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NotYourCountryThe immigration ban is one of Trumps most popular orders so far since becoming President of the United States. This logo is based on the approval percentages in polling according to Politico. 55% Approval, 38% disapproval, and 8% have no idea what is going on or have no opinion. 

This country is being ruined with political correctness and living in fear of offending someone. Stop the nonsense. In order to take back this country (which is what President Trump is trying to do), we have to open our mouths, use our voices and speak up.

If you stand with President Trump on the immigration ban you can show your support with Politically Incorrect Wear. 

Spread the word and use the #NotYourCountry. 

Let the voice of the American people be heard!

We stand behind President Trump.

NYC hat

NYC shirt

NYC Sticker


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