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AI genetic cures

AI And Genetic Cures Of Disease: Where’s The Evidence?

By Jon Rappoport “Isn’t it wonderful? Disease is genetic, and we can alter gene function. We’re winning…” Much trumpeting of genetic cures is on the propaganda agenda these days—but where is the evidence? In order to rank as a cure, manipulation of DNA would have to heal a well-defined disease across the board, in a vast […]

facial recognition

FACEBOOK to roll out facial recognition AI in latest deep state ploy to use your own biometrics against you

There is no such thing as privacy with Facebook. All the data that’s shared openly by Facebook users,  including pictures, connections, interests, comments, likes, and personal information is readily compiled and analyzed by algorithms to map out and predict who you are, where you go, what you’ll buy, and much more. Naïve Facebook users share information […]