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Orlando, FL testimonies

How to Avoid the Ultimate Silent Killers

November 5, 2011


The Dr C health seminar was beyond informing! The energy was so powerful and moving! The
eye opening experience to true remedies of illness was overwhelming. He spoke from every
fiber of his body and soul and gave his heart as an extra blessing. I was moved beyond years
with being caged with despair mixed with positively did not know how to balance my life. He
gave me a gift, he balanced me. I will be forever grateful. Thank you!


Dr. C brought some new information on pH, table salt versus sea salt, cholesterol and the maple
syrup/sodium bicarbonate cure.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, yes please continue the health seminar for the love of
humanity! I have officially stepped out of the old me and WOW I am somebody!

James Hoobler

I came to this seminar with frustration and emotional feelings. After about 30-45 minutes, my
attitude towards my ex-relationship was almost completely gone. After the lunch break I began
to feel confident and inspired to acquire the loving relationship that I deserve. Dr. Coldwell
exposed many myths in the medical industry. After today, I am going back to juicing vegetables
again and drinking a gallon of water with sea salt daily. I will also conduct a heavy metal
cleanse and utilize the Be Pure Cleanse!


Wonderful wellness seminar! I loved the information!

health seminars! Everyone needs to hear this information and experience the “exercises”…they
are fun, thought provoking and very effective. His Q&A was outstanding, and I learned many
new things! Thank you!


This was an eye opener; I learned things that I never knew and other things that I got more
clarifications on. This type of seminar is necessary and I feel it was well worth it and would
attend again. We need these refreshers and this can only benefit us. Please offer more of these
as I believe many will attend after they hear our experience.

Anthony B.

This Dr. C seminar is what we need in our lives now. We get lost in our everyday life with
everything and everybody in our day to day. This seminar puts us where we need to be in life. I
think we can’t take care of others in our life without being sure we are first taken care of. I think
this seminar puts us on track to do that, for us and them.

Daniel Browne

Dr. C as usual is supremely awesome. This health seminar is what I have been waiting for since
I joined GIN. Seeing Dr. C again is fantastic. I am going through a divorce and my wife left
me with nothing while I was at work. With the wisdom of Dr. C I was able to come home to an
empty house and an empty bank account with rent due the next day and turn around, go back out
the door and yell, “I am somebody!” I love Dr. C and would love to see more health seminars.

Magalit M.

I love the natural health information and how it is your choice to want to live and be healthy.
This seminar opens up your eyes about our so called health system. This seminar was so
informative and awesome.

William White

There are no words to express how amazing and important this health seminar is. PLEASE,
PLEASE host more!

Celia Barranon

I am soooo grateful for having the opportunity to attend a Health Seminar with Dr. C! He
provided me with amazing information that is essential for me to become successful in any
endeavor. I would love to continue expanding my knowledge about health with Dr. C as well as
other amazing presenters! Thank you!

Steve K.

Even though Dr. C’s seminar is preaching to the choir, it is vitally important that they continue
on a longer scale. We need to get this information out to the masses so that people can make
necessary change in our society’s behavior.


Dr. C once again at his best. You have to get healthy before you become or have true wealth. I
always look forward to hearing what Dr. C has to say. It starts with me! Learning we are all one
in the universe. Foundation to remove stress, these exercises brought on more power in to me.
What a difference in doing the exercises by yourself versus in a large group creating a master
mind. Tremendous difference in power!

Francesca Jimenez

Great seminar, very positive, educational and reassuring. Appreciate the medical information.
I am a cancer patient and have a granddaughter with diabetes I and a daughter with Lupus. We
need all the help we can get.

Luis Bardas

Thank you very much for this incredible one day seminar. We got the power to be whoever we
want to be in this life that is so precious. SO thank you again and I hope that I see you in another
seminar soon.

Maura P.

Thank you Dr. C for giving me permission to make mistakes. English is not my first language,
so it is okay if I don’t have a perfect grammar. I attend all of Dr. C’s seminars because I like the
way that he talks about nature and makes us realized the champions that we are. I will continue
to follow Dr. C where ever he goes because I believe in him.

