to center of who you are.  Helps clear the fog and see clearly again, dusted off goals that I’ve had but not used in a long time.  Overall-very good and good for GIN.  The greatest Champion in history; my savior Jesus Christ.


Dan Schuller

Reminded me who I am.  Excellent content, teaching, presentation and transparency.  Hard to with last confession of “fuck you.”  The good thing is that because I know again who I am, I am not offened.  My confession is now he “jesus” is my champion and he lives in me.  I can fully say I am period.


Susanna Koilyar

Your energy is soooo contagious!  Please continue giving these life transforming seminars in the future.  After doing all these incredible exercises my mind and heart are totally clean of the negative thoughts people and event from the past.  I’m reenergized and ready to move fearlessly forward with my dreams and goals to develop my online pharmacy for forward thinking people who want to grow older gracefully, happy and joyful.  Thank you for all of the hard work that you do.



I’ve been to three of Dr. C’s seminars and this one was a break-through for me.  I’ve learned to let go of the past and just take control of the future.  Picturing myself and see myself in my dream doing what I want will be a very helpful technique to use.  I truly believe I am a champion!  It’s the right attitude!



Your equal, powerful, succesfull and charming!  Today was/is a great day!


Tonie Quintero

Really, do you have to ask?  AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING!  Dr. C woke me up to me, my dreams and passion.  Today I got my power back!  Thank you Dr. C.  I really appreciated the level in which you communicated.  You never once talked down to us.   You spoke to us!



Thank you Dr. C!  Very enjoyable, very informative, very uplifting!  Love your very open and real honesty and telling it like it is.  The little big of info you gave about global warming, the oil reserves, the digital TV versus analog, the TV being used for mind control of the masses, was great.  I’d like to have heard more of that info “they don’t want you to know”  Thanks so much!


Yadi Rojas

This taste of GIN seminar was amazing.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I am an affiliate now, but not for long.  I plan on bringing my friends and family to see Dr.C because it is truly a life changing experience.  Thank you so much.  Keep up this world changing experience.


Elina Peterson

Dr. C is amazing!  The energy exercises were great!  The music really helped with envolving emotions and feeling and seeing my dreams.  Dr. C’s descriptions of being rich and powerful were great and expanded my mind.  I’m changed! Thank you!


Amy Wissman

Thanks Dr. C for your care and empowerment for my mind and body.  I’d love to attend your 3 day event hopfully not too long from now.


Nart Chejoka

It was a pleasure attending Dr. C’s seminar.  Not just hysterical but the message of breaking the shell and steering your ship cannot be heard enough.  I will always look forward to see Dr. C in the future.


Richard Potter

The comradeship was divine.  Dr. C draws us together like no one else!  Thank you Dr. C for your love and straight up talk.  The way that it is.  No excuses get over it!



It’s always wonderful to be around like-minded people, a great time to re-energize and know that “united we stand, divided we fall.”  Thank you for being Dr. C.



Dr. C thank you for sharing to me your skills, talent and your years of blessing as a champion-successful doctor and genuine communicator.  Thank you for all the cleansing in and out of my being.  I sweat for joy in your actual brain and psychological reinforcement to become who I am, the real me.  Bless you more for new people to come.


Edna G.

Dr. C you are one of a kind.  Thanks a million.



Anna C.

Thank you, Dr. C.  Please continue our seminar.  Now we are so used to them and we would miss it if there is no more for a while.  Each time we get conditioned a little bit more and even if we’re not champions yet, soon we will be!  Thank you for starting GIN. We will spread the fire.


Martina F.

Thank you very much for all that you have done and will do for us!  You all are god sends and I bless you from the deepest part of my soul.  This seminar is a testament to the dedication of you all to us doing our part to bring about true change in this world.  Dr. C is truly a man who has and will continue to be a power in this world.  I appreciate the fact that Dr. C was willing to hear my point of view and actually consider and make in my opinion an extremely important and monumental change in his teachings to make sure that us gay people are not individually excluded through the force of “harmful” words.  Thanks again and see you soon.



