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The Healing Oil of Hemp

hempHemp Versus Marijuana:  What’s the Difference?

First let me apologize for the use of jargon and large words.  Explaining the benefits and uses of CBD oil is not an easy task to do without them.  However, I will do my best to keep it as simple as possible.  When many of us hear the word cannabis we immediately think of marijuana. That rabbit hole will take us on a journey of debates of legal versus illegal, helpful versus harmful, and many other debates that seem to follow it.  However, what many do not know is that the cannabis has many different uses.  Mainly I want to clarify the difference between hemp and marijuana.  Marijuana is made from the flowers and buds of the cannabis that many know has a highly psychotropic effect, or the one that people get high from smoking or ingesting.  That is because this part of the plant is high in tetrahydrocannabinol, simply known as THC, and low in cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD.  Hemp is derived from the stalks and seeds of the cannabis plant and is the exact opposite, high in CBD and low in THC, which means it does not have the psychotropic effects that marijuana does. 

Marijuana  = High TCH and Low CBD

Hemp  = Low THC and High CBD

So now that we know the difference between hemp and marijuana, why do we care?  What does CBD do anyway and more importantly, why do I need it?  CBD does not occur naturally by itself, nor does it work effectively in isolation.  Hemp has over 500 compounds that work in synergy with CBD to enhance its bioavailability and help the body reach a point of homeostasis, or balance.  Extracting CBD from the hemp plant to utilize by itself is like putting a cell in a petri dish and expecting it to communicate with your brain or control your body. 

What is the Endocannabinoid System and What does it do? 

The body has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is responsible for controlling the body’s state of homeostasis or balance.  This system will work to help restore balance from any internal or external disruptions.  The ECS is run by messengers called endocannabinoids.  Phytocannabinoids, like CBD and THC, are endocannabinoids that come from plants.  When chronic diseases or ailments are present in the body, the ECS is unbalanced and Phytocannabinoids are needed to restore balance.  Just like we eat or take vitamins and minerals to supply our bodies with the proper nutrients, and sometimes try to replenish what our body is lacking due to malabsorption or modern diets, so too must we provide our bodies with the proper Phytocannabinoids. 

The cells in the endocannabinoid system have receptors on them, that work like little magnets or connectors to pair CBD molecules with the cell wall.  When our bodies are not balanced, the endocannabinoid cell receptors are looking for cannabinoids to help rebalance the body.  Phytocannabinoids found in CBD are a perfect way for the cells in the ECS to balance itself and restore homeostasis to the body so that chronic conditions and ailments will diminish.  This delicate and intricate system is perfectly matched with CBD as these Phytocannabinoids know exactly what is needed.

What is CBD good for? 

Though many think research on CBD is limited, there is in fact more scientific  data on cannabis than 95% of all FDA approved drugs (Carter, 2014).  Research backs up the need for these cannabinoids and the role they can play in restoring this balance.  Research has found CBDs to have the following properties: 

analgesic antipsychotic
antibacterial antispasmodic
antidiabetic anxiolytic
antiemetic bone-stimulant
antiepileptic immunosuppressive
anti-inflammatory intestinal anti-prokinetic
anti-ischemic neuroprotective
antiproliferative/anticancer vasorelaxant
antipsoriatic and many, many more!


Let’s face it…that’s a lot of big words, mostly containing the prefix “anti,” that help restore balance to a lot of problems.  While you many not recognize these words, ones you will know are things like pain relieving, reduction in inflammation, mood stabilizer, cancer fighter, seizure reducer, protector of neurologic functions, and on and on.  The benefits of CBD oil seem to be limitless, but crucial for our health.  CBD oil is not just for the sick, but the healthy can benefit from taking it as well to help limit these conditions from occurring.  Here is a list of some of the medical conditions that CBD oil is currently being used to treat. 