Elizabeth Gonzalez

This seminar was too short! I feel that since we have available to us the knowledge that Dr.
Coldwell brings is truly a blessing. We are nothing if there is no health. There is so much
information out there, that it takes so much time to research and decide what is real that is so
time consuming. It is by trial and error. I have a hero in house. I want to learn from him what
really works.

Ellen Chaplin

I came to find out how to be more self-sufficient in taking care of my health without having to
visit the western trained doctors. I am going home with more knowledge and self empowerment
than I ever could have imagined. I have gained so much strength and confidence in myself that
I am overflowing! After all, what would be the point in making all that money and building my
business by sharing all this information if I am not going to be healthy and well and energetic
enough to enjoy it! Dr. C has saved me from going backwards and taking another job in a
hospital with a western medical from of mind. Now I will just move forward in my own
business ventures that are healthy and wellness based.

Diana H. B.

I love Dr. C! Kind, sweet and goofy! LOVE HIM! Please do this seminar again. Very organic,
it’s my first time here and I love it!


Definitely do this seminar again! Too many seminars give great ideas and concepts that are
heard and forgotten. Here I obtained great hands on concepts, real world implementation (not
just theory), and a truly transforming experience. Not just interesting information.

Beryl O.

Dr. C was amazing today! Absolutely exhilarating. I feel soooo much better. So much more
knowledgeable and for the first time in my world, I feel in charge of my destiny. He was real,
honest and relatable and I enjoyed every single minute of the seminar. I can do it, I will do it. I
have the power! Thank you Dr. C for helping me find this new thought-process. I feel it in my
bones that I am a better version of myself and every time I breathe in and out now, I will now I
am breathing in a bright light and exhaling a dark light full of my doubts and fears. I want more
health seminars!!

Christina S.

Thank you for the feeling of me being the person that I love to be. For me seeing myself with
the love, joy and excitement in me! I AM SOMEBODY!! I love me and the feeling of seeing
me in my life I want and will have.

Isaiah F.

Dr. C is a phenomenon. Of all the wonderful seminars that I have attended, this has been the
most powerful for me. I actually see myself being a Dr. C on stage. Thanks Dr. C! I’ve got the

Charlie Foster

This health seminar was very informative, important and interesting. The information Dr. C
presented was very timely for me personally. I will use it to enhance my health, by eliminating
present ailment and maintaining the increased and heightened awareness. Thank you for this
amazing experience. My love, appreciation and respect continue to grow for you.

Todd B.

This seminar was special and nice as it was different than other times that I saw him. He is only
getting better. Loved Dr. C doing the mind relation this time. It was great. Thank you!

Christopher F.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for another terrific seminar. The health seminar is something
that I needed big time. I couldn’t write down all of your brilliant and true information fast
enough. I am somebody and I have stepped out of my old self and I am truly starting to live
now. I appreciate everything you are and stand for. I can’t wait to go home and apply what I
have learned. Thanks for everything and I will see you soon!

Jamis M.

Dr. C was awesome! Information and presentation was awesome! This was amazing!

Cindy M.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr.C’s health seminar today. The reinforcement of the knowledge about
how stress causes illness is so important. I have given away so many of the stress reduction
packages because it has helped me in my life so dramatically. I used to take medication to

control migraines that would put me in bed for 2 days from pain and throwing up. I couldn’t
sleep and the stress in my life was killing me. I began using the IBMS stress packages over
2 years ago. After 6 months, I no longer take any medications and I sleep well and my life is
beautiful. Thank you Dr. C for all that you give to each of us. I love and appreciate all the
knowledge you give.

Michael Robins

Great! Do it again! One of the best!

R. Roig

Dr C’s health seminar was both empowering and liberating. It was wonderful to get practical
information for our improved health and well-being along with the motivational exercises. Thank


I hope that Dr. C does another seminar JUST like this one!

