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Ground Beef Alert: E. Coli Outbreak And Three Recalls You Need To Know About

By Dagny Taggart  Listen to Article If you have any ground beef in your refrigerator or freezer, there are three serious alerts you need to know about. The first is an expanding E. coli outbreak. Here’s an overview from Food Safety News: Ground beef, consumed at home or in restaurants, and possibly purchased in large packages from grocery stores just might […]

blood pressure

FDA inspections reveal that factories in China and India produce CARCINOGEN-TAINTED blood pressure and heart medications

A shocking investigation has just revealed serious contamination issues for blood pressure medications made in foreign factories. Drugs made at plants located in China and India are tainted with carcinogenic substances, according to a report from the FDA. Estimates suggest that one out of every three American adults takes a blood pressure medication. How many […]

The FDA Just Failed Women Hurt by Controversial Contraceptive Device

The FDA Just Failed Women Hurt by Controversial Contraceptive Device

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Monday that it would place a “black box” warning on a controversial contraceptive device, but stopped short of banning it. Essure, made by German drugmaker Bayer AG, is a permanent contraceptive device consisting of metal coils that are inserted into the fallopian tubes through the vagina. Once in the […]