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Kat Von D

Kat Von D In Vax Shaming Firestorm After Declaring She Will Not Vaccinate Unborn Child

🔊 Listen to Article By Heather Callaghan Kat Von D is an Internet sensation, having been a reality TV star, tattoo artist, makeup guru and musician – just to name a few of the things on her résumé. The 36-year old celebrity garners 12 million likes on Facebook and many adoring Instagramers. Her and her husband, Rafael Reyes, are newlyweds […]

terminal cancer cured

Terminal Woman Cured Of Breast Cancer With Own Cells After Chemo Failed

🔊 Listen to Article By Heather Callaghan In the world’s first case, a terminal woman with her life quickly ebbing away was “cured” of breast cancer after chemo failed to stave off the progression. Thanks to new experimental immunotherapy, using her own cells, her body could finally overcome the cancerous cells. The new kind of immunotherapy is called adoptive […]

Survey Claiming Millennials Like GMOs Ridiculously Biased And Manipulated

Survey Claiming Millennials Like GMOs Ridiculously Biased And Manipulated

By Heather Callaghan Millennials lead the charge against GMOs and have more in common with their grandparents than their parents’ generation. Millennials are reviving the art of gardening, local food and food preservation so it shouldn’t be surprising to find thousands of them at the March Against Monsanto. Yet a new survey is attempting to influence […]

Common Cleaner Releases 146 Contaminants Into The Air

Common Cleaner Releases 146 Contaminants Into The Air

By Heather Callaghan Have you heard? Cleaning is a life-saving form of exercise, but using cleaning sprays has the same effect on lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Household cleaners are also known to decrease reproduction in mice studies. But what you may not know is that the most ubiquitous counter cleaner has over a hundred unlisted ingredients, many of […]


Fitbit Was Recalled Due To Mysterious EMF WiFi Symptoms, Complaints Mounting

By Heather Callaghan, Editor Judging by the ubiquity of Fitbits – those faceless watches nearly every woman wears today, with or without their active wear – this activity tracker has got to be the most popular fitness item. It uses WiFi (radiation) to track people’s every step and movement, how many calories burned, miles walked, and even […]


Nursing Homes Drug Patients With Antipsychotics To Sedate Them Into Docility

By Heather Callaghan We are sad to report that drugging elderly nursing home residents as a form of control is a rampant practice, although there has been a reduction in recent years. While some say the problem is due to understaffing, others point out that it would actually take more staff to care for a sedated […]


Panera Went 100% Clean, Now Consulting Other Restaurants To Do The Same

By Heather Callaghan Panera kept its promise to make a clean menu – in 2017, the eatery stripped 96 “no-no” ingredients from its menu, removing aspartame, artificial colors and flavors, MSG, preservatives and more. It’s been through the grind and is consulting other businesses to do the same by launching Panera Clean Consultant. Did you know that […]

bio fortified

Monsanto Trying To Hide GMO Foods Under The Term “Biofortified”

Do genetically engineered crops and their pesticides make you think of the term “biofortified”? Chances are, the term biofortified makes you think of vitamins in kids’ cereals. Mega corporations are no strangers to propaganda and public relations. Did you know that much of our non-organic crops are grown with human sewage sludge? No? That’s because the […]

arctic apples

GMO Apples That Do Not Brown Have Hit Stores

By Heather Callaghan, Editor After much anticipation, consternation and hype – the GMO Arctic Apples, genetically engineered not to brown are on their way to supermarkets across America. Arctic Apples, made by Okanagan Specialty Fruits were specifically altered to not turn brown when exposed to the air. When non-GMO apples are cut or bruised, an “enzyme in […]


She Healed Psoriasis With This Diet After She Was Offered CHEMO For Her Skin

By Heather Callaghan Hanna Sillitoe is an interior designer who had one major bane in her life – 20 years of the worst kind of plaque psoriasis. Anyone who has any kind of psoriasis truly suffers – it is like having a burning, weeping poison ivy every single day of your life. Normal activities like being in […]