Corey Allshouse

Today, I learned that curing cancer is SO easy! Spontaneous healing is an amazing concept!
Dr. Coldwell is so much fun! This seminar should be 3 days long with one day for questions.
I learned there is so much I want to know but that I was interested listening to others questions
about health. Dr. C was so gracious answering all our questions. He really cares about us and he
has all my love I will attend more health seminars. This was SO worth it!

Michael Vigliotti

Dr. Coldwell’s health seminar was great! Great as always!

Leonard Henriqson

As usual Dr. C was sensational. I personally learned a lot and will always remember the
experience. I hope to see more health seminars in the future.


It’s great to be with like- minded and like spirited group of people. Dr. C is awesome!

Marj B.

I am falling in love with Dr. C’s teachings. He forced me to step out of my box. I am so grateful
that among all people that I loved, it was only Dr. C who made the real me.

Mark B.

It was an awesome seminar! Dr. C is a wealth of knowledge and I’m looking forward to
attending more of these events.


I have a new lease on life. He answered so many questions about my health condition. I will
bring the healing information to my family and friends. I am feeling blessed. Thank you!

Dan Johnson

You are awesome to share with us your knowledge. How can you raise your energetic vibration
if/when you are sick? We know that you can, therefore, you need to be healthy to vibrate at a
higher level. So why not have more wealth seminars? They should be offered more often.


Dr. C’s health seminar was great! I enjoyed this seminar and I hope to see more of health and I
learned so many great things that will help me live a healthy life.


I love Dr. C! Please continue to do these types of seminars! I learned so much from this. One
of the things I want to do after leaving this seminar is to go out and start healing people. Thank

Maria T.

Dr. C’s health seminar is loaded with an abundance of critical information that should be shared
with everyone. The seminar is very valuable. Please do it again and again. Without health,
nothing else matters, therefore, of all the topics this is truly the most important! Thank you!

Teri Mills

Please DO MORE health seminars! Dr. C has given us so much useful information to better the
health of ourselves and loved ones. I can’t wait to start putting all these things to work! Thank
you, Dr. C!

Christopher Moore

Thank you so much for this seminar. In every Dr. C seminar I’ve attended, only bits and pieces
of health information was given. This time we got very specific and common sense explanations
on how to be healthy and stay healthy. It amazes me how easily we’ve lost our common sense
and have been forced into this false and unproven system of so called health care. Dr. C reverses
this mentality instantly! Everyone needs this information!


Keep doing health seminars! Dr. C has so much info that people need to hear! What is money
and success without good health?

Jenna C.

Your seminar was amazing! The get up and dance was the best part. I enjoyed learning new
health facts and being reassured about information that I was unsure about. It was great to be
around others just like myself. Love your down to earth personality. Very motivating. Love
you so much!

Dawn M.

Dr. C is very addictive. We truly need more health seminars. They work. His knowledge is
explosive and needs to be shared.


Dr. C confirmed many things in my life and I have been practicing for years and showed me that

I don’t have to be the product of all the negativity of my past, present and future. I can do it!

Renee Dechert

I have lived my life the way that Dr. C was talking about; believing in myself and not listening
to doctors, my sons, teacher, family members etc. I have researched natural health on my own
for 30 years. It is great to hear a doctor like Dr. C talk like I believe. I know I have been on the
right track and this is proof to me.


The seminar was awesome. I learned a lot of new stuff and Dr. C is his perfect self. Can’t wait
for the next one!

Jared Schlehuber

This was exactly what I needed and wanted. I am leaving with new tools and the tools I have
were just sharpened. Thank you Dr. C, I love you my brother!

Jay Wyman

Powerful information! Dr. C was incredible! I wish everyone was here to feel the power!


Thank you for the health seminar. Dr. C in person is always so good! I learned any things today
and had my questions answered abut stress and happiness and also rubbed shoulders with people
just like me who are interested in health.

Ann Nguyen

I found the health seminar very informative and eye opening. In a day, I learned so much about
how to take care of myself and my health. Thank you Dr. C for your time and sharing valuable
knowledge to our group this weekend in Orlando.

