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EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors like Comey, Clinton and Obama – UPDATE

THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY SPECIAL REPORT – Mike Adams of Natural News As the documents cited here clearly show, President Trump is planning to carry out mass arrests of deep state traitors, including Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, James Comey and even Barack Obama. This is fully covered, with accompanying documentation from the U.S. Federal […]


Genetic profiling company now admits to massive science fraud… Leftist media once heralded this company as a breakthrough for humanity

She was once a billion dollar baby but now she’s just known as a phony. As reported by Zero Hedge, the largest-ever “multi-billion” private firm is now at risk of being targeted by regulators, criminal investigators, and enforcers of the federal kind – an investigation that could end in jail time for “billionaire” founder Elizabeth […]

Rand Paul: The Clintons Think They Are Above the Law

Rand Paul: The Clintons Think They Are Above the Law

Senator Rand Paul has called for an independent investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, charging that the Clintons think they are above the law. “I don’t think the Clintons should be above the law,” said Paul during an appearance on The Kelly File, adding that Hillary’s excuse that she was using a personal email account for […]