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American Medical Association sliding toward support of physician-assisted suicide… here come the death panels

Will the American Medical Association soon be in favor of physician-assisted suicide? In early June, the AMA decided not to reaffirm its position against assisted suicide – a decision which has shocked many. But indeed, the AMA has gone against its own Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, which recommended the AMA maintain its opposition of euthanasia for humans. Advocates for […]


Pharma-controlled Journal of the American Medical Association waging full-scale attack on Vitamin D in effort to push flu shots for toddlers

A recent headline in the U.K.’s Daily Mail boldly declares, “Vitamin D will NOT protect your child from a cold: Myth-busting study says ‘more isn’t always better’ to help toddlers stay healthy.” This disingenuous headline infers that vitamin D has no protective effect against colds and flu. In fact, the study it goes on to cite, published in the Journal of […]

It's official: Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer

It’s official: Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer

Women are often pushed to get annual mammograms, raising their overall radiation exposure through the years…