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4 Suppressed Superfoods with Amazing Medicinal Potential

4 Suppressed Superfoods with Amazing Medicinal Potential

Despite their potent healing powers, few speak of the medicinal value of these substances. Today information on curatives and healthy foods are constantly suppressed, and substances are even prohibited, like cannabis (which remains turmeric’s fiercest competition for its balancing and curative effects.) In fact, the systematic suppression of information concerning the curative effects of foods […]


Ayurvedic shilajit supplement found to contain alarmingly high levels of LEAD and ARSENIC heavy metals: Health Ranger issues consumer warning

Recent tests in my internationally accredited science laboratory (ISO 17025 accreditation, the “gold standard” of analytical excellence) revealed a shilajit supplement to contain an astonishing 2,700+ ppb (parts per billion) of lead, a toxic heavy metal linked to cognitive damage. This is the same toxic heavy metal found in the Flint, Michigan water supply which resulted in government […]