Acne Fibromyalgia
ALS Heart Disease
Alzheimer’s Insomnia
Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Liver Disease
Anxiety Migraines
Autism Mood Disorders
Bipolar Multiple Sclerosis
Cancer Nausea
Chronic Pain Neurodegenerative Disorders
Cigarette Addiction Neuropathic Pain
Colitis/Crohn’s Disease/IBS Parkinson’s Disease
Depression PTSD
Diabetes Rheumatoid Arthritis
Epilepsy/Seizures Schizophrenia/Psychosis


Research has found that the receptors in the endocannabinoid system can become disrupted, kind of like the connections on your car battery can get junked up and prevent the battery from sending the signals  needed to propel your car.  To maintain a healthy ECS, it is recommended that you make sure to get or take omega 3 and 6.  Studies have found that insufficient amounts of omega 3 and 6 can inhibit these ECS receptors so it’s important to make sure you have sufficient amounts in your body to optimize the benefits of CBD oil.  Hemp seeds provide the perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6 that your body needs to make sure the receptors are functioning at the optimal level and provide your brain with the nutrients necessary to function. 

What are the Side Effects of CBD oil? 

Some skeptics still argue that CBD oil may have unknown side effects and the risk is not worth it.  Even though no one has reported any adverse side effects, the fear is still there for some people.  So, let’s put this in perspective.  The average pharmaceutical drug has 70 side effects listed, psychiatric drugs have 150, and neurological drugs can have up to 525 known side effects!  I think the odds are in favor of CBD oil versus mainstream pharmaceuticals at this point.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also report that the highest number of fatal poisonings are from pharmaceutical drugs. Even heroine is outnumbered like three to one by drugs for depression and anxiety.  CBD or even marijuana did not make their list of drugs that have killed! 

Will any Old CBD Oil do? 

Like many things in this world, not all CBD oils are created equal.  There are synthetic oils, fake oils, oils that have harmful pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals, etc. So, it is important to know where the hemp comes from, how the oils is extracted, what part of the plants they use, what is added to the oil like artificial flavorings or sweeteners, and what type of quality control is used.  In researching the various companies marketing CBD oil, I was impressed with one particular company, Elixinol. This company uses 100% organic hemp, with no pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals.  Their hemp never comes from China and they use pharmaceutical grade testing in US labs to test each batch to ensure its purity and CBD content.  Besides these tests, additional tests are conducted for heavy metals and pesticides.  Whether flavored or not, Elixinol’s products are by far superior to the many available on the market.  Best Pink Salt has paired with Elixinol to bring you this wonder family of CBD oil products so that you too can obtain and maintain your optimal health.  Visit our website at to buy you CBD oil. 

Isn’t CBD Illegal?

Elixinol products are legal in all 50 states as well as many countries.  These products do not require a doctor’s prescription or any special permission.  It can be purchased and shipped to anywhere in the US and many countries, including but not limited to, Europe and Canada. 

What CBD Oil Product is Best for Me?

There are a couple of options when choosing the best product.  The tinctures are by far the most potent of the products. They range in potency from 300 mg to 3600 mg per bottle. The 3600 mg bottle is by far the best value as it is equivalent to buying 12 bottles of the 300 mg CBD oil at half of the price.  The average dose for most people is 30mg per day, best split into two 15 mg doses.  (The 3600 mg bottle provides 120 doses at 30 mg so one bottle will last about 4 months for one person!)  For more severe conditions like lymes, fibromyalgia, or debilitating arthritis a higher dose is recommended and can be increased up to 200 mg per day, split into two or three doses.  But one should build up to this dose by adding another 30 mg every couple days until the best results are obtained.  Experience has found that there really is no benefit to taking more than 200 mg per day.  Don’t forget that the CBD oil can be applied topically as well to combat skin conditions, bumps, and the like.  There are also water soluble products like liposomes which are a favorite with children without chronic conditions.  Capsules are also available as well as things like healing balm and chapstick.  Elixinol has an MD consultant on hand to help with any questions you may have about getting started, so feel free to contact us at info@bestpinksalt with any questions.  We will make sure to get the answers you need to get started with CBD oil!

Visit to order your CBD oil today!

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