FREE VIEWING! Episode 7 - GMOs Revealed | What can be said in support of GMOs? : Dr. Leonard

FREE VIEWING! Episode 7 – GMOs Revealed | What can be said in support of GMOs?

You’ve heard the experts weigh in on why GMOs are dangerous to your health and the environment…

You’ve seen the mountains of evidence that GMOs are under-researched and over-sold…

And you’ve been shocked again and again by the way the public has been kept in the dark.

Now it’s time to give the opposition a chance to respond. What can be said in support of GMOs?


Episode 7 brings you an exclusive interview with Robert Saik, a supporter of GMOs…

Can GMOs feed the world, as Mr. Saik proposes? This important interview will help you gain an understanding of the opposition–and you’ll be surprised by what you discover.


Following the interview with Robert Saik, Greg Horn joins GMOs Revealed to bring us compelling information about the roots of GMOs…

This information is revealing, to say the least, and I’m warning you it’s not for the faint of heart!

Did you know that Monsanto, the leading producer of GMO seeds and the chemicals they’re engineered to resist, has its roots not in the food industry but in military technology specifically, chemical warfare?

Unfathomable, but true. They’ve now aimed this chemical warfare at agriculture, their crowning achievement being Roundup, or glyphosate.

But that’s not even the HALF of it…

In an unholy marriage, Monsanto then created a variety of genetically modified seeds that specifically resist–are you ready for this–Roundup!

This has given birth to the toxic cycle of GMO seeds and chemical use that is literally holding us hostage today.

Upsetting? You bet. And this episode blows the lid off…

Don’t miss out on seeing this one. We all need to know the hidden truth.





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