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Liberty, Health and Wealth Solution Seminar!

The Dr. Leonard Coldwell

The 2012 Mind Revolution Begins
November 19th, 2011
The Truth Begins Here…
“I know as a fact that millions of people’s lives are in jeopardy.  Including yours!  And I’m finally going to do something about it.”–  Dr. Leonard ColdwellYou learn the truth about the 2012 Hoax and Facts, and the truth about the cure for cancer and all other health challenges in one single Day! November 19th 2011 – The liberty of the mind revolution begins here!Hello Champion!On November 19th, I’m hosting the MOST IMPORTANT seminar of my life.  It will take place only one time ever — and it will be in Charleston, SC.    It’s called the —Liberty, Health and Wealth Solution SeminarSee free 2 minute Info Video:



By the time you complete this seminar, you are going to have an action plan to “survive” the unprecedented revolution that is unfolding all around you and how to even strive in this economic environment.    


For the first time ever, I’m going to open up, completely come clean, and reveal top secret information that I’ve been reluctant to speak about.  This is information that’s been classified and top secret!  This is information you are not supposed to know anything about.  This is information that I’ve learned through deep connections with world leaders, investment insiders, and even members of the ???!  (I will share this at the seminar.)


If I have not peaked your interest just yet, I want you to seriously

consider the following questions that I will answer for you

at this seminar…


You will learn the secret of how I cured cancer and all other health conditions and:  


  • Why are food prices rising so quickly?  (Do you really think this is by accident?)
  • Why are food packages shrinking — and nobody is mentioning it?
  • Why is the stock market going up and down so foolishly day in and day out?
  • Why did the government PURPOSELY drain your retirement account?  (They had a BIG reason.)
  • Why did the government ALLOW your real estate values to collapse and held nobody accountable?
  • Why is the value of the US dollar becoming worthless and on a kamikaze course?
  • Why is the government really raising taxes on you at a time when they know damn well the economy is plummeting?
  • Was Osama Bin Laden really killed a few months ago?  (Did you ever wonder why you never saw a body?)
  • What REALLY happened on 9-11?  (Did you know that the planes were not what you think?)
  • Why are so many countries going bankrupt at the same time?
  • Why does the US government hate natural cures and alternative therapies?
  • Why is every branch of the US government bankrupt and it is business as usual?
  • Why does the government allow pharmaceutical companies to continually mislead the public about the effects of drugs?
  • Why are there so MANY wars going on at once?  (This was all planned.)
  • Why does the US government want us to believe they can’t all get along?
  • What is the New World Order and what is their hideous agenda?
  • Why are there FEMA concentration camps in the USA and why are there millions of coffins being stored at them?  Do you know who they are for?
  • What is the truth about 2012 and all the conspiracy theories surrounding it?


And this is just the top of the iceberg of what I’ll cover. 


Not only will you get answer to questions like this; I’m going to show you what you need to do so these things do NOT have a negative effect on you.  YES there are things you can do to preserve your lifestyle.  Just make no mistake about it — your lifestyle IS in major jeopardy and under a big threat!


Right now, there are people assembling to change the way you live.  Wealth is being transferred from the people to the state.  The United States is no longer a democracy.  You are being treated as if you are the property of the US Government – not an individual citizen.  You are being used!


Heck — did you know the truth about presidential elections?  Your vote is meaningless.  The machines are all rigged.  The secret owners of this world decide the candidates that will “win” long before the election ever takes place!  I will share what I know with you.


I’m also going to teach you about a host of other things that are going to affect your life.  All of this will blow your mind! – But don’t worry I offer you solutions, advice and help to even strive in these turbulent times of change.


Since you are visiting, save $650. To register, please go to enter at the end of check out savings code: coast2  and click apply you will only pay $298 The mind revolution will begin November 19th 2011