The more I experience GIN events, I am feeling at home.  It is good to know folks are addressing these things head on.  Thanks for your courage.  I enjoy you and what you are.


Chris Looney

What did I like about the seminar?  Personally I think it was incredible.  The amount of positive energy couple with the creative and inspirational exercises was unlike anything I could have expected.  This was transforming for me because it made me realize how much of myself I’ve been holding back, but now I have decided to break my chains of social and financial bondage.  I will be my true self from this day forward, and nobody or nothing will stand in my way.


Edwin Gallegos

I am completely thankful for what I have learned from this seminar with Dr. Coldwell.  The knowledge plus the exercises make this event something so special and powerful that I’m extremely empowered.  Thank you very much to the council of GIN and Dr. C.


S. Dolm

Thank you so much for today’s event!  I really enjoyed it.  I go to all your seminars that I can and never tire of them.  It feels so good to go thru the exercises.  I also love to hear about your experiences and political realities.  My favorite part today was the one we did last where we say goodbye to our past.  I rolled it up and put it up one of those vacuum shoots that stores send money up, then I unhooked the flatbed truck that held it all and was free!  I didn’t get a hug yet today, but hopefully still will.  Can’t wait until the next event!  Thank you and love you!



I loved Dr. C’s seminar!  Even though I have seen him several times before, it seems like it’s a brand new seminar every time, and I can’t get enough of hearing him speak.  What I like most about Dr. C’s events is that he makes us move!  It’s not just a nice break from sitting; it makes me feel energized and alert.  Thanks, Dr. C!



This seminar was phenomenal for me!  Just left my husband and am now a single mom with three kids and four jobs and GIN.  I feel so great and empowered and am totally excited about my successful future.  I am a champion and look forward to becoming more involved with GIN.  I can’t even express how meaningful today was for me.  Thank you, Dr. C, you are an incredible man.


Jason Tapia

These seminars are amazing and I loved it and I am only 12 years old and if I like it then I think everyone will so do not stop these seminars.  And my favorite part of it was the whole thing!


Gabriel Castellanos

Thank you so much for all that you do for me and everyone.  Today was another great day well spent with you.  I have dropped many things just to be with you, one more day.  I have spent time with you at different events and just cannot get enough of you.  Just by thinking of being with you at events improves my mood and helps me live a better day…life.  You bring me up when I am down and keep me up when I am up.  The information is very powerful when used.  Thank you for you emails and being a part of this great club “GIN.”


Kathleen Perez

Thank you!  I loved the way you stressed being ones true self and that is what is going to bring me success.  Also that we are all champions we just have to believe that we are.



Ryan Perez

Thank you, Dr. C.  I’m getting it.  You said the secret is me and I am beginning to see it more and more.


Elena R.

I am very thankful and grateful that I was here today.  Dr. C was speaking to me today.  He said everything I needed to hear to get rid of the past and take control over my life starting today.  I don’t have to listen to others anymore.  I can do it.  I love you Dr. C.  I am free!


Quinton Bradley

Dr. C, I’ll never teach my high school biology class the same!  Thank you for your simple, candid and in your face style.  I simply loved it.  You have opened my awareness and changed my level of vibration.  Your time spent with us today is invaluable.



This was my first meeting and I have it.  Dr. C you are all of that and a bag of chips!  Love you!  And I am beautiful.


S. Lively

I like how interactive the seminar was and all the information about positive thinking.  It made me realize that I really need to stop delaying getting the things that I want and go after it now!  Thanks, Dr. C!


Marylea Toher

The seminar was fun and invigoration.  I appreciate the addition of music.  It lends space for creativity.  I was expecting more information but the experimental portion was very valuable.  I particularly liked the goal setting.  Being in the space of what we’re wanting,feeling it and enjoying it.  I really enjoy the participation of the audience with enthusiasm and adding fun.  I believe we learn most effectively when we’re having fun.  Dr. C is an awesome guy.  Hugs to you.  Thank you!




Ricardo Carritto

Dr. C is amazing, inspiring, in your face, no bullshit speaker. More people need to hear this every day, just like I did.  We need more of the community to be active in this world.  The activities are supporting and fun without real physical and mental results.  I needed to hear this today! Thank you!


