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The Best Apology

We are human. It is bound to happen in life that each of us will make a mistake that will in some way hurt another person. Once we realize it has been an error on our part that has caused the damage if there is any hope to repair it an apology and amends need […]


Do you have friends or just acquaintances?

In the day and age of social media where you can “add a friend” in a mere click, how do you distinguish the difference between an actual friend and someone who is just an acquaintance?   That line is blurry for many. Friend collecting has become a virtual popularity contest. Facebook limits you to 5000 […]

Facebook Friends Aren’t “Real” Friends...

Facebook Friends Aren’t “Real” Friends…

Online Friends Aren’t “Real” Friends… I have heard this time and time again and frankly? I simply do not believe that to be true. Over the years I have met, online through various sites, likely a couple of thousand people in person. Only a very very few weren’t just as they seemed online. There are […]