Hepsharat Amadi, MD

This has been one hell of an awesome seminar! I am so glad that I came! Dr. C is just a

wonderful human being and being a holistic medical doctor myself, I know his message is the
truth about health. These seminars on health are really needed to break the chains of mental
slavery. The system has tried to impose on our minds, the lie that we contract illness from forces
we cannot control, like “chance or genetics.” We and we alone are responsible for our lives and
our health. There are no incurable illnesses!

Hong Van Nguyen

It was an amazing event! I feel more power in myself and fully in control of my life! Thank you
so much for the effort to bring our full potential to our lives.


Love Dr. C! Very encouraging facts! Please continue to do health sessions. There isn’t
anyone out there that will provide these useful facts. Please don’t stop, we are grateful for such
concerns! Please continue to share the wealth.


This is my first Dr. C event and I love it. I am so pleased to see a health seminar on your
schedule. Without your health, nothing else really matters. This was a great topic and I hope to
see more health seminars in the future.

Debbie Stubbs

Thank you for blessing us with the gift of Dr. C’s workshops. They are always inspiring,
informative and filled with love and positive energy. This session was enhanced by the health
information he shared with us. We are all very thankful for Dr. C’s presentations. Please
continue to offer those health conferences. It’s important for us to know so they can share with
their families and friends.

Tarel M.

Dr. C is great! Most informational seminar, great energy and information on what is current.
More seminars, more seminars!!

Katharine Clark

The health seminar with Dr. C was so important. It gave me information on physical health.

Plus we got tools to free myself from all limits. We learned how to liberate myself from stress


I had the most fun here! You had my blood pumping like it never pumped before! You taught
me how to be happy and how to succeed. I am glad that I have the chance to come here and
listen to Dr. C. You have a way of speaking to me!


Dr. C’s health seminar was great! I have been waiting for Dr. Coldwell to have a Health
seminar. I feel like he has changed my life forever and he is a valuable asset for anyone. I hope
there will be another one in the Orlando area soon!

Brent Morris

This was the best that Dr. C has ever given. I have been to almost all of his events. The health
information is of tremendous value. I have received much more value than I had expected.
Everyone should have the opportunity to experience a Dr. C health event! I especially enjoyed
and benefitted form the exercises. I will never be the same!


Health seminars are very important! Please book more with significant health information. A
big benefit and selling point to GIN is the health information.


The seminar was great and very informative! I loved it! Dr. C shared great knowledge and I am
really thankful for that!


Thank you! We need more seminars like this!

Brian Barton

Dr. C “wows” the crowd once again! Even he is amazed at the turnout for his health lecture.
Always charismatic and amazing-he is a powerful force in the world. What else can I say? Earth
shattering, amazing, incredible information. Always uplifting!


I enjoyed this health seminar very much! I have learned things today that will change my life.
Thank you doctor!


This seminar has been the best one that I have attended yet! It has helped me figure out what I
am doing wrong in my thinking. I am hoping that he will be doing more seminars like this one,
it is so obvious that he cares about each and everyone of us and just wants us to be healthy!


Great event, learned so much about health and cures for cancer! Dr. C knows his stuff and really
cares about all of us. Thank you so very much.


Thank you for doing this health seminar. I learned more techniques and gained information that
is simple to do!

Julie G.

Dr. C’s health seminar is much needed. I came away with some simple natural remedies that will
help heal my body. I am now focused on living and eating healthy so I can become my true self.


This was the best idea yet, Dr. C is totally amazing! A very important asset to my growth!

Mike D.

A+ Terrific!

Rosemarie W

I am so pleased to be able to attend a health seminar, sadly there are so few of them. I hope there
will be more in the future, health should come before wealth information!


It was great! We need this at least every year!

Jetty M.

I loved the mini Q&A sessions! This is a must attend seminar for everyone!!

Jamal Q.

Absolutely awesome! I have always enjoyed Dr. C’s seminars and this one is no exception. He
makes complicated issues easy to understand. We love you!


Dr. C was awesome as always. Very inspiring and interesting. His seminars are always very
knowledgeable and emotional. He will show you how to get to your happy place in your mind!

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