You’ll also learn…


  • Where we actually originated as a species!
  • What you need to do to get wealthy while people are going broke all around you!
  • Who really planned the killing of Lady Diana and why!  (This was so obvious it was ridiculous.)
  • Where all your tax money REALLY goes!  (Brace yourself!)
  • Who the TSA and FEMA really is and why they are planted in all our airports and country!
  • What the “Matrix” is and why it is a hoax!
  • How the government has subliminally programmed you with learned helplessness!  (It is happening to you every day!)
  • Why does the government want kids to be stupid!  (Our education system is kept poor for a reason! Vaccination destroys our IQ and that of our children!)
  • How to defend yourself from the violence about to start in our city streets!
  • The truth about the New World Order and what they have planned for you!
  • Who Barack Obama is and his REAL agenda!
  • Why the US government has an underground city underneath Washington DC!  (I’ll also tell you what really happened with the supposed-earthquake that just hit the East coast!)
  • The reality of water filters and toxins!
  • Why you need to start storing food right away!  (YES — you need to start storing food right away.)
  • The truth about religion and the bible!
  • How to never get Cancer, Diabetes, and other man-made diseases!
  • The truth about global warming and the agenda behind it!  (This will shock you!)
  • Why the government plans to take everyone’s guns and what you need to do!
  • When martial law is planned to go into effect!  (Laws are already being put in place for this to happen!)
  • Who will be placed in FEMA concentration camps!  (You will be shocked!)


You will learn all this if you come to my —


Liberty, Health and Wealth Solution Seminar 


AND MUCH MORE!  (I’ll even share more in a minute.)


Since you are visiting, save $650. To register, please go to enter at the end of check out savings code: coast2  and click apply you will only pay $298 The mind revolution will begin November 19th 2011

But first, I want to give you some seminar details so you can get registered…


Title: Liberty, Health and Wealth Solution Seminar  

Date: November 19th, 2011 

Time: 9am-5pm   



Embassy Suites Hotel Airport/Convention Center
5055 International Boulevard
North Charleston, SC 29418



Since you are on Dr Coldwell’s mailing list, if you register online by October 30th, you can get in for a specially discounted price of only $298!  (You save $650!)   Use savings code: coast2


(If you wait and pay at the door, it will be $1,500!)


There is no better investment than in your own future!


Since you are visiting, save $650. To register, please go to enter at the end of check out savings code: coast2  and click apply you will only pay $298 The mind revolution will begin November 19th 2011


Space is limited and we are offering registration on a first come first served basis.


As you can see this day is going to be packed with information about what you need to do to protect yourself from the revolution taking place right now all over the world!


I’m also going to share some very obscure and highly controversial information that will shock you to no end.


You’re going to learn:


  • What the reptilian blood line is and its agenda!
  • The truth about the JFK assassination!
  • Why Monsanto is evil – just plain evil!
  • What vaccinations REALLY are and why the government is so anxious for you to get one!
  • How the TSA is knowingly murdering people under government policy!
  • The agenda behind the destruction of the US Constitution!
  • How to arm yourself against the Federal Reserve and IRS!
  • How to stand take back your rights as a citizen!
  • Who the true centers of power are including the Vatican City of London
  • The truth about the greatest hoax ever – 2012
  • What the proof of treason really is!
  • How to cure any disease!
  • The correct way to sue a member of the police or government if they abuse your rights!


Think of the Liberty, Health and Wealth Seminar as a preparation and survival guide for the year 2012 – which is right around the corner.  


By the time you leave this seminar, you will be “in the know.”  You will be an intelligent insider!  You will be one of the few people who can thrive as the New World Order takes over the world!

You may have read through everything and think this is a seminar that is all based on gloom and doom.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  That’s not what this is!


What I’m doing is helping you make sense of what’s going on around you.  Don’t let yourself be confused.  You need to know the truth my friend!  You also need to know how to protect yourself from all this tyranny.  And now you will!


Unfortunately, you have not had the opportunity to travel the globe and gather all this information for yourself.  You would know how serious a situation we are in.  Actually, you’re lucky I did it for you.  I’ve spent many years of my life gathering this information.  AND I’ve spent millions of dollars as well.  You can get all the information that people all over the world are curious about.  I spent millions to learn it.


Since you are visiting, save $650. To register, please go to enter at the end of check out savings code: coast2  and click apply you will only pay $298 The mind revolution will begin November 19th 2011

Remember —

This is not just any seminar.  I believe this seminar will allow you to improve your lifestyle in the face of world tyranny — which you can see for yourself all around you.  I will show you how.  This seminar will also save lives.  The New World Order has plans to put you in a FEMA concentration camp.  I will tell you why.  The threat is real.  Learn what you have to do to protect yourself from this one thing alone!


And I almost forgot something.  I have an important request…


When you come to the seminar, make sure to bring a Silver Dollar!  I’m not going to go into why here.  It is very important though.  Just make sure to go and get one.  There available all over.


I look forward to seeing you on November 19th in beautiful sunny Charleston, SC.


Together we WILL save the world from tyranny!



Dr. Leonard Coldwell






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