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The big electric vehicle LIE: Electric cars are not “zero emissions,” and their ecological impact is actually dirtier than diesel trucks

The IFO Institute in Germany just released a new report on the ecological impact of electric cars. Electric cars are often advertised as “green” technology, great for the environment and the best solution to preserve the Earth’s ozone layer. The member countries of the European Union (EU) promote electric cars as the savior of the environment, […]

Scientists propose growing fake meat in labs to cut 'emissions'

Scientists propose growing fake meat in labs to cut ’emissions’

Instead of focusing on ending the horrendous factory farming practices that inhumanely confine cattle to tight living spaces, and subject them to an unnatural diet of genetically-modified (GM) corn and soybeans, scientists from Oxford University have decided instead to concentrate their efforts on culturing and growing artificial meat in petri dishes. A recent report in […]