Kathy Shaw

Dr. Coldwell’s seminar was very inspiring.  It’s my first time and had picked up some pointers towards my own life aspect.  Would like to attend more seminars but the resisters fill up so quick.  Dr. Coldwell is ruthless but powerful and blunt.  I never heard a foreigner swear so fluently.  Good job!


Stephanie Shaw

Great seminar!  I love Dr. Coldwell!  Enjoyed all the interactive exercises and really feel that he is speaking truth.  It is definitely uplifting and an event that will change my outlook in life.  Definitely is inspirational and am a much different person walking away.



It has been an amazing experience.  It has changed my outlook on life.  Dr. C is truly amazing.  He will pump you up and train you how to keep a positive outlook on life.


Yuri N. Soria

It’s been rewarding and life changing.  This seminar has brought me happiness; to find out that there’s more out there for me.  It has kept me open minded throughout and I can’t wait to go home and try it all.  To be somebody more than what I thought I was.  To be a true champion for me!  It was great, all of it!


Mitra Rajabi

Great and powerful seminar.  Entertaining.  Dr. C is entertaining, funny and speaks in a “matter of fact” way.  Loved the visualization exercises (ex: see yourself in your dream car, dream home, perfect self…) I’d love to bring friends and family to the seminars.  Well organized event.



Daniel Zaiala

In just a few words simply and absolutely amazing!  Dr. C simply knows how to empower you to take you to that next step.  Thank you Dr. C for giving us the opportunity to experience this seminar.


Terence Brooks

Dr. C once again proved himself as an amazing trainer.  I thought coming into this seminar Dr. C would be a little too crazy for new people but I was completely wrong.  Dr.C did such a great job warming people up to him.  I’ve seen him several times and the way he opened the seminar was the best that I had ever seen.  Dr. C represents GIN in a way that makes me proud to be a member of this club.



Dr. C’s event was off the hook today!  This day was something I was looking forward to four a while.  It would be my first live Dr. C event and it far exceeded my expectations.  The results I walk away with are golden…unstoppable bullet proof confidence for the rest of my life.  That is priceless!


Karla Eller

I absolutely loved the seminar, I felt like Dr. C was talking to me personally.  I’m so ready to let go of the past and be the “me” that I deserve to be.  I have discovered the champion in me.  I am walking out the door a true champion destined for success.  I have always felt like I was destined to be great, I was just keeping myself down.  Thank you Dr. C for helping me see my true beauty and the real ME.



It was a radical life changing experience.  I am a champion.  I look forward to going to as many seminars as possible.  I am a true champion.  Even though I presently work for CVS I am a natural health guy.  I am a success and champion and I will achieve my dreams of getting married and owning my own organic market.  I look forward for the next seminar.


Katie W.

Dr. C was absolutely fabulous!  Favorite speaker to date cut the bullshit and lets get to happiness, success and bourbon.  Thank you for awakening the champion in myself.  Ready to fight, win, get knocked down, get back up and come back stronger each time.  Thank you for your beaming energy of love.  Dr. C it is time to rock and roll.


Tait Nalley

This has been by far the most life changing and productive event of my life and has highly influenced me to be a part of GIN.  I have such deep respect and admiration for Dr. C and would be honored to spend more time with his awesome and very admirable personality and wisdom.  His character has obviously been developed and much cared for, by himself.  He has changed my life and if I can return the favor with any service, I am glad to.


Rachele Brooke Smith

Amazing! Life changing!  I have never felt so strong, so powerful and so ready to take on the world and win.  I am making decisions today to always be happy and never let anyone hold me back.  I am so grateful for Dr. C. He really has changed my life and helped me step into my true, powerful, champion self.  I can see my dream home, car, academy award, lifetime achievement private jet, and ability to have, be and do anything that I want in life and it is all thanks to Dr. C.  I want to go to every one of his seminars forever!  When I am accepting my awards I will thank him for helping me see the true unstoppable me and helping me get on that stage and have those awards.


Joshua Flores

This is one of the best seminars.  Let me correct myself… “The best!”  Dr. C is a great mentor and above all a wonderful soul this seminars are a must, for all who want to achieve success.



