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Researchers find just 7 minutes of exercise a day can prevent loss of mobility in the elderly

Seven minutes may not seem like much, yet it can mean a world of difference to the elderly. According to a study led by University of Florida researchers, seven minutes of exercise a day – or 48 minutes of exercise a week – can enhance the physical function of senior citizens. More than that, a mere seven minutes of […]


Exposure to outdoor light at night can increase breast cancer risk, claim researchers

Women who reside in areas with plenty of outdoor lighting at night may want to reconsider their living situation. The researchers behind a recent Harvard study uncovered a link between higher levels of nighttime outdoor lighting and increased risk of breast cancer, reported the “In our modern industrialized society, artificial lighting is nearly ubiquitous. […]

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reverses drowned toddler’s brain damage

After Eden Carlson almost drowned in her family’s pool in February 2016, she suffered brain damage that left her immobile and unresponsive to nearly all stimuli. Doctors informed her family that she would remain in that vegetative state for the remainder of her life. A little over a year later, the now-three-year-old Arkansas toddler is […]

NBA coach Steve Kerr warns people to stay away from back surgery

NBA coach Steve Kerr warns people to stay away from back surgery

“If you’re listening out there, if you have a back problem, stay away from surgery. I can say that from the bottom of my heart. Rehab, rehab, rehab,” Stephen Douglas Kerr, more popularly known as Steve Kerr, told the press last April. The Golden State Warriors coach issued this statement when he revealed that he […]