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Scandal Strikes again at the CASA PIA

Children who were sexually abused used in renowned dental mercury experiment
Lisbon, Portugal [May 28, 2012] – Los Angeles-based documentary filmmaker, Kelly Gallagher, and International Advocate, Anita Vazquez Tibau, traveled to Lisbon to bring justice and solutions to the children wrongly used in a medical mercury experiment at the Casa Pia, an institution already riddled with scandal.
“We are saddened by this crime against the children and are here to expose the truth about mercury to the Portuguese population in hopes of bringing an end to an issue of global poisoning by the dental industry that has been going on for over 170 years.  We are also here preparing the last scene in MERCURY IN RETROGRADE a film 11 years in the making,” Tibau and Gallagher noted in a joint statement.
Their advocacy and film work is to be featured in a Special Report by journalist Rita Maraffa Carvalho scheduled to air tonight, May 28 on RTP 1 at 9pm.  LINK TO RTP PROMO Carvalho’s investigative report entitled, As Cobaias, links the atrocities of the Children’s Amalgam Trial (CAT), a U.S.-based dental research project conducted in the U.S. and Portugal with another horrific scandal at the Casa Pia, which numerous NGO’s and scientists are calling the “Children’s Mercury Experiment.”
The CAT was a prospective study implanting children ages 8-10 years old with dental mercury to see if they would sustain neurological or physical damage. The 11 million dollar study, authorized by Dr. Norman Braverman of the National Institutes of Health, was conducted from 1997-2005 by the University of Washington in conjunction with the University of Lisbon and was funded by U.S. tax dollars through the National Institute of Dental and Cranial Research. The test subjects included 500 low income and minority children in the U.S. and 500 children at the Casa Pia here in Lisbon.  Half of the test subjects were implanted with mercury, some receiving up to nineteen mercury fillings.  “It’s criminal,” says Tibau.  “I want to cry, really. How can they do this to children?” “The consent forms were misleading and outright bogus. 100 of the orphan’s forms were thought to be signed by the same doctor, who was investigated in the Casa Pia sex scandal in 2002,” says Gallagher, who further claims, “This is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, which prohibits human experimentation without informed consent.”
The two activists are here carrying on the work of their colleague, Attorney Sandy Duffy, who lost her life to cancer in 2010 but left a legacy of research and inspiration behind. Duffy once stated, “Weighing dental industry economic interests against the unnecessary addition of mercury to the body burden of powerless children is unethical, morally bankrupt and an intentional assault and battery.” This dental experiment was occurring at the same time that some of these children were involved in the sex scandal.  It is a crime against humanity and has lead to the publication of faulty data,” says Tibau.
Tibau and Gallagher have submitted the case for review to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands on behalf of Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions DAMS A non-profit patient advocacy organization led by Leo Cashman out of Saint Paul, Minnesota and the Mouth of Hope, a solutions oriented global think tank headquartered in Washington DC with offices in Los Angeles.The organizations are submitting documents about the Casa Pia child mercury experiment to the International Criminal Court to ask that the court consider investigating both the scientists involved, and the US research agency that funded them, for possibly charging them with “crimes against humanity.” “This mercury experiment on children should have never been done,” says Leo Cashman, the director of the DAMS group. “We hope that such an investigation by the ICC will help put an end to the use of amalgam mercury fillings in children, and to the type of corrupt experimentation that tried to justify that ongoing use. Under the spotlight of an ICC investigation, their corrupt agenda will be exposed, the dental amalgam cover-up will wither, and we will be closer to the end of the use of mercury in dentistry. We certainly hope that’s what will happen and we think that, with this submission to the criminal court, we’re off to a good start.”
Dr. David Kennedy of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology IAOMT a Florida-based non-profit organization, has spent years publicizing the faultiness of the renowned dental study, as well as the injustice enacted on the child-subjects who received “silver” or amalgam fillings, which he states, “contain 50% mercury. Most people don’t know the truth about what’s in their mouth.  They have no idea those ‘silver’ colored fillings are 48-54% mercury.’ ‘It’s downright deceptive,” says Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky. “It’s the most neuro-toxic non-radio active metal known to man, and we have grams of it in our mouths. ”Haley, PhD, and IAOMT member, found major scientific flaws in the study design, such as failure to establish clinical testing parameters for detecting mercury toxicity and failure to determine the amount of mercury emitted by an average-sized amalgam filling.
“Dental associations and government agencies bragged about the Children’s Amalgam Study and reported that there was no harm done,” says injured Consumer Advocate, Freya Koss, Director of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Mercury Free Dentistry.
A reanalysis of the original children’s study by research scientists, David and Mark Geier, MD, showed that the implantation of mercury into these children did, in fact, elevate porphyrin levels and established a dose-dependent relationship between mercury exposure from dental amalgams and urinary mercury levels. The Geiers also published an assessment of CAT, which revealed that the original study only accounted for acute exposure to mercury instead of the long-term, chronic exposure that would occur as a result of amalgam fillings being in the subjects’ mouth for many years.
Washington D.C. attorney, James S. Turner, Board Chair of Citizens for Health , and umbrella organization for the Mouth of Hope, says the outrageous situation of the children’s studies requires immediate corrective action by any authorities that have responsibility for involvement in the project or any regulatory oversight responsibility.
Kelly Gallagher and Anita Vazquez Tibau formed the Mouth of Hope as a project under Citizens for Health to provide ongoing solutions and support of the victims of mercury worldwide.  Check to follow the Casa Pia case.
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