Hello, Dr. C.  I am so happy to see you today.  I love your seminar so much, enjoy.  I wish I can spend more time in U.S.A. so I be able to go your seminar every seminar that you host.  You always make me happy.  Yes…I am a champion.  You are terrific.  I love you Dr. C.  I have learned so much from you.  I never have seminar like this in Thailand.  Thank you so much.


Lauren Zabaronick

Dr. C is the absolute best!  Today he brought out the inner champion in me that has always been there inside me.  I just suppressed it.  I am ecstatic, enthused and feel alive!  I finally feel like myself again, which I have not felt this way in some time.  Dr. C showed me how to be the successful leader I am.  I learned yet another technique of how to feel good now!!  This seminar is amazing and I hope there will be many more.  Thank you Dr. C.

Bangkok Matthew

This was the best “fuck you” seminar I’ve ever attended.  Dr. C knows how to dial right into my core emotions to bring out the true “champion” that resides within me.  Too often I over intellectualize to complicate matters.  Dr. C cuts through all the BS like a knife through butter.  He gets the raw emotions flowing.  Please keep this coming!



Today’s seminar was amazing!  I learned that I have power that never ends, a life and love and a soul. I love and an endless world of possibilities and fun is available to me always.  I have the power to make my dreams come true.  Dr. C is a genius!  Brilliant, vibrant, passionate and a mountain moving!  Thank you!! I am not taking shit anymore!  My past is gone and behind me!  Thank you, thank you!


Pamela M.

Beyond belief!  I love, love, love Dr. C!  Want to come to boot camp.  Would love to do more and more.  Thank you for all your help and caring.  I want the world to be full of people like you.  I am honored to now have a friend such as you.  I am looking forward to more time with you.


Maria Herrera

I got that this is a extraordinary seminar.  This seminar took me to the next level in my leadership.  I am present to the goals that I have.  I thank Dr. C.  I recognize Dr. C for who he stand for.  I, Maria Herrera go empower and transformed.  Thanks.


Alberto Robles

I am exciting.  Dr. C really got me out of my comfort zone and my shell.  I am really committed to achieve my goals.  Thanks to Dr. C.


Jeanie Marshall

Thank you, Dr. C.  This was a powerful day, a day I will benefit from for years to come.  I appreciate your presence and dedication.  This is exactly the type of “day” that is needed for people and by the attendance and response, I can see it is also wanted by the people.  I am eager to check in with one of my 7 downline present to see if he was able to let go of the past.  If not today, that is fine, because it will happen for him when he is ready.



I am so happy.  I coming the first time.  I thank you for your time.  You change my life today in the new person.  I love this moment and remember forever.  You are great!  Thanks for everything.



Dr. C’s seminar was unlike any one that I have attended through GIN or elsewhere.  I’ve heard of his unique method of presenting and it was right up my alley.  I love his charm, genuineness and endless positivity.  I will definitely assimilate what I’ve learned today into my ever growing repertoire of daily visualization, planning and activity toward achieving my goals and dreams.


David Salem

Another excellent seminar by Dr. C.  He always breaks you out of you comfort zone and prevents you from getting stuck.  Dr. C, I appreciate your honesty and true love for your GIN family.  This is my life and I am in control.  Thank you for showing me that all I need is to be myself.



Dr. C you rock!  Thank you so much for this great day.  It will be the beginning of my unstoppable success.  I am so grateful to be here.  I am blessed to have a friend like Joe who brought me here.  I have read all of Kevin’s books.  He has done amazing things to people.  You have to continue with these seminars because the positive energy you put inside me will make me go out there and “kill.”  I’ve got the power!



We were privileged to spend a day with Dr. C.  He is so charismatic, and so good is teaching us that we are champions and that we can succeed at anything we want to be, do or have.  This is an unforgettable event, and I am going to have to be sure of myself.  These seminars are necessary because they always renew our faith in ourselves, and remind us of whom we can be, proud of whom we are.  I so look forward to going to Chicago!



