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Avoid 100 Dangerous Food Additives Causing ADHD, Asthma and Cancer

Avoid 100 Dangerous Food Additives Causing ADHD, Asthma and Cancer

By Marco Torres Food industry additives and colors are one major cause of ADHD, asthma and cancer creating a toxic environment for our children’s health. Even medicines for babies and young children frequently contain these additives banned from foods and drinks and targeted at children under three years of age. Artificial flavors and colors means […]


The Body’s Natural State is Health, Not Disease, as We’ve Been Led to Believe

By Marco Torres There is a reason for every disease state. It is the body’s attempt at restoring balance. A healthy body is incapable of maintaining a state of one disease and healing another. The body heals holistically, and the processes that create each disease affect the body as a whole. From the time we […]


Worldwide Studies Find B-Vitamins Significantly Reduce Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders

By Marco Torres We cannot escape the reality that in developed nations, people are often overfed but undernourished — with damaging results. Vitamin B is a dietary powerhouse, boosting energy levels and enhancing performance of nearly every system in the body. B vitamins are required for cognitive function, as well as proper functioning of the methylation cycle, […]


Stress-Busting Chinese Herb a Natural Anti-Depressant, Improves Cognition and Memory

By Marco Torres The Chinese herb XingPiJieYu has been found to reduce the effects of chronic unpredictable stress, while also improving learning and memory, according to a new study. Depression is a mental health condition characterized by a pervasive low mood and the loss of pleasure and interest in day to day activities. Often resulting […]

Hormone Therapy After Menopause Damages Kidneys

Hormone Therapy After Menopause Damages Kidneys

Estrogen treatment after menopause increases the risk of new kidney damage, according to a study by Tulane University School of Medicine researchers published in the American Journal of Physiology–Renal Physiology. Estrogen seems to protect against high blood pressure, one cause of kidney damage. Since fewer premenopausal women have high blood pressure than men of the […]

Fruits and Vegetables Reaching an Alarming State of Nutrient Depletion

Fruits and Vegetables Reaching an Alarming State of Nutrient Depletion

  What if our food has been getting less and less nutritious? What if modern intensive farming methods — many of which solved malnutrition problems when they were first introduced — have affected the mineral and vitamin content of what we eat? Could having a constant supply of varied produce and introducing genetically modified foods […]