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Plastic Patch Bigger Than Mexico Just Discovered In The Pacific—Humans Now Eating Plastic In Their Salt

By Justin Gardner In January 2016 we reported on a scientific analysis finding that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. Right now, one garbage truck of plastic is being dumped into the ocean every minute. This disturbing reality is underscored by the recent discovery of another giant patch of plastic—bigger than Mexico—floating in the […]


The Air We Breathe…

While you are working and sleeping, your body is battling the air we breathe!  Filled with contaminants like dust, dander, mold spores, and tons of chemical gases from our environment, our bodies are not working to our greatest potential nor resting comfortably to help us prepare for tomorrow, they are fighting a losing battle over […]

Worry Free Health is a Possibility

Worry Free Health is a Possibility

Today more than ever we have compromised and destroyed our immune systems. From environmental toxins, to poor lifestyle choices, to radiated and genetically modified foods, to vaccinations and modern medicine; our immune systems have suffered and for some of us they have stopped working altogether. There are new challenges to our already compromised immune systems […]

First Aid from the Earth!

First Aid from the Earth!

Our good friend Wendy Horner is pleased to announce their new  First Aid from the Earth book and first aid kits! For many of us, we are hearing daily about all the natural things in this world that is good for us. There is at least one new article every day telling us about another benefit we […]