Fast Food Giants Deserving of Pats on the Back? Or is this marketing tactics to misguide the public? : Dr. Leonard

Fast Food Giants Deserving of Pats on the Back? Or is this marketing tactics to misguide the public?

fast foodJust in case you are wondering about the claims from the Fast Food Giants. Where do we stand?  Until they stop using factory farms and get rid of toxic hazards, then we can not support any of these companies.  Although we do commend the efforts made to make progress, the health hazards that still lurk in these places leaves little room to get excited about. As noted in the article in which we support, the ‘proposed’ changes have yet to be seen.   There is a good reason the fast food giants adhere to some of the requests, because it looks good for them.  If they can keep the toxic poisons in the foods and add a sprinkle of some good around, then that suits them just fine.  Therefore, we continue to vote with our dollar to continue to suffocate the big industry.   We simply can not give kudos to a co-existing atmosphere.  Some of you may be thinking that our views are harsh and unattainable and we have no empathy for companies trying to better themselves.  Ask yourselves, what poison do you want to eat?  When you compromise, you simply compromise your health and the health of the planet.

Take a look at PepsiCo’s decision to replace aspartame in Diet Pepsi with sucralose (Splenda).  This may appear to be a good step, however, have you read the Fuel for the Body’s chapter, The Sweetest Deception, to see how companies will convince you that their carcinogenic product is safe for you.  If you have not read the truth about Splenda, I encourage you to do so.  Please do not be deceived by these companies pretending to clean up their act.
We choose the NON-Compromising aspects.  We choose life!

You can read this interesting article by Andy Bellatti

Although all these fast food giants are making steps in seemingly right directions, it is up to you if you want to slather your ‘all natural’ beef burger to ‘taco beef’ with artificial ingredients such as HFCS, Neotame, Splenda, Artificial flavors, hydrogenated soybean oil and many other hazards.   As these are the remaining ingredients left in the buns, cheeses, condiments, etc. We understand that it takes little steps to get to the final destination.  However, we have been wreaking their onslaught of madness for long enough now and at the high cost of our health and the health of the planet.  It is about time to have the no compromise approach to put an end to all the smoke and mirrors.

Furthermore, the chain Taco Bell has no plans to remove antibiotics from its meat like products.  Not to mention they only have 36% beef in any of their addictive foods they serve.  Here is what Liz Matthews, Taco Bell’s Chief Food Innovation Officer has to say.  She steered clear of arguing about the health impact of the new ingredient standards. “There are things that are good and things that are bad, and that’s not for us to debate,” she said. “We’re just here to listen to our customers and they want less in their food and they want simpler ingredients and that’s what we’re doing.”  Now, I am not sure about you, but I clearly see the IDGAS (I Don’t Give A $#%!) attitude this officer has. You can read more about this article here:>>>  BuzzFeed News

The photo below compliments of AltHealth Works, please click on picture for their side of an opinion as well.  

Plain and simple, what do you really want to eat?  Are you at all concerned about what hazards you consume or feed your family?  Of course, this stuff will not kill you immediately or make you deathly ill immediately.  However, we see time and again the long term effects of illnesses, diseases, and obesity that this fast food world has created.  It just does not make sense to consume ingredients that are not a real food.  This is all your decision, you are the ultimate decision maker of what you put in your body.

I could go on and on about all the other fast food chains out there, but I will spare you the repetitive read.  Do your research and decide if you want to live a life of longevity or illnesses.  Remember though, to always LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!

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