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One America News Network – Official Site

OANNAre you tired of being manipulated by mainstream media outlets? Are you tired of  “fake news”? Are you tired of your blood pressure going through the roof by some of the nonsense coming out of some „reporters“ mouths? Well, I am too, and I have found a great channel that is a SUPERB alternative to “Big News”…One America News Network! Not all cable providers carry their channel, but you can check them out at

Be prepared for fact-based reporting and to catch all the headlines that you won’t hear about elsewhere!

Oh, and be sure to stick around for their commercial breaks for some tidbits on the constitution, and some uplifting quotes from some of the worlds greatest Hero’s!

Please note, I am not affiliated with OANN, but I am a huge fan!

Yours Truly,

Miss Amy from the Dr. Coldwell Opinion Radio Show

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  1. Stephanie Freedman says:

    I’m retired from being a corrections officer.

    I’m also tired of hearing about families at the Mexican border being separated. Those kids are fed and given medical care. Nice, right?

    Get arrested as an American citizen and guess what; you are immediately separated from your family and nobody is going to feed or give them free medical care.

    Sneaking across the border is a crime and you should be arrested, and just like all the Americans in jail, you will be separated from your family….AND IT’S YOUR FAULT.

    Try feeling sorry for the children of criminals as most of the time their own parents don’t care about them. They use them as a commodity to get welfare, which is shameful.

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