Orange Petunias Are GMO Per Finnish Food Safety Authority Report : Dr. Leonard

Orange Petunias Are GMO Per Finnish Food Safety Authority Report

By Catherine J. Frompovich

One of the staple flowering annuals of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, petunias, has been confirmed to be genetically modified (GMO) in Europe.  The ORANGE-color petunia, according to Finnish reports, is GMO.  Petunias came in various naturally-occurring colors, but never ORANGE!

According to Greenhouse Management news, the USDA has launched an investigation into orange-color petunias [1].  These are the varieties of orange-color petunias that probably have been GMO:

Pegasus Orange Morn
Pegasus Orange
Pegasus Table Orange
Potunia Plus Papaya
Go!Tunia Orange
Bonnie Orange – known as Starlet Orange in North America
African Sunset
Sanguna Patio Salmon
Sanguna Salmon
Trilogy Red
Trilogy Deep Purple
Trilogy Formula Mix
Trilogy Liberty Mix
Ray Salmon
Perfectunia Orange
Perfectunia Mandarin
Confetti Garden Tangerine Tango
Confetti Garden Twist
KwikKombo Color My Sunset
KwikKombo Orange Twist

Interestingly, Greenhouse Management states that petunia breeders, who have been in contact with the USDA, advise everyone to destroy ALL orange-color petunia plants and SEEDS!

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira issued a statement April 24, 2017 [2] wherein part it stated:

[Evira] “decided to remove from sale seeds and planting stock of the ornamental plant petunia characterised by the orange colour of the flowers which has been produced by means of genetic engineering. Genetically modified varieties of petunia are not authorised for cultivation in the EU.”

No matter how novel, attractive or even tempting-to-purchase orange-color petunias may be, if consumers refrain from purchasing them and also complain to retailers about selling unapproved GMO-plants that can have an impact upon the GMO-takeover of contaminating our food supply and more species [3] of the plant kingdom.

Whoever saw an orange petunia before 2017?  Why can’t they leave the natural world alone and stop messing with Mother Nature.

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