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Here are the specific actions you can take to protect yourself from vaccines and smart meters

In many ways, it’s a good time to be a human. We have no shortage of modern comforts, and many of the threats that killed our predecessors are no longer an issue. However, at the same time, we are also facing new dangers brought about by all the advances in modern technology and medicine. Here’s […]

smart meters

Oklahoma’s Exemplary AMI Smart Meters Removal And Consumer Protection Bill: A Model For Other States To Follow

By Catherine J. Frompovich You know it just had to happen! Some scientifically-hip legislator in one of the 50 United States finally decided to introduce a bill to protect his constituents’ Constitutional rights guaranteed by both state and federal Constitutions, plus delineated the factual, independent—not consensus—science that radiofrequencies (RFs) from AMI Smart Meters damage health and “The OCC [Oklahoma Corporation Commission] is […]

smart meters

The American Cancer Society Claimed “Smart” Meters Could Increase Cancer Risk – In 2014

By Hope S. Good So why are millions of “Smart” Meters still installed and why are there plans to install even more? On September 10, 2014 the American Cancer Society posted a rather long and detailed statement on their website about Smart Meters and Cancer. The following information was included in the statement: “Because RF radiation […]


Is This What You Want Outside Your Bedroom Window?

By Catherine J. Frompovich 5G is creating an environmental nightmare in more ways than technology addicts even can imagine! Since 5G waves don’t travel very far, innovative ‘cell towers’ of all shapes, types and sizes—including that of a refrigerator size—most likely will be ‘planted’ on a pole of some sort outside most buildings, including your […]


Is There A Constitutional Crisis In The USA No One Is Addressing?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Everyone is so smitten with high tech and other political correctness ‘awareness’ goings on, no one is paying attention to the fact our Constitutional Rights, especially those emphasized in the first ten amendments, aka the Bill of Rights, originally proposed and then written by James Madison, are being overlooked, denied and, […]

smart meters

The Very REAL PROBLEMS And CONCERNS Regarding AMI Smart Meters

By Catherine J. Frompovich On March 7, 2017, State Senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton), Michigan, testified before the Michigan State House Energy and Technology Committee regarding House Bill 4220 and Smart Meters. As an aerospace engineer and former employee of the Department of Defense, Sen Colbeck came forward to ask questions and make statements, I think, […]


Radiation emitted from smart meters 100 times greater than cell phones – and exposure is constant, doctors warn

Energy companies are billing them as the “green” solution to traditional meters. But are so-called “smart” meters really all that smart? And, more importantly, are they really as safe as we’re all being told they are? Some 65 million American homes already have them, and more are being converted all the time, even against the […]

FILM OF THE YEAR: Take Back Your Power - Movie trailer

FILM OF THE YEAR: Take Back Your Power – Movie trailer

CLICK TO WATCH! wants to congratulate Take Back Your Power and its producer Josh Del Sol for winning our ‘Film of the Year’ award. This inspirational film reveals the shocking truth behind the global agenda to place a ‘smart’ meter on every home and business – without your full knowledge or consent. Also called […]

You Gotta Fight For Your Property Rights

You Gotta Fight For Your Property Rights

Utility companies are literally kicking doors in to install unwanted smart meters. Rather then help private citizens defend their property rights, local governments allow monopolies to radiate and invade privacy. Massive incentive to do this comes by way of $11 billion taxpayer dollars to implement the smart grid. Thanks to concerned citizens demanding action, some […]

Smart Meters Can Reveal Your Personal Habits in The Worldwide Energy Web

Smart Meters Can Reveal Your Personal Habits in The Worldwide Energy Web

The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy. — Patrick Wood  Smart Meters are showing up across the U.S. despite pockets of fierce resistance.  These meters are part of the SmartGrid system which relays real-time, wireless data in order to monitor and distribute energy use down […]