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Mainstream News Quietly Admits That Food Quality Is A Major Cause Of Cancer

By Alex Pietrowski For years it has been a supposed mystery, but it is finally being acknowledged that a primary cause of cancer in the world today is diet. Studies are now showing that obesity plays an enormous role in one’s chances of getting cancer, and the main cause of obesity is the type of foods […]


Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Demonstrates Dangers Of Industrial Agriculture And Factory Farming

By Alex Pietrowski If one is truly concerned about climate change, and wondering where to begin to reverse the damage being done to our planet, a great place to make changes would be the modern industrial farming and agriculture model. In addition to the harm being done by the overuse of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, overuse […]

Fake Medical Research As Big A Problem As Fake News, Says Former CBS Anchor

Fake Medical Research As Big A Problem As Fake News, Says Former CBS Anchor

By Alex Pietrowski As the world confronts the realization that mainstream media organizations are the primary source of fake news and corporate propaganda in our world, more information continues to come to light indicating that much of mainstream science and medical research is also largely fraudulent. In 2015 the editor of the prestigious Lancet Study issued a report warning […]


Author and Activist Explains The Link Between Vaccination and Eugenics

By Alex Pietrowski The eugenics movement has always been problematic, it has always reflected a desire to have people be in perfect health as a society, not really as individuals, but as a group. ~Liam Scheff Eugenics in one form or another has always been a part of human culture; however, it has taken a quantum […]