This was my first seminar with Dr. C.  I enjoyed it tremendously.  He is awesome!  I will become a member and definitely attend more of these seminars!  Thank you very much! We are champions!


Amazing…Dr. C was honest and candid in a way that allowed me to learn exactly what I needed to.  I needed to be shaken and Dr. C did a great job.  He stressed being yourself and then creating the life we want.  I needed that too.  I would have paid thousands of dollars for a seminar like this (if I had the money).


Carlos E. Brander

This is the best training that I have ever attended.  Thank you so much, I feel more secure and I know I will become a millionaire now that I know that I have to become what I always wanted.  Dr. Coldwell thank you for giving back what you promise.  I see you and I see a great leader, a true champ.  Thank you for bringing out the champ in me.


Dale Rios

What I loved, truly loved about today’s seminar is without question, the passion, the sincerity, the feeling of family displayed by Dr. Coldwell.  He exceeded my expectations and has given me the ability and the confidence to break out of my shell.  Thanks greatly for his dedication and desire to help us realize and achieve our own dreams.


Fernando Tapia

The seminar with Dr. C was awesome, full of energy and fun.  To take out the champion that we have inside of us took dedication.  I don’t have enough words to explain everything that I feel but I can say it was one of the best days of my life.


Steph Smith

Thanks so much Dr. C.  No one could empower me the way that you can.  Thanks for the magic you worked on me.  Just yesterday I was so down in the dumps.  So what I did was to start celebrating then.  The reason was because I knew it would soon be over.  That’s because I knew I would be here today feeling the way I do now.  I am a winner and a champion and the only one that knows that more than you do is me.



Powerful tools for immediate person transformation.  I feel grateful and very happy about having the opportunity to be trained by Dr. C.  I can feel his love and commitment with our GIN family and our journey of achievement and reconnection with our true selves.


I want to say that I’m so grateful for all the information that GIN provides us.  Thank you to all the speakers, especially Dr. C.  You are the best, you keep us motivated and having so much fun.  You do anything to keep us interested.  We all love you and can’t wait to see you again.



It’s the best I’ve felt in years.  If you want GIN to keep and accelerate growing.  The meetings and events are critical to move everyone forward.  Thank you!  Do the right thing this is part of it.  Dr. C has the ability to bring us all closer together.  Fun! Fantastic!


Edward George

I have been in most of the GIN seminars.  In my opinion, Dr. C’s seminar has been one of the most powerful seminars of all.  Not only does he motivate you but will help you put your past behind you and focus in helping you excel and find the real you.  Dr. C was amazingly effective, he is honest and does not beat around the bush.  I would recommend it to anyone.



Dr. C is incredible!  This is my first GIN event and I had an amazing time!  The event was inspiring!  I truly believe that I am a champion!  I feel unstoppable!  I can be whoever I want to be, but most importantly be true to myself.


Stephanie B.

Dr. C has done it yet again.  You are such a blessing to this world.  You inspire me and help me to see the person I truly am.  With people like you around I will never give up.  I will achieve my dreams because I am seeing myself the way you do more and more each day.  I love you Dr. C!!  Thank you for helping me stretch myself.


Nichola B.

Love your in the face approach in waking me up about life and the never ending choices we have in this world to be happy and successful.




Ruff Horseman

I loved the seminar.  Thank you GIN and Dr. C for turning my life around and showing me how powerful we all can be.  I want to bring all my friends and family the next time Dr. C is in town.  I can’t wait.  I thought the break and lunch times were perfectly timed.  I never felt tired or bored at all.



The seminar was opening and finding the right positive attitude and potential in each individual.   Dr. C made everything for people sitting in the audience.  I’m sure that seminar helped majority of people to believe in themselves and continue working toward their goals in their lives.  Thank you for helping people Dr. C.


Pedro Sanchez

Absolutely awesome!  The energy is like no other in my 37 years of life.  Thank you so much, Dr. C.  I absolutely love you.  From the bottom of my heart thank you for what you do.  I will never ever forget this day.  I also want to give a huge thanks to Kevin for all he does and for inspiring me on this new, wonderful and new found freedom he and company has provided for me and my loved ones.


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