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MD: I’ve Seen Cases Of Vaccine Injury For Forty Years

By Jon Rappoport Australian doctor exposes vaccine damage, stands up to government/media attacks Here is what he wrote In Australia, the noose is tightening around parents’ and children’s necks. There is already a policy in place that denies certain government benefits to families who don’t vaccinate their kids. Now, there is legislation that would deny unvaccinated […]

Medical Propaganda Headlines For Gullible Minds

Medical Propaganda Headlines For Gullible Minds

By Jon Rappoport Warning: don’t use common sense in judging medical pronouncements. You’ll lapse from The Holy Order of Mystical Research. Medical public-relations people keep a steady stream of stories flowing to the press, day after day. Aside from filling space, their main function is to assure the public that “advances are always being made” […]