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Virtual Reality Therapy Could Help People with Depression Find Drug-Free Relief

When most people think of virtual reality (VR), their minds go to video games and being able to be in the middle of the action that right now they can only view on a TV or computer screen. But for some, VR therapy might soon become a viable and safe treatment for depression. VR Helped […]


“Trendy” Therapy Used By Olympic Athletes May Work For You Too

Michael Phelps and the purple dots on his back and shoulders have gotten a ton of media attention lately, but instead of the time-honored practice of cupping gaining positive publicity, Phelps is being told not to embrace the alternative therapy. But are these writers of various online posts correct, or does cupping actually have evidence to […]

Facebook Friends Aren’t “Real” Friends...

Facebook Friends Aren’t “Real” Friends…

Online Friends Aren’t “Real” Friends… I have heard this time and time again and frankly? I simply do not believe that to be true. Over the years I have met, online through various sites, likely a couple of thousand people in person. Only a very very few weren’t just as they seemed online. There are […]

Treatment Manual for HPV Vaccine Injured

Treatment Manual for HPV Vaccine Injured

This manual was produced as a joint effort between the HPV vaccine injured youngsters, their parents, Orthomolecular doctors, international researchers, Nutrition Therapist Mr. Frede Damgaard and General Practitioner Stig Gerdes. (Download a printable version of this here) Source of information: The treatment has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on those injured by […]