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Migrant caravan leaves behind stunning heaps of trash, feces and bottles of urine, which is exactly what they would do to America if we let them invade

The hordes of “innocent women and children” that have been bombarding America’s southern border in recent weeks as part of the infamous migrant caravan have reportedly been trashing the place to such a degree that the streets of Tijuana, near the San Ysidro Port of Entry, have become a biohazard wasteland. Bottles of urine, mountains of trash […]

CDC Cover-up

Massive CDC cover-up under way as “polio-like” illness spreads

Children across the country are dying from what the mainstream media is describing as a “polio-like” illness, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is doing everything in its power to cover it all up and pretend like nothing is happening. At least two parents who have lost children to so-called acute flaccid myelitis […]


U.S. chicken farms are so dirty, meat has to be washed with chlorine before being sold for human consumption

Now that the United Kingdom has “Brexited” from the European Union, Brits are no longer protected by strict E.U. food laws that prevent the import of dangerous foods like chicken meat from the United States, which is reportedly now so filthy that it has to be doused with bleach before being considered “safe” for consumption. Chlorine water […]

Neurological damage

Neurological damage linked to Alzheimer’s may be repaired with dietary supplementation

Is it really possible to mitigate and even reverse the damaging effects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia through simple dietary supplementation? According to new research out of Denmark, it certainly is. Professor Vilhelm Bohr and an international team of scientists hailing from the Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Copenhagen and the American National Institute of Health found […]


Japan announces new plan to drain radioactive Fukushima water DIRECTLY into the Pacific Ocean

Government authorities in Japan have announced new plans to start dumping highly radioactive wastewater from the failed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility directly into the Pacific Ocean. Though the amount of radiation in the water far exceeds legally-permitted levels, according to the plant’s operator and documents reviewed by the U.K.’s Telegraph, there’s apparently no other place to put […]


Migrant caravan a public health risk due to disease carriers, expert warns

The threats associated with the incoming migrant “caravan” extend far beyond just border penetration and a potential crime infestation. According to Dr. Jan Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the approaching caravaners could also be bringing disease with them. Unlike the days of old when the poor, huddled masses entered […]

bio weapons

CLAIM: Big Pharma drug research facility just a front for government bioweapons development program

New accusations have come forth from the Russian Defense Ministry claiming that the United States government knowingly killed dozens of people with a biological weapon that it claimed was “drug research.” Documents suggest that at least 73 people from the European country of Georgia died over a very short period of time as a result of […]

Your frame of mind directly influences your physical health – learn more at

Your frame of mind directly influences your physical health – learn more at

You may have heard about the “power of positive thinking” and thought to yourself, does it actually work? According to Dr. Matt Mason from the Mason Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Warren, Ohio, it most certainly does. In a recent video he published to, Dr. Mason explains how one’s frame of mind directly influences his physical health. […]

drug interactions

Toxic drug interactions on the rise as pharmaceutical use among U.S. children skyrockets

There’s still a contingent of hardline prohibitionists in this country that worry about how ending state and federal bans on plants like cannabis (marijuana) will impact our nation’s youth. But a new studyhas revealed that the most prolific threat to children’s health may, in fact, be legally-sanctioned pharmaceutical drugs that are peddled as “medicine.” Researchers from […]


Indoctrinating children with leftist transgender dogma is child abuse and sexual assault against minors

Children who attend American public schools are no longer being taught traditional family values, including how to maintain healthy male-female relationships as well as have children and build strong families. Instead, they’re being taught that there’s no such thing as biological sex, and that “transgenderism” is completely normal. This is a heinous form of child […]