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4 Ways to Manifest More Positivity and Love Into Your Life RIGHT NOW

By Dr. Kelly Neff I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Momo Laredo of The Momo Zone on Lucid Planet Radio. He is one of those people whose positive energy is incredibly contagious! You can’t help but feel happy when you’re around him, even just talking to him over the airwaves genuinely lifted my spirits. He is one of […]


Expressing And Receiving Gratitude Benefits Us More Than We Think

 Listen to Article By Heather Callaghan, Editor Helping others inadvertently helps us. Expressing appreciation – and being able to receive it – is a beneficial mood boost that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Are you ever worried how your acts of appreciation will be received? Researchers want you to scrap all of those fears. They say that all parties […]

work less

Work Less – Our Lives Depend On It

By David Spencer, University of Leeds The May bank holiday is intimately linked to labour history and to struggles over time spent at work. In the US, May Day has its origins in the fight for an eight-hour work day at the end of the 19th century. This fight was – and remains – a quest for a broader […]

Cancer - Taking Your Power Back! Part 2

Cancer – Taking Your Power Back! Part 2

Please Read Cancer – Taking Your Power Back! Part 1 Prior to this. It can be found on my Natural News Author’s Page http://blogs.naturalnews.com/cancer-taking-your-power-back-part-1/ From childhood we are taught to be nice and polite and care about what others think and feel. But how many of us were taught to care about what you, yourself, think and feel? Were […]


Turn up your happiness dial with these simple tips: From sleeping more to eating chocolate, easy ways you can be happy NOW

Being happy isn’t always easy. Just like all other emotions, happiness can come and go at any given moment. But making it come to you is a whole lot easier than it seems. There are many ways to boost your happiness, and these are some of the ones that you can indulge in every day. […]


Laughter in an Insane World

By Wes Annac Let’s be honest: We live in a crazy world with a lot of (mostly) well-meaning but crazy people. Unless you frequently meditate or go live in the mountains somewhere, it’s difficult to escape the insanity of our modern world. Whether we care to admit it or not, most of us contribute to the […]

How Do You Truly Change Your Life Situation?

How Do You Truly Change Your Life Situation?

Sometimes you’re going to hit a ‘brick wall’ on the spiritual path, and in life in general. Maybe you’ve reached a crossroads in your career, a relationship or general living circumstances and you don’t know how to move forwards? This happens to many (in the Openhand work, we encounter it time and again.) In the […]

Scientists Discover One Of The Greatest Contributing Factors To Happiness — You'll Thank Me Later

Scientists Discover One Of The Greatest Contributing Factors To Happiness — You’ll Thank Me Later

Who would have thought that such a simple action can have such a profound effect on the level of happiness in our lives? Catch the setup in the first 30 seconds, the beauty of the experiment unfolding, the perfect moment at 4:25 that had me a bit choked up, and the best takeaway from it […]

Keep An Even Keel and Your Hand Upon the Wheel

Keep An Even Keel and Your Hand Upon the Wheel

It’s a pretty difficult time to navigate that we’re in. The news, views and constant spews are bad enough, but the underlying energetic changes that are hitting us are enormous. No doubt your personal life is under re-examination. That’s good. No doubt your course in life is under serious consideration as well. Also good. Take […]

"Master Your Life" The Event of A Lifetime!  July 11th, 2015 - You are invited

“Master Your Life” The Event of A Lifetime! July 11th, 2015 – You are invited

You are cordially invited to attend the event of a lifetime. The 5th semi annual IBMS Master’s Society Event. “Master Your Life” With 38 years of Health and Wealth Seminars under his belt, Dr. Leonard Coldwell will be hosting this Champion’s Weekend. The ONLY way to talk personally to Dr. Leonard Coldwell personally is to […]