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You Don’t Want To Know What They Do To Oranges (And It’s About To Get Even Worse)

By Meadow Clark  Listen to Article Something is happening to oranges. The solution may be worse than the problem and there’s about to be a lot more solution. Oranges are cast as the pinnacle of American wholesomeness. Orange juice is a marketing empire in its own right. The “OJ” industry has successfully made its product synonymous with life-giving […]

GM oranges containing pig genes in the works

GM oranges containing pig genes in the works

Increasingly stricken by a disease that leaves them shriveled, discolored and sour, Florida oranges are the latest target for genetic manipulators who are right now working on a new variety of genetically modified (GM) orange that could end up containing pig genes. According to The New York Times (NYT), the disease, known as citrus greening